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The Best Blinds for Your Home’s Windows
Blinds add convenience and comfort to your home. The best blinds can control light, add privacy, improve your sleep, ...
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The Best Curtain Rods for Your Window Treatments
When it comes to curtain rods, design and quality are key. These metal bars come in a variety of diameters, lengths, ...
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The Best Blackout Curtains for the Bedroom
Blackout curtains do more than just block out natural light. Top-quality blackout curtains also filter out some noise...
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6 Things to Know When Hanging Curtains
The right drapes or curtains can add a lot to your enjoyment of an interior space, as well as the room’s decor. Along...
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Solved! How to Establish Privacy When You Have a Window in the Shower
Q: The shower in the master bath of our new home has a window. I’d never seen such a thing before! How can I maintain...
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Which Window Treatment Works Best for Your House? Blinds vs. Curtains
Window treatments let you control light, privacy, and indoor temperature while complementing your décor. While you’ve...
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Lose the Drapes: 15 Better Ways to Dress a Window
Most people choose to decorate their windows with traditional curtains, blinds, or fabric valances. But finding the perfect covering—one that blocks the sun, ensu...
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Solved! How High to Hang Curtains
Q: I'm finally replacing my living room's window treatments. But, in order to choose the right set and length, I need...
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5 Reasons to Replace Your Window Treatments ASAP
Everyone loves summer for its long, relaxing days and the prospect of endless fun. But if you’re torn between lazing ...
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So, You Want to... Install Blinds
To filter the light that enters your home and control your level of privacy, you can’t go wrong with blinds. These ea...
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DIY Lite: This Curtain Rod Only Costs $12 to Make
While often initially installed for privacy, window treatments do a lot to improve a space's interior design. Curtain...
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3 Fixes for Dusty Blinds
Blinds often go ignored during our day-to-day cleaning routines. But when we don't give them proper care or cleaning,...
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Genius! A Sunnier Alternative to Window Blinds
In old homes, it’s the details that draw us in. While the intricate trim and sculpted ceiling medallions certainly cr...
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How To: Install Curtain Rods
An attractively mounted curtain rod adds a subtle layer of embellishment to an entire room.  Beyond completing a room...
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How To: Measure for Window Blinds
As challenging as it may have been to settle on blinds, not curtains, you're not quite finished yet. On the contrary....
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13 DIY Window Treatments to Dress Up Your Space
Just as clothes make the man, the right dressings can make all the difference for your windows too. Whether your window overlooks a dramatic vista or merely your ...
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Weekend Projects: 5 Clever Designs for a DIY Curtain Rod
Details: They make a house a home. Every element you add to serve a purpose also offers an opportunity to personalize...
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Weekend Projects: DIY Window Treatments
Why do people so often ignore the importance of blinds, drapes, and curtains when they are chief among the elements t...
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Bob Vila Radio: Window Treatments
Choosing window treatments can be one of the most difficult design decisions you’ll have to make. There are so many o...
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Shutter Style: 9 Designs Everyone Should Know
Today’s wide variety of fun and functional shutters may make it difficult to choose just one style!
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Wow-Worthy Window Films: 11 Top Picks
Drop the drapes, bump the blinds, and shirk the shutters. Instead, check out these wow-worthy adhesive window films that bring style, comfort, and privacy to your...
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8 Decorating Solutions for Tricky Windows
Use these ideas to enhance hard-to-decorate windows, such as angles, arches, octagons, bows, bays, French doors, sliding doors, and skylights.
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5 Things to Do with... Broken Blinds
Nothing lasts forever, and that includes window treatments. Besides the inevitable wear and tear they endure with nor...
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2011 Trends in Window Treatments
The selection of shades and blinds is no longer only about design, color, privacy, and sun control. The homeowner now...
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Green Homes—Window Treatments
From awnings, blinds and draperies to overhangs, shades and shutters, consumers have many options for window treatmen...
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Window Blind and Curtain Safety
Since 1991, more than 175 infants and young children have died from accidentally strangling in drapery and window cor...
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Go Beyond Blinds and Curtains
For a long time, it seemed there was nothing new under the sun as far as window coverings were concerned. But in the ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Cordless Blinds
The Consumer Product Safety commission now recommends that only cordless window coverings be used in homes with small...
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Helpful Hints for Cleaning Window Blinds
Window blinds are an extremely popular decorating option. But for blinds to look their best, they require regular car...
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Dream It, Do It: How to Paint Your Curtains
It might sound weird, but regular old latex paint on curtains can add up to lots o’ drama (the good kind). 1. Wash an...
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Top Tips for Installing Window Treatments
When we moved out of the city and into our new home, we increased our window inventory more than three-fold. The wind...
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Ordering Custom Window Treatments Online
One of the most exciting things about building a new house was seeing how much natural light we were going to get wit...
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Blinds: My "Green" Nursery Challenge
In week three of My “Green” Nursery Challenge, I saw the light… but wished I hadn’t!My father-in-law pointed out that...
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Selecting and Installing Window Treatments
Bob and interior designer Leslie Curtis discuss the window treatments in this episode, while Kevin Murphy (from Smith + Noble) finishes up installation of the com...
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Kitchen and Butler's Pantry, Venetian Blinds, and Luxury Kitchen Appliances, Finishes, and Cabinetry
The huge space that is the kitchen of the Manhattan Brownstone has received its finishing touches. Bob tours.
Tag icon video
Master Bathroom Tour, Sauna Installation, and Window Blinds
Bob tours the master bathroom, noticing the finishing touches and pointing out the features. Also, Bob checks out the Finlandia sauna, before reviewing te Crysta...
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