The Most Beautiful Chicken Coops We've Ever Seen

As backyard poultry farms gain in popularity, find the coop that works for you, whether you live in the country or in tighter, urban spaces.

By Andréana Lefton | Published Jun 11, 2020 09:34 PM

Backyard Barnyard

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas

With rising food prices and ever-pressing concerns over the environment, keeping chickens at home has many benefits. According to Green America, free-range chickens provide healthier eggs in more humane conditions. Chickens are also great composters for your kitchen scraps, and make homemade fertilizer for your garden too. All you need is a little know-how and one of these fabulous DIY chicken coops to start your very own, backyard chicken farm.

Little A-Frame Coop

Small A Frame Chicken Coop

With its steep, pitched roof and wooden gang plank, David Patton’s chicken coop is handcrafted and beautifully finished. Details make all the difference, like brass hardware, elevated legs (to keep predators out), and a well-sealed door. Best of all, it has a foldable roof that allows for a pullout tray for droppings, which makes for easy maintenance and cleaning.

@pattonsundays via Instagram

Scandinavian Style Coop

Scandinavian Style Chicken Coop

This sleek, black structure was hand-built by David Manchester, and adds a touch of sophistication to keeping chickens. Elevated to prevent unwanted visitors, and well-lit with brass fixtures, this coop marries the best of Scandinavian design with elegant functionality.

@davidmichaelmanchester via Instagram

Hillside Coop

Hillside Chicken Coop

This Tennessee coop makes smart use of hillside land. You would be forgiven for mistaking this chicken coop for a tiny house—complete with window boxes. Its connected screened-in run keeps chickens safe, and the human-sized doors provide easy access.

@clutchkills via Instagram

Farmhouse Coop

Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop

Mikee Krieg’s chicken coop is a little magical, with a weather vane, white siding, and real wood trim. Landscaping and decoration around the coop makes it extra-special, with hanging flower baskets, seasonal wreaths, and a personalized sign.

@mikee_krieg via Instagram

Mini Coop

Mini Chicken Coop

If you only have a chicken or two, what do you do? Build a mini-coop of course! This mobile unit, courtesy of Taylor Quigg, has all the features of a regular-sized coop, including the right elevation, a tiny run, and an egg-laying hutch. Plus, it’s green-trimmed and very stylish.

@girlmom_2 via Instagram

Wood Coop

Wood Chicken Coop

If fresh eggs are more than a hobby for you, consider a large, rustic coop, like Ashley’s old west-style unit. Built for her birds, the heavy timber is offset by large windows and a huge screened-in run for feeding and exercise. Talk about happy hens.

@farmhouse_homestead via Instagram; built by @this_old_farmhouse_

Shabby Chic Coop

Shabby Chic Chicken Coop

Meghan, a California transplant living in South Carolina with a lifestyle blog, loves her chickens so much she’s built them a real home. Nicknamed “The Fluffy Butt Hut,” this chic coop is painted off-white, with a tin roof, and an ample screened-in “porch” (really a run, but the chickens will never know). 

@caligirlinasouthernworld via Instagram

Colorful Coop

Colorful Chicken Coop

Kate is an inveterate blogger at Drinking with Chickens, and her coop may be the boldest of them all. With colorful horizontal stripes and an innovative run that gives the chickens ample room to move about, Kate built this from scratch and chose gravel for landscaping because it helps with drainage and boosts eye-appeal.

A-Frame Tractor Coop

A-Frame Chicken Coop Tractor

Kelsey and her husband at Greenwillow Homestead know their chicken coops. They designed a clever, mobile chicken tractor that sits flush with the land and is designed for maximum security and freedom. It allows chickens the free-range lifestyle they deserve, while keeping them safe from predators. They’ve made their chicken tractor plans available to purchase online and download, so you can replicate your own mobile coop in your yard. 

Readers can use bobvila15 at checkout and get 15% off the downloadable plans.

Ranch-Style Coop

Ranch Style Chicken Coop

The Brandt family is committed to organic living, which includes their chickens. They’ve built a full-fledged ranch-style coop, complete with screened-in run, window boxes, and ultra-secure windows and doors. This means their feathered friends can get plenty of fresh air, while having a cozy, warm spot to nest and lay their eggs.

@brandt_acres via Instagram

Modern Coop

Modern Chicken Coop

Keep things simple and efficient with a sturdy, minimalist chicken coop. This square structure is perfect for backyards and is built of solid timber beams, with an L-shaped, screened-in run. The elevated hutch for egg-laying and nesting is painted deep blue to match the door.

@susuuuuuu via Instagram

Cheerful Coop

Cheerful Chicken Coop

Happy Days Farm is well-named. Penny, the blogger behind the farm, brings fairytales to life with her charming, cheerful coop, featuring a pitched, timber-beam roof, and its very own a cupola. Chickens have plenty of screened-in space to feed and wander. Flower baskets with gingham ribbons add festive flair.

@happydaysfarm via Instagram

Mini Barn Coop

Barn Style House Chicken Coop

Kim Wille, of The Little Black Farm Farm and Bakery, has elevated her coop on natural stone flags. She has also outfitted it with a large cupola and barn doors that open to an inner storage area for chicken feed, work boots, and other necessities. With supervision, chickens can wander freely outside.

@thelittleblackbarncookieco via Instagram

Friends Coop

Friends Theme Chicken Coop

Get inspired by your favorite TV shows. Jen has taken a basic coop structure, painted it purple with yellow trim, and broadcast her love of Friends—or rather, Chickens. The coop itself is attached to a larger, covered pen, for the chickens to roam in without concern.

@jenraynee via Instagram

Cute Coop

Cedar Wood Roof Chicken Coop

Sarah and Dan are a husband-and-wife team, whose Joinery & Design Co. has created the perfect chicken coop—you may even wish you could move in. The shake shingle roof gives the whole structure an air of beauty and solidness, while the screened-in run and elevated hutch are snugly built to keep chickens in and foxes out. 

@joineryanddesignco via Instagram

Country Garden Coop

Garden Chicken Coop

Shelley and her family didn’t overlook a single detail when it came to their chicken coop at their farm, Fallen Oak Farms. The purposeful design plan includes a ladder specifically made to avoid messes left behind for feet to walkover, as well as the decision not to place roosting bars above the nesting box to ensure clean eggs. They also used fragrant plants, like mint and rose, to cover up smells. Of course, they had some fun too, including a swing and mirror for the hens to enjoy.

@fallenoakfarms via Instagram

Bungalow Coop

Bungalow Style Chicken Coop

Backyard chicken enthusiast Molly Peltier keeps her coop in pristine condition. The bungalow-style coop with blue shingles and stained wood is a stunning addition to the yard. An attached run offers a safe space for the chickens to roam around in.

@createdfor_his_glory via Instagram

Upcycled Coop

Upcycled Chicken Coop

With a little creativity you can turn just about anything into a chicken coop. Case in point: this little hen house was formerly a cupboard. By removing a couple of cabinet doors and laying some bedding, you have yourself a cozy coop.

@what.the.cluck.melton.mowbray via Instagram

Statement Coop

Statement Chicken Coop

Angela’s modern farmhouse coop stands out thanks to its fun teal door along with its message promising “Fresh Eggs” behind it. The shed-size chicken coop makes it easier for the humans who have to do the cleaning up.

@angelascozyhome via Instagram

Cottage Coop

cottage style chicken coop

We wouldn't blame you if you mistook this chicken coop for a backyard hangout. Cori's cottage-style coop has impressive landscaping with hanging flower baskets, window boxes, and even an edged garden bed. The interior doesn't disappoint either; it's decked with wallpaper, framed photos, and even a chandelier!

@houseonhopedesigndecor via Instagram

Cool Coops

20 Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas

A chicken coop can be a beautiful feature in your backyard.

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