The 7 Easiest Ways to Grow Herbs

Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs in a home cooked meal, and the freshest herbs can be grown right on the kitchen windowsill. Even gardeners with questionable growing skills can reap the benefits of an indoor herb garden, thanks to a number of innovative gardening kits now on the market. From seed starter kits to smart planters, we rounded up seven of the best ready-to-go indoor herb gardens. Whether you think you have a green thumb or not, these kits could be exactly what you need to take your indoor herb gardening skills to the next level.

Three's Company

windowsill herb garden kit

Keep it classic with this terra cotta trio. The herb garden set comes with slate markers to label your plants, fiber soil to give it the best foundation, and germination bags to create the ideal growing environment. The plant pots are perfectly proportioned to sit on a narrow windowsill. Available on Amazon; $35.99.

Hands-Off Approach

Click and Grow Smart Garden

The Click and Grow Smart Garden is like the Keurig of gardening. Place the seed cartridges into the planter, fill the water reservoir, plug the cord into the outlet to activate the grow light, and watch the herbs grow. Click and Grow offers seed pods for 40 different herbs and fruits, making this grow system perfect for home gardeners (and cooks) of different tastes. If you’re someone who can’t seem to remember to water, or who doesn't have a sunny windowsill, this is a great option for you. Available on Amazon; $99.95.

Herbs in a Bottle

Herbs in a Bottle

Don’t toss that empty bottle into the recycling bin just yet! With the Urban Leaf Herb Kit you can turn any glass bottle into an herb garden. Fill a bottle with water, drop in one of the smart soil inserts, sprinkle a couple of seeds on top, and then place the bottle and soil insert in a sunny spot. Forgetful waterers, rejoice! Thanks to the resourceful design, you don’t have to water the plant for up to 30 days. Available at The Grommet; $22.

Garden Coach

aerogarden harvest

If you're a newbie, the AeroGarden Harvest will help you improve your gardening skills. An included grow light metes out the appropriate amount of sunlight, while built-in sensors alert you when it’s time to add food and water. In this space-smart planter you can grow up to six varieties of herbs. Available at  Target; $95.99.

Plant It Yourself

Herb Garden Planter

Take the traditional approach to gardening with the Herb Garden Planter from Planter Pro’s. This herb kit provides the essentials—red cedar planters, a drip tray, seeds for six heirloom herbs, WONDER SOIL discs, seed storage bag, and instructions—but has your green thumb do the work. No bells or whistles, just the basics to get your garden going. Available on Amazon; $54.95.

Slim Pickings

Aquaphoric Herb Garden

Take some of the guesswork out of gardening. This sleek self-watering container has a water gauge on the side, so you know when it’s time to refill the reservoir. Slim enough to sit on a windowsill or the edge of the sink, the planter is wide enough to accommodate more than one variety of herb. Available on Amazon; $39.99.

Pour Planter

Self-Watering herb Planter

Not all herbs do well when planted in a shared container. Some herbs require more sun and water than others, and spreading herbs (like mint) can quickly overtake less assertive plants. Give needy plants space to spread out with these individual self-watering pots. Hydro-felt pads on the bottom of the planters distribute water to the plant roots as needed. Available at Wayfair; $19.99.

Grow Herbs at Home

Grow Herbs at Home

Once you start growing your own fresh herbs, you'll never want to be without them.

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