Under $50: 10 Must-Haves for an Organized Desk

For a workspace to work well, it needs to be orderly. Cords, pencils, and paperwork can easily run amok if they’re not corralled. Preserve your sanity. These home office helpers will keep things organized and running smoothly—all without breaking the bank.

Desk Accessories

Cool Desk Accessories

Keep the things you use most out on your desktop, but neatly organized. This accessory set includes a pencil holder, tape dispenser, and stapler in a sleek modern design. And if white isn't your color, the desk set comes in 13 other eye-popping, day-brightening colors. Available at Poppin; $42.

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Desk Lamp

Ikea Desk Lamp

Good task lighting is essential for a productive work environment. This desk lamp from IKEA adjusts at both the head and the arm to direct light exactly where you need it. Available at IKEA; $32.99.

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Paper Tray

Paper Tray

Whether you're organizing bills, letters, or the standard memo inbox, a stacking letter tray system will help you keep important papers sorted for fast, at-your-fingertips access. Available at The Organizing Store; $16.99.


Desk Drawer Organizer

Drawer Organizer

Don’t let your desk drawer become another junk drawer. This drawer organizer reshapes to multiple widths and hangs on the drawer sides to allow for extra paper storage underneath. Now you have a place for every tack, rubber band, and paperclip. Available on Amazon; $34.99.


Cord Organizer

Cable Holder

Skip a bird's nest of knotted cables and keep cords untangled using this desktop cord manager. Five soft, rubber grips create four slots to tame unruly cables and provide you with easy access to all your digital connections. Available at Quirky; $9.99.

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Anker USB Hub

Expand your ability to connect and charge up multiple devices with an external USB hub. Three ports offer standard connections, while the last two can charge your device at its quickest possible speed. It’s a technophile’s best friend. Available on Amazon; $25.99.


Letters & Keys

Letter Organizer

Organizing letters in the silhouette of an elephant is much more fun—and practical—than losing them on a messy desk. Mount it on the wall, and it can also hold your keys on its curled trunk. An elephant never forgets, so you should never lose track of the important stuff again. Available at Kikkerland; $25.00.


Desk Vacuum

Desk Vacuum

Tidying your work surface has never been so entertaining than when you use a mini vacuum designed just for especially for your desk. Powered by two AA batteries, it will keep your workspace dust and debris free. Remember: A clean desk is a happy desk. Available on Amazon; $19.99.


Hand Shredder

Muji Shredder

Even though things are mostly digital now, you'll still need a shredder to dispose of all your confidential documents. Unlike most of the older, bulkier models, this compact shredder is small enough to function as a desktop item. Simply wind the crank, and your paper shreds quietly. Available at MoMA Store; $12.00.


Trash Can

urbano eco trash can

Most do their best work in a clean, clutter-free environment. Keep trash at bay with these clever, eco-friendly trash cans. Not only can you get rid of waste throughout the day, but these double duty cans are designed to use plastic grocery store bags as the liners—and keep spares neatly stored. Available at Uncommon Goods; $19.00.


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