The 18 Best Tiny Houses on Wheels

Bored of your surroundings? If you're willing to trade your stationary stick-built home for a permanently impermanent address in the great outdoors, snag the keys to any of these tiny homes on wheels, then get rolling on the adventure of a lifetime.

  1. Classic Colors

    Tiny Home In Alabama

    Whether you're picnicking in the park or spending a relaxing weekend lakeside, there's no better place to set up camp than this two-toned "Boxcar" home, designed by Timbercraft Tiny Homes. The house on wheels comes complete with a covered patio and corrugated metal roof to shield the worst of the heat and keep you cool indoors. Though small, these digs are by no means lacking in windows, as evidenced by the brightly illumined interior.

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    Timbercraft Tiny Homes

  2. Soaring Sanctuary

    Double Loft Tiny House

    Timbercraft Tiny Homes reached new heights in alternate living when it designed the 37-foot double-lofted "Denali" home. The sloping roof, flanked by two quads of clerestory windows, lends striking geometry to the sanctuary on wheels. On the ground floor, an efficient front porch adds much needed square footage to the home's livable space.

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    Timbercraft Tiny Homes

  3. Natural Beauty

    Reclaimed Wood Tiny House

    Nature surrounds you on all sides at the 10-by-24-foot "MH" home imagined by Wishbone Tiny Homes. This tow-and-go home can be parked on virtually any terrain, but it looks perhaps most at home in wooded retreats, due to its ample use of natural building materials. Cedar and poplar wood clads the exterior of the red-roofed abode, while reclaimed barn wood makes a rustic impression on the bright and airy interior.

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    Wishbone Tiny Homes

  4. On the Fence No More

    Tiny Home In North Carolina

    As if the chocolate-colored exterior and peek-a-boo windows weren't enough to tempt you to enter the 10-by-30-foot "Squibb" retreat, Wishbone Tiny Homes also furnished it with an art work space so you can live small without sacrificing your creative passions. If the space-efficient interior feels too confining, you can catch some fresh air on the fenced wood deck.

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    Wishbone Tiny Homes

  5. Grand Entrance

    Red Tiny House

    The stark white and crimson color palette of the diminutive "Elm" dwelling isn't the only pleasing feature of the tiny home on wheels, available in 20- or 26-foot models from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. An exquisitely-crafted entryway beckons residents to enter through a picture-perfect fence and grab a seat under the lone lancet window peeking out from the gable.

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    Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

  6. Farm Fresh

    Modern Tiny House

    Designed by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, the straight and narrow "Farallon" home, sold in 20- or 26-foot models, combines traditional and modern materials to recreate some of the charms of an old farmhouse—only on a much smaller scale. Homeowners looking to downsize will love that the standing seam metal roof and siding defends against harsh outdoor elements, while the wooden front facade and steps make for a warm welcome at the entryway.

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    Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

  7. Storybook Vision

    Craftsman Tiny House

    From the eye-catching asymmetrical roofline to the quaint Dutch door, the 24-foot "Fuchsia House" brims with the fanciful flourishes of the American Craftsman architectural era. Stained-glass windows and mint-green house trim only enhance the fairy tale ambiance so artfully nurtured by Zyl Vardos.

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    Zyl Vardos

  8. All Decked Out

    Sustainable Tiny House

    While this sustainable sanctuary built by Green Moxie occupies no more than 340 square feet, it makes a big impression on onlookers with its charred cedar siding, drawbridge deck, and adorable clerestory windows. Indoors, oak hardwood flooring and reclaimed barn wood ceilings make for a warm and intimate atmosphere for escaping your everyday cares.

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    Green Moxie

  9. Artful and Accessible

    Accessible Tiny House

    Dubbed "Mari's Mansion" after the homeowner for whom it was built, this tiny house by Pocket Mansions packs a host of practical and beautiful details in and out of its 224-square-foot interior. The blue entryway ramp not only enhances the home's accessibility, but makes for a stunning visual when set against the peppy blue exterior siding, doors, and awning. Indoors, thoughtful details, from a storage-smart kitchen to three-way light switches, marry low-key luxuries with convenience.

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    Pocket Mansions

  10. Maiden Voyage

    Tiny House In Seattle

    Although just 20 feet in length, the "Maiden Mansion" by Pocket Mansions packs in a lot of living, eleven windows, three skylights, and a vaulted ceiling. If the lucky homeowner of this miniature mansion needed more reason to brag, they'd find it in the charming exterior, clad in cedar shingles, regal violet trim, and durable wheels for steering the rustic retreat to wherever wanderlust leads.

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    Pocket Mansions

  11. Good Old Days

    Mid-Century Modern Tiny House

    Although it took the creative builders behind MiniMotives just 18 months to construct this tiny home, the resulting retreat boasts a time-worn look thanks to the rough-hewn siding and decking paired with softly illumined exterior sconces. But it's sustainability—not aesthetics—that's at the forefront of this design, which is why the home includes recycled pallet wood, a composting toilet, and electric heating.

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  12. Home on the Range

    Tiny Home In Pennsylvania

    While its crisp gray siding, blue sloping roof, and color-matched shutters are reminiscent of the picture-perfect stick-built houses of suburbia, this dainty domicile is no cookie-cutter home. The tiny house rests on pastureland in Lititz, Pennsylvania, but a set of wheels situated below and a plush sleeping at the top of the dwelling make it possible to live, play, and sleep anywhere on green earth.

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  13. Happy Camper

    Tiny House In Washington State

    You don't have to sacrifice style or convenience when you camp out at this tiny waterfront home in Olympia, Washington. The industrial-style roof fends off heat, cold, wind, and rain, while letting in sunlight through a judiciously placed skylight located above a small but fully stocked kitchen.

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  14. Off-Grid Oasis

    Off The Grid Tiny House

    One of the earliest examples of off-grid tiny homes in Australia, this Victoria-based lodge was built for simple and affordable living in the outback. A composting toilet, a stove fueled by methylated spirits, and passive solar hot water system allow for a sustainable yet comfortable modern existence.

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  15. Bright Idea

    Colorful Tiny House

    If the fiery orange facade and comfortable deck of this 18-foot cabin in Hendersonville, North Carolina aren't enough to energize your spirits after a day of walking, hiking, or biking, head indoors for cozy comfort. The sleeping loft, fireplace, and kitchen make the 160-square-foot interior of the tiny home as hospitable as any accommodations—but on a much smaller scale.

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  16. Go Green

    Tiny Eco House

    Designed by a group of eco-conscious builders at the Solar Living Center in Hopland, California, this elfin estate is packed with environmentally-friendly features that tiny home enthusiasts will love. Solar paneling, a sustainable garden, and an aerating water system contribute to a truly cutting-edge alternative accommodation that's fit for everyday living.

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  17. People in Glass Houses

    Glass Tiny House

    Windowed walls blur the line between indoors and out at this 180-square-foot off-grid tiny house in Marlboro, New York. Even so, small expanses of beautifully stained wood siding cover up just enough of the nearly transparent cabin to lend its inhabitants an air of privacy as they take in 360-degree views of Hudson Valley and its breathtaking orchards and vineyards.

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  18. Double the Fun

    Cedar Siding Tiny House

    While this grand escape on wheels resembles a double-decker bus, it's actually a 30-foot home known as the "Traveler XL" by Escape Traveler. The durable cedar siding, outfitted with an array of glass panels that can be opened, allows you to invite nature indoors on your next outdoor excursion. When you grow weary of the wild, head indoors, where a pine interior with upper sleeping lofts allow you to kick back in style and comfort.

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    ESCAPE RV/Steve Niedorf

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