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The Best Paint Pick for Your Personality Type

Whether you're a passionate DIYer, an exercise enthusiast, or even a light sleeper, there's a paint pick that's perfect for your character. Continue on to find out which color most suits your personality so you can choose a shade that will bring out the best in you.

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Red for the Creative Crowd

If you spend your weekends building, crafting, or trying your hand at new DIY projects, consider swathing your studio or workshop with a wall of red paint. Evoking energy, enthusiasm, and passion, this
fiery hue can ignite your creativity, increase your blood pressure, and boost your heart rate to get you (literally) pumped for your next flash of genius.

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Blue for Productive People

Blue is the most used paint color in home offices, and for good reason. Its connotations of water and peace can reduce stress and promote focus and clarity while you work. If you’re a deadline-driven workhorse, try out a shade of blue to improve productivity and make each day more efficient. 

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Pale Green for the Nature Lovers

If you’re drawn to the great outdoors, then earthy greens paired with practical
neutrals like black, gray, and brown are the perfect shades to bring the comforts of natural elements to your indoor spaces. Whether in the entryway, bathroom, or bedroom, a few coats of these calming colors will instantly make any room more relaxed. 

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Orange for the Fitness Gurus

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Active homeowners will love what a few coats of orange paint can do in their home gym. This energy-boosting color encourages motivation and will keep you moving through even the most grueling workout. You can even create an extra-healthy home by painting the kitchen yellow; the flaxen hue is thought to rev up metabolism. 

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Purple for the Spa-Goers

If you often find yourself needing a little R&R, soothe nerves and indignations with a splash of lavender or lilac. Light purple has been shown to foster relaxation, so it’s perfect for generating a laid-back atmosphere in the living room, family room, or bath. If understated elegance is your style, pairing these lighter shades with dark violet hues will marry serenity with sultry sophistication.

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Yellow for the Cheerful Types

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Ideal for the glass-half-full crowd, a swipe of yellow paint radiates happiness,
comfort, and celebration in any room. Try it in high-traffic spaces like the kitchen or bathroom to keep the busiest spots in your home brimming with positive vibes. 

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Blues and Greens for the Light Sleepers

If you constantly toss and turn at night, painting the bedroom walls blue or green can lull you to sleep. These tranquil tones have been shown to promote Z’s by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration, easing your mind so you can get a good night’s rest. 

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Green for the Go-Getters

No surprise here: Deep green is the paint pick that’s best suited for the entrepreneurial spirit, promoting health, wealth, and prosperity. Refreshing and revitalizing, this verdant shade is one of the most eye-pleasing colors around and is ideal for a home office or other hardworking area of the home. 

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Pink for the Romantics

Triggering feelings of happiness and affection, a pop of bubblegum pink or deep magenta can be love at first sight for those who like to keep their spaces serene. This color also works great in kids’ rooms, establishing an atmosphere of safety and warmth for the little ones to enjoy. 

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