Exterior Curb Appeal

Welcome Home: 11 Fresh Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Door

Whether your front door is drab, dated, or downright unwelcoming, you can change its look—and re-energize the soul of the space—with a few simple but artful changes. Paint, hardware, and decor can be combined to give you limitless options for your own front door makeover.

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Safari-style Sophistication


Who knew? You don’t have to cross continents to experience the visual delights of a safari up close; witness them at home simply by updating your front door with an array of majestic door hardware, decor, and greenery. This exotic entryway treats the eye to a gold lion-shaped knocker, a wooden tribal-patterned doormat, and a selection of eclectic potted plants that perfectly complement the vibrant emerald hue of the door.

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Pretty in Pink


Soft pink paint, coupled with the sharp lines of an antique brass handle, lends romance and striking visual contrast to this pretty pair of front doors. Two leafy wreaths visually tie the doors to the surrounding green paneling, and partially shroud the window panes for added privacy.

The New Black


Debunking the myth that black is a taboo paint color, this sultry black dutch door adds a point of visual interest and an illusion of depth to the white brick entryway. The matte finish softens the bold paint pick to make the high contrast color scheme appear less jarring, but it also allows the pattern on the lower door to stand out. Thanks to a blush of color from surrounding flowers, the dramatic doorway retains a homey ambiance.

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Sunny Disposition

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Does your freshly painted front door stick out like a sore thumb in your entryway? Planting color-complementary blooms near the doorstep can make that eye-popping entrance look intentional and well-designed. In this cheery entryway, sunny yellow flowers, paired with a black and gold mat and a gold-flecked wreath, create a harmonious color palette when set against the honey-colored door.

Plum Real Estate


The old world meets modernity in this opulent-looking entryway comprising surprisingly affordable embellishments. While the golden lion-head door knocker, overhanging light sconce, and intricate glass transom and sidelights pay homage to the pomp of centuries-old residences, plum paint on the front door lends the entryway a decidedly fresh and contemporary feel.

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Green with Envy


While some homeowners might shy away from using true green on the front door because of its tendency to disappear into the surrounding landscape, opting for a rich green with dark undertones can create a memorable and lasting impression in the entryway. Here, a hunter-green-colored door, complemented by antique hardware and subtle gray-green house siding, creates an unmissable entryway from no matter which vantage point you view it.

Farmhouse with Flair


This farmhouse-style entrance epitomizes the charms of simple living—from the pastel blue front door with matching sidelights, to the custom wood plaque, and twin boxwood plants housed in chic black urns. But it’s the wreath that takes center stage in this alluring entryway. Composed of real seed packets, the DIY door decor is the perfect way to communicate your love of gardening—and all things DIY—to guests and neighbors.

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Bolt from the Blue


Transforming your front door from dark and antiquated to bright and modern is as simple as redoing it with a soothing shade of paint and adding a little nature-inspired door decor. Take a cue from the artful DIYer behind this entryway, who masked her conservative navy blue door with an exuberant shade of robin’s egg blue, then added a touch of eucalyptus. With a trio of beautiful bells adorning the wreath, visitors hear a merry jingle each time they are welcomed into the home.

Your Number's Up


Beyond serving a practical purpose
, displaying your address prominently can also help unify diverse design elements at the front door. In this stately entryway, gold numerals on the address plate provide a color complement to the chartreuse-colored door. Even so, the oval shape of the plate makes it visually distinct enough from the rectangular door and wreath to stand apart and draw notice on its own.

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Sky's the Limit


While dark paint results in a dramatic entryway, light colors can be used to evoke an atmosphere of play. Sky blue paint can be credited for the bright and airy ambiance of this entrance, while companion accents, from painted white pumpkins to blue boot planters brimming with greenery, each do their part to lighten the mood on the front stoop.

Zeal for Teal


Tired of coming home night after night to your neutral-toned door? The subtle infusion of a traditional color can from transform it from snooze-worthy to stunning. Here, a fresh teal finish on the front door, plus new bronze hardware, a turquoise patterned mat, and vivid desert plants, makes for a bold contrasting color scheme that instantly beats the blahs of a purely white or beige entryway.

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