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Small Ways to Spruce up Your Deck That Will Make a Big Difference

Showing your deck a little love (and perhaps buying a few new things) can turn this outdoor space into your new favorite “room.”
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Turn Your Deck Into an Oasis


Stop underutilizing your deck space. Whether you have an apartment patio or a large outdoor deck that overlooks your yard, some enhancements to the space can turn a humdrum deck into an inviting area.

Just think about how much time you would spend outside on your deck if you designed it around your lifestyle. With a little elbow grease and creativity, it can become an outdoor workout space, dining area, reading lounge, or a place to hang out with friends. If you are ready to get started, here are some ideas to give you a little inspiration.

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Out with the Old


Are you guilty of using your deck as a dumping ground for toys, gardening tools, or recyclables you’ve been meaning to take to the depot? Dedicate time during a weekend to clear away the clutter and garbage. Doing so will help you get rid of things you don’t need or use, find proper homes for items you want to keep, and give you more room to transform your deck space.

Turn Back Time


Depending on the age of your home, your deck may be a little worse for wear. Try to clean and refresh it before you decorate. If you don’t, you may become fixated on the condition of the deck itself and feel the weight of a looming project instead of actually enjoying the space. Sand and stain (or paint) your wood deck, or scrub your PVC or composite deck to make it look like new.

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Sit Down and Take a Load Off


Social butterflies need a comfortable set of chairs for visits and drinks with friends. Measure your available deck space to ensure you select a chair or outdoor couch that fits without feeling squished. Do some research to find fitting cozy outdoor furniture, like this Christopher Knight Carolina garden patio set (available from Target).

Music to Your Ears


If you’re sprucing up your deck, cranking up the music will make the chore more enjoyable. Outdoor speakers are also a must-have for party hosts, podcast bingers, and guided meditation sessions. Splurging on a set of outdoor speakers is a simple way to transform the vibe of a deck space. Many options, like these from it.innovative technology, aren’t too expensive either (available from Amazon).

Add a Space-Saving Garden


Vertical gardens offer a lovely feel to a deck space, and they double as a privacy wall for homes with nosy neighbors. A vertical garden may supplement your cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables, and it cuts down on grocery bills, too. With some minor assembly and pioneer spirit, you can upcycle an old ladder or old pallets into a DIY vertical garden.

Keep Your Plants Alive


Dead plants are a real bummer. Even having a couple of dried out plants around can change the feel of a space. Lush, vibrant greenery gives life to a deck space. To combat the visual effect of dead or dying plants, make sure to water them sufficiently. If you’re a bit forgetful or you tend to procrastinate, it may be worth setting up automatic drip irrigation to your outdoor plants.

Late Night Ambiance


For night owls who want to enjoy the evening air, stringing up some charming lights can make the deck feel a bit more special. If you already own holiday lights, hanging those will spare you the expense of purchasing lights. If you want something a little less holiday-themed, outdoor Edison bulb string lights, like these Brightown lights, are event-neutral and always in style (available from Amazon).

Go Away, Pests


After you curate the perfect deck space, bugs like mosquitos can really sour the enjoyment. If you’re in an area with a massive bug population, it may be worth investing in an aesthetically appealing bug zapper. The PIC Solar Insect torch (available on Amazon) looks like a stylish candle, and it helps keep insects away without taking away from the essence of a deck. 

Refreshment, Anyone?


It may feel so nice to be outside when the weather is agreeable, but you may not have that same opinion in the summer heat. If you’re not keen to be sweating on your deck, a simple mister makes a deck the place to be when it’s hot out. It can be set up near your plants, so they can reap the benefit, too. Misters, like this Orbit mister (available from Amazon), take up very little space and make your deck even more comfortable.

Shady Comfort


For some of us, the battle between wanting to be outside and protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is constant. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, consider whipping up a simple sunshade using materials you may already have at home. Take inspiration from AlionHomeDecor and custom-make a sunshade that fits your deck perfectly (or order one off Etsy). 

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What’s for Dessert?


Gathering around a dining table is how many of us bond with friends and family. If your deck’s outdoor patio set is a little worse for wear, there are ways you can extend its life. Start by giving the table and chairs a good scrub to wipe off built-up dirt and debris. Sometimes this is all that’s needed. If the set is still not quite up to snuff, consider recovering the cushions with weather-resistant material to give them a whole new look—or buying new cushions altogether. 

A Signature Scent


A simple way to transform your deck is using a refreshing, clean aroma. A fragrance gives your deck a unique wow factor that many people overlook when they imagine their ideal deck space. Bringing in the right scents can be as easy as having fresh roses or lilacs on a patio table. Scented candles or essential oil diffusers also can brighten up your deck space and add some extra ambiance.