Skylight Innovation Rescues 6 Sunless Spaces

In the past, if you wanted to illuminate an interior room, there was little you could do, other than resort to artificial light. Now, thanks to advanced daylighting systems, you can introduce natural light virtually anywhere. See how these devices worked to bring a bright and airy feeling to a set of six spaces that were once closed-off and claustrophobic.

  1. The Skylight Alternative

    The Skylight Alternative

    There's no denying it: People love bright and airy rooms. You can explain the phenomenon with science: Studies show that sun exposure boosts energy, aids concentration, and eases depression. You can also explain things in aesthetic terms: Daylight clarifies colors and highlights textures. No matter the explanation, if you want to introduce natural light to a dim part of your home, Solatube International, Inc. provides the most versatile way to do so. Click through to see Solatube products in action!

  2. Heart of Home

    Heart of Home

    Whereas a conventional skylight can only illuminate space directly beneath the roof, the Solatube Daylighting System operates in a different, more ingenious way. After capturing rays on the roof, the device channels light down through a compact, highly reflective tube. That enables Solatube systems to deliver daylight to any room in the heart of the home, even up to a distance of 40 feet from the roof. In the kitchen and den shown here, multiple Solatube systems flood the rooms with natural light.

  3. Clear Path

    Clear Path

    Windowless halls and stairways tend to feel dingy and claustrophobic. In both of the stairwell areas pictured here, an infusion of daylight transformed the experience of traveling from one part of the home to another. But whereas adding a conventional skylight would have entailed the hassle and expense of major remodeling, Solatube daylighting systems provided a painless solution, because they require no structural changes. In fact, installation only takes a couple hours.

  4. Single Solution

    Single Solution

    If your bathroom (or laundry room) lacks a window, insufficient light isn't your only problem. You must also contend with unchecked moisture and humidity—unhealthy for you and damaging to your home. Fortunately, you can rescue a bathroom that's both dark and damp by installing a Solatube Daylighting System with integrated ventilation. Here, a single fixture solves two very common problems, without having multiple fixtures cluttering the ceiling.

  5. Light as Luxury

    Light as Luxury

    Though transformative in windowless rooms, Solatube devices also keep daylighting consistent in bright spaces.  Case in point: In this recently renovated bathroom, a pair of decorative fixtures combine to create a radiant glow that goes a long way toward enhancing the open, airy design. The homeowner enjoys no-cost sunlight during the day, relying on (paying for) artificial light only at night.

  6. Light After Dark

    Light After Dark

    During the day, Solatube systems use advanced optical technologies to capture sunlight, no matter the angle at which it arrives. At night, however, even highly effective skylights go dark—that is, unless you choose a Solatube Smart LED system. Here, built-in energy-efficient bulbs turn on automatically when light levels recede (at sunset, or in the event of cloud cover). That way, if you're cooking dinner, you can always count on the fixture to output effective lighting. You'll only need one fixture to illuminate the entire room!

  7. Love Your Light

    Love Your Light

    This stunning walk-in closet shows just how seamless your final result can be. For customization purposes, Solatube International offers a selection of decorative fixtures to fit any style or preference. Plus, you get to choose among several effect lenses that modulate the color and intensity of light to your liking. In other words, Solatube International doesn't force you to design around one type of system; it gives you the chance to design a system that perfectly responds to the individual needs of the space.

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