Wrap It Up! 10 DIY Ways to Bedeck Your Holiday Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, it's the thought that counts—and obviously a great deal of thought went into these creative DIY gift-wrapping ideas that make the most ordinary gift extraordinary.

  1. Handmade Envelope

    Envelope gift wrap

    Fab DIY

    Tuck a small gift into an envelope you can make yourself in five minutes. Just cut four circles out of card stock, fold each one over, and glue them together in an overlapping pattern. Wrap the envelope with a ribbon, and voilà — simple elegance.

  2. Artful Grocery Bags

    Recycled bags gift wrap

    Party with Tiffany

    Paper grocery bags can take on a new life as beautiful handmade gift wrap. Cut them to size, decorate them with stickers or stamps, use a little yarn to make an appealing, appropriate bow, and you'll have the satisfaction of giving the Earth a gift too.

  3. Wine Sleeves

    Sleeved wine gift wrap


    Slip a bottle of wine into the sleeve of an old sweater. Stitch the cut end closed, leaving the cuff for the top. Tie it with a ribbon, and it’ll be the classiest gift bag at the party.

  4. Gift Canisters

    Cans and cannisters gift wrap


    Cover a coffee can or oatmeal canister in construction paper or felt. Decorate it with any bits and pieces you have around, and top it with a bow to create the perfect gift box for baked goods, small toys, or a homemade game.

  5. Newspaper Gift Bag

    Newspaper gift bag gift wrap

    Yours Truly, G

    Put your origami skills to work with this easy DIY gift bag. All you need are two sheets of newspaper, glue, card stock, and a ribbon or string for a handle. Cut, cut, fold, fold, glue — and you’re good to go.

  6. Repurposed Tissue Box

    Tissue box gift wrap copy

    Emily Birken

    Reuse a tissue box for a quick, uncomplicated gift wrap. Many of the square decorator boxes are pretty enough to use without being covered. Just attach a large bow or other adornment over the hole in the top, and the gift will be as easy to open as it was to wrap.

  7. Rubber Bands

    Rubber band gift wrap

    Whimsey Box

    Stretch colorful rubber bands over plain kraft or butcher paper for a unique and fun-to-open present. No two gifts will look the same, and who couldn’t use more rubber bands?

  8. Fabric Gift Bags

    Fabric gift bag gift wrap


    Put those fabric remnants to good use. You need only a small bit of fabric and the most basic sewing skills to stitch together a few one-of-a-kind fabric gifts bags. Use up your leftover ribbon for the drawstrings, bedeck the bags with buttons, and bring on good cheer.

  9. Chalkboard Gift Tins

    Chalkboard gift tin gift wrap

    Serenity Now

    Customize an old tin with a personal message. An appropriate tin—easy to find in thrift shops—and a can of chalkboard spray paint are all you need to accomplish this makeover. Endlessly reuseable, the package is a gift in itself.

  10. Dressy Lunch Bags

    Lunch bags gift wrap

    Rustic Crafts and Chic Decor

    Dress up the classic lunch bag to make a rustic and handsome little pouch. Some twine or ribbon and a sprig of greenery (either fresh or painted) make this ubiquitous staple special — and superb for gift giving.

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