Underbed Storage: 8 Helpers to Buy or DIY

Nine times out of ten, the search for extra storage space in the bedroom leaves homeowners stumped. If your closet is stuffed past capacity and your drawers are spilling over, why not take a peek under your bed? This space offers serious square-footage potential, especially if yours is a Queen or King mattress. Plus, underbed storage comes with an added benefit—anything stowed away here totally disappears from view, making it a perfect spot for unsightly items and even valuables. Continue now for underbed storage ideas to help you make the most use of every inch.

Top-Drawer Idea

Underbed Drawer on Wheels

Looking to toss an old dresser? Before you move it to the curb, keep a couple of the drawers for storage. You can install wheels on the bottom, one in each corner as Olive and Love has, to transform each piece into a mobile underbed storage unit.


Slip-and-Slide Storage

Under Bed Canvas Chest

A durable yet flexible cotton underbed chest is perfect for storing seasonal cushy clothing and extra bedding. The breathable canvas keeps everything fresh and clean, while the clear vinyl cover allows you to see what’s inside. Handles make it easy to slide this storage unit out from under the bed.


Boxed Out

DIY Underbed Cardboard Boxes

Add storage without spending any money by converting spare cardboard boxes—which are probably just collecting dust—into upcycled bins. Measure the dimensions under your bed to make sure the cardboard boxes will fit properly, then paint the boxes to blend attractively into the room as Home Happy Home did. You can even label them for more effective organization.

homehappyhome.blog spot.com

A Trusty Trunk

Under Bed Trunk

Take a cue from college students and invest in a good-quality trunk that fits under the bed. From the barrel-top to the wardrobe steamer, trunks almost invariably come with a lock and key to securely store all your items. Bonus: Most of the newer models have wheels.


Hot Wheels

Underbed Boxes

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. These easy-to-make boxes can be constructed using everything from cedar to pine to plywood, as pictured above and crafted by That's My Letter. Build your box using plywood and wood glue, add wheels, and voilà—you have your own underbed storage boxes.

thatsmyletter.blog spot.com

A Safe Space

Underbed Safe

If you need a place to store all your most precious valuables, look no further than a heavy-duty, fire-proof steel safe. These aren't cheap necessarily, but they give you peace of mind, and as the saying goes, that's priceless.


All Tidied Up

Underbed Storage Unit With Dividers

The beauty of built-in storage beds is their efficiency; they come complete with space for storing all your things. But even if you don't have a storage bed, you can DIY a close approximation. Custom-building your own organization system will ensure a perfectly neat storage zone. Visit Instructables for the project details.


If the Shoe Fits

Shoe Storage Bed Skirt

Not your ordinary frumpy bed skirt, a clever shoe organizer like this one fits virtually any bed and can be used to store much more than just shoes. The see-through plastic pockets also fit books, toys, and toiletries.


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