These Pieces of Furniture Will Make Your Room Feel Bigger

Your house might not have come with the square footage or expansive open floor plan you desired, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in cramped quarters. Selecting the right furnishings can make all the difference between a room that feels spacious versus confined. From compact dimensions to storage-savvy options, these pieces of furniture will make your dwelling look and feel larger.

Stowaway Storage

slim end table with storage

For its slim size this side table offers a surprising amount of storage. The flip-top reveals ample space to stash remote controls, books, and other trinkets, plus built-in USB ports and outlets (something many rooms lack in addition to square footage) for charging your gadgets. Its tall and narrow dimensions will fit comfortably next to your couch or armchair without jutting out and disrupting the flow of the room. Available from Wayfair; $113.99.

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Corner Office

corner desks for small spaces

Not everyone has the luxury of an extra room to use as an at-home office. Rather than allowing your work to dominate the living room, dining room, or bedroom, turn an unused corner of your house into your workspace. This desk, 30-inches x 42-inches x 28-inches, can fit into an empty nook for a quiet corner to get work done. Extra shelves or drawers aren’t necessary, since this compact desk squeezes in its own. Available from Wayfair; $143.99.

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Counter Service

narrow pub table

A skinny pub table is just the solution for a kitchen or dining room that doesn’t have the capacity for a full dining set. Push it against the wall, so you can easily navigate while cooking and serving without bumping into any sharp table edges. Available from Wayfair; $289.99.

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All About The Ottoman

Storage Ottoman with Tray

Storage ottomans reign supreme when it comes to multifunctional furniture. Not only does this cool gray option provide a place to rest your feet and store blankets, but you can flip the lid over for a tray or use it as an extra seat when hosting company. Since ottomans aren’t very heavy, you can easily push this to the side if you need extra floor space. Available from Target; $29.99.

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Mirror Mirage

floor length mirror

Mirrors are a sneaky trick to make any room feel bigger and brighter. A large mirror, like this one from Hayneedle, will reflect light around the room and create the illusion of depth and height. Prop it against the wall or hang it up to magically increase the area’s size. Available from Hayneedle; starting at $125.40.

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Vertical Thinking

rustic floating shelf

Look up when you’re searching for more space in your house. These farmhouse-style floating shelves serve the same purpose as a bookcase or cabinet without being clunky. Hang them in the bathroom, entryway, or anywhere else where you need to prop your belongings. Available from Wayfair; $45.99.

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Serve It Up

small bar cart

Think a bar cart is just extra furniture taking up space? Think again. This small circular cart from Target has three shelves for storing all your happy hour necessities—making room in the kitchen for other goods. Stick the cart in the corner and roll it out when the clock strikes 5:00. Available from Target; $149.99.

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Clear the Chaos

narrow console table

The entryway receives the most foot traffic and yet there never seems to be enough space for gathering your belongings before you head out the door—and if there is, it’s usually strewn with shoes and bags. This slim console table will help you organize the chaos and create more space. You can set some of your gear on top or in the drawers, and hide shoes, gloves, and scarves in baskets below. The clogged hallway will now be clear to sail through. Available from Target; $149.99.

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Lighten Up

sheer curtains

Light, especially natural light, is key for making a room feel airy and open. Swap heavy drapes for these breezy window coverings. The sheer fabric will let the warm sunshine fill the room. To make the space feel even bigger, hang the curtain rod slightly above the window to create the illusion that the ceilings are taller. Available from Target; $38.49.

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Scale It Down

small accent chair

Don’t pass on accent furniture for fear that it will shrink the size of the room. Rather select pieces, like this comfy chair, that are low and have exposed legs so it doesn’t look bulky. Available from Target; $217.99.

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