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Solved! How to Repair Popped Nails
Q: I just bought a house and am planning to paint over its existing green interior walls with a fresh coat of country...
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How To: Use Drywall Anchors
 So you want to hang something heavier than the average photo frame from your drywall. Whether you're putting in a na...
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7 Easy Fixes You Can Cross Off Your To-Do List Today
Make short work of the pesky projects you’ve been putting off with the help of some of the coolest, pro-approved tools on the market. This content has been ...
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Dos and Don’ts of Finishing Basement Walls
With the cost of living space going up, many homeowners are looking down—creating a “finished” basement—to expand the...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Taping Drywall
Professional drywall taping crews make it look so easy: They move quickly, slather compound on every joint and nail h...
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Cool Tools: The All-in-1 Fix for Just About Any Hole in the Wall
What do you do when you find yourself staring at a hole in a wall caused by a furniture ding, a too-eagerly opened do...
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Buyer's Guide: Stud Finders
If you’ve ever had to install shelving or hang a heavy mirror on a wall, you've probably already gone looking for wal...
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3 Reasons the Pros Choose Dust-Free Sanding Tools
Sanding certainly isn’t the most fun part of a furniture or room makeover. Still, it's a vital step in the prep work ...
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Solved! The Magic Number for Coats of Primer
Q: I’ve given in to my daughter’s request to paint her bedroom pink. Is primer required for a job like this, and if s...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Wet Sanding Drywall
When it comes to interior walls, drywall has a lot going for it. It’s inexpensive, fairly easy to install and repair,...
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Solved! How Concerned You Should Be About Cracks in the Walls
Q: I recently noticed a few cracks in our living room wall. I’m not sure if they've been there for a while and I just...
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Bob Vila Radio: What's the Difference Between Drywall and Plaster?
Drywall and plaster both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some points to keep in mind when deciding ...
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All You Need to Know About Knockdown Texture
The knockdown drywall finish, an early 1990s successor to popcorn and orange peel textures, has remained a hit with h...
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What's the Difference? Drywall vs. Plaster
If you’re thinking of taking on a wall construction project in your home, you’ll likely hear of two options: drywall ...
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Cool Tools: An Easier Way to Repair and Finish Drywall
Drywall taping has always been a notoriously messy, imprecise undertaking. In the past, no matter the size of the job...
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How To: Mud Drywall
"Mudding," the process of applying multiple thin coats of drywall compound to the joints and screw indentations in ne...
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5 Types of Screwdrivers Every DIYer Should Get to Know
Ask any seasoned carpenter or DIYer what tools take up the most room in his or her toolbox, and the answer is probabl...
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How To: Spackle a Wall
Maybe there was a mishap while moving a major appliance. Or perhaps someone hung some pictures the old-fashioned way ...
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Dos and Don'ts of Repairing Drywall
Drywall is tough, but it’s not indestructible. Over time, gypsum-board walls can sustain ugly cracks or holes. Fortun...
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How To: Sand Drywall
Drywall—commonly known as sheet rock—is one of the most popular construction materials used in finishing interior wal...
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Bob Vila Radio: Texture Ceilings to Hide Imperfections
Adding a little texture to drywall compound can go a long way toward hiding imperfections in ceilings. And it’s an ea...
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Bob Vila Radio: Patching Large Holes in Drywall
Need to patch a hole in drywall? While you can resolve smaller problems with spackling paste, larger jobs call for a ...
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How To: Patch Drywall
Sooner or later, most of us need to patch drywall, whether for purely cosmetic reasons—filling nail holes, for exampl...
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Repair Drywall with Less Hassle
Let’s be honest. Drywall repair is not something most people look forward to. Although it’s relatively straightforwar...
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Quick Tip: No-Coat Drywall Corners
 If you've ever done drywall work, you know the corners are the really tricky part.  These no-coat drywall corners ar...
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Quick Tip: Taping Drywall Joints
 Here's a helpful tip for getting really smooth drywall seam. After you've laid the tape in a four-inch bed of joint ...
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What Would Bob Do? Dealing with Bulging Drywall Seams
Many of the drywall seams on my 40-year-old house are bulging. It doesn't appear as if the joint tape is pulling away...
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How To: Bend Drywall
 Here's a tip on how to throw a curve with drywall. The trick is to use two sheets of quarter-inch drywall instead of...
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What Would Bob Do? Cutting Drywall
I've got to remove some drywall in a room so I can nail studs behind the wall for anchoring purposes. What is the bes...
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How To: Finish Seamless Drywall
I won't attempt here to tell you in detail how to hang wallboard or to tape joints; there are a number of book-length...
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Quick Tip: Installing Drywall
You've probably hung some 'rock over the years, either at home or helping a friend refur­bish a room. So you probably...
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Blueboard and Veneer Plaster Offer Old-Style Look
Everyone knows drywall and you can’t beat its cost. But almost no one loves drywall, a leading cause of contractor ca...
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Bob Vila Radio: Drywall Costs
As of January 2nd, U. S. drywall manufacturers increased their prices by 25 to 30%. On top of a similar increase last...
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Bob Vila Radio: Patching Drywall
Drywall has been the wall finishing material of choice for most of a century, because it’s so easy to install and fin...
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Bob Vila Radio: Installing Drywall
Although the two words are often used interchangeably, sheetrock is actually a brand name for the generic drywall, wh...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Drywall Types
Everybody calls it sheetrock, but the generic name is drywall and it comes in various thicknesses and sizes. LISTENLi...
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Quick Tip: Choosing Drywall
Drywall History Before drywall, builders nailed lengths of wood, called lath, to the studs and then applied several c...
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Drywall 101
What is drywall?Although the two words are often used interchangeably, Sheetrock is actually a brand name for drywall...
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How To: Finish Drywall Joints
Most of the time finishing drywall joints isn't one of those jobs that has people jumping up and down with excitement...
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Insulating the Roof and Installing Mold-Resistant Drywall
The roof of the new addition is being insulated – in an environmentally conscious way – to retain the heat from the radiant heating system. Moisture- and mold-res...
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Looking Behind the Walls and Installing a Pocket Door
Before putting on the blue board, Bob looks at what goes behind the walls: wiring, light fixtures, heat ducts, water lines, and a pocket door frame.
Tag icon video
Applying a Veneer Coat of Plaster over Blueboard
Bob interviews Carlos Londono, a plastering contractor, who demonstrates how to apply a veneer coat of plaster over blue board.
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Completing the Basement Finishing System and Repairing the Basement Stairs
Bob talks with Owens Corning experts about the basement finishing system and discusses staircase repairs.
Tag icon video
Installing a Basement Half-Bathroom
Bob discusses the installation of a basement half-bathroom, including wiring, plumbing, and radiant heating.
Tag icon video
Fiberglass-Faced Wallboard Combats Mold and Moisture
Bob meets Thad Goodman to install fiberglass-faced wallboard.
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Work Involved in Building a Hurricane-Resistant Home
Bob meets with Leslie Chapman-Henderson from the Federal Alliance for Safe Housing (FLASH) and Randy Shackelford to discuss an assortment of storm-resistant roof ...
Tag icon video
Fast-Pace Drywall Installation and Mold-Resistant Interior Siding
Bob spends a moment with the drywall contractor before speaking with Thad Goodman of Georgia Pacific. Mr. Goodman tells Bob about the unique, mold-resistant prope...
Tag icon video
Mixing Plaster and Installing the Skylight
Bob and Chris Vila visit the plastering contractor and receive a lesson in plaster mixing. Next, they talk to Dino from Dino's Construction, who's installing the ...
Tag icon video
Advantages of a Pre-cast Foundation System
Chris Vila discusses the benefits of a factory-built foundation system with Mel Zimmerman of Superior Walls.
Tag icon video
High-Speed Drywall Finishing
Bob witnesses high-speed drywall finishing taking place in the Simplex modular home building plant.
Tag icon video
Drywall Installation
Bob walks through the farmhouse interior and points out some of the challenges the home's design posed for the drywall contractors.
Tag icon video
Skylight and Gable Window Installation
Bob goes up to the attic of the Victorian project house, where an ODL tubular skylight is being installed. Also, Bob looks back at the installation of windows on ...
Tag icon video
Blowing In Cellulose Insulation
Bob joins Joe Sheridan (from Energy Guard) to learn more about the US Greenfiber Cocoon cellulose insulation being used in the barn.
Tag icon video
Drywall vs. Blueboard Explained
In the barn of the Victorian restoration project house, Bob talks with a rep from US Gypsum about the new technology that makes blue boards stronger and lighter t...
Tag icon video
Installing Drywall with Wallboard and Taped Joints
A crew from US Gypsum is installing drywall in the barn of the Victorian restoration project house. This is a traditional installation with drywall wallboard and ...
Tag icon video
Patching With Plaster
Chris Borovka (from US Gypsum) joins Bob to explain about patching with plaster.
Tag icon video
Plastering the Walls
Tim Smyth, the plastering contractor, provides a drywall update and offers a few tips on quality, speedy installation.
Tag icon video
Hanging Blueboard and Installing Corner Beads
Bob interviews Brian Dauphinee, who's hanging blue board, installing corner bead, and applying the scratch coat of plaster.
Tag icon video
Installing a Bathroom Grab Rail
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley put up a grab bar in the bathroom to facilitate a wheelchair-bound person's maneuvering.
Tag icon video
Flooring, Plumbing, and Plastering
The old flooring in the Gothic Carpenter-style home in Elmwood has been removed. Bob outlines the process of installing the new floor and discusses the new suppor...
Tag icon video
Installing Insulation and Plastering
Carpenter Bob Ryley and Tim Grether (from Owens Corning) install insulation and vapor barrier in the bathroom. And Jim Larson (from Georgia Pacific) installs a sp...
Tag icon video
Plaster Repair Over Drywall
Bob interviews Mike Casas, a plastering contractor applying plaster over drywall and metal lath over wood lath.
Tag icon video
Architects Tour the Newton, MA Project
Bob meets with the architects, Mark and Geoffrey, who visit the project site every two weeks in order to check on progress, and to make sure their plans are being...
Tag icon video
Applying Plaster to Blueboard
As he watches the plaster being applied, Bob discusses the advantages of using blueboard and plaster, instead of drywall.
Tag icon video
Plaster and Cornice Work
Bob joins restoration contractor Richard Marks to see how the existing plaster and cornice work is blended with the new drywall.
Tag icon video
Installing Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley review the Insulspan structural insulated panels (SIPs). These Styrofoam panels save steps in construction, since they include struct...
Tag icon video
Hanging Drywall Inside the Skylight
Bob interviews drywall contractor Mark Richardson, as he hangs drywall inside a skylight and attaches the corner bead.
Tag icon video
Blueboard and Plaster
Bob joins plastering contractor Bob Fragakis, who will install blueboard, then apply a skim coat of plaster over it. Fragakis explains the tools and materials use...
Tag icon video
Hanging Ceiling Drywall
Bob interviews Larry Lelflar (from Bonita Drywall) as he and his team hang drywall on the ceiling, then apply the first coat of tape and compound.
Tag icon video
Finishing the Drywall Ceiling
Bob tours the interior of the in-progress Naples project, discussing the installation of ceiling boards with the drywall contractor.
Tag icon video
Drywall Techniques
Plaster contractor Claude Daigle demonstrates his preferred drywall techniques.
Tag icon video
Plaster and Drywall
Bob looks on as plaster contractor Sabino Lux performs plaster patching and adds drywall details.
Tag icon video
Touring the Georgia-Pacific Drywall Plant
Bob tours the Georgia-Pacific drywall plant in Marcus Hook, PA with Monty Palmowski.
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