Quick Tip: Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Follow these simple steps to spruce up your home and create a warm welcome for family and guests alike.
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Take a Good Look
To get your home ready for entertaining, first look at it with the eye of a realtor. Does it need a little TLC to feel more welcoming? Do you need to update your wallpaper or change the paint color? Re-upholster the furniture? Are your drapes worn or do they just need washing?

Small Changes, Big Impact
Maybe purchasing a key new piece of furniture or just some throw pillows will be enough of a change to freshen up a drab house. Remember, not everything has to match or be perfect; it should just be clean, uncrowded and inviting. Clear off as many surfaces as you can.

Let There Be Light!
Remember that lighting can make or break a room. This is a great time to add dimmer switches or a new floor lamp in that dark corner. Halogen track lighting gives you the control you need to wash a wall or focus on your favorite artwork without making your family or guests feel like they’re in the spotlight.

Photo Finish
Framed photos make great conversation starters. Arranging them on a wall instead of your coffee table will clear the way for food, drinks and games.

Guest Room TLC
If people will be staying overnight, pay special attention to the spare bedroom. First, get rid of the clutter that often ends up in the guest room. Add a fresh coat of paint, an area rug, new bed linens, all in one color family or theme. Simple touches like putting bottled water, fresh towels and guest soap in a large wicker basket will make your houseguests feel pampered.

The Silver Lining
With a few updates, you’ll enjoy having your friends and family over and you’ll love it even when the celebration’s over!