11 Affordable Gifts for People Who Love Their Cars

When searching for gifts for the automotive obsessed, let this guide serve as your starting line.
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Tracking down thoughtful gifts for someone who spends more time working on or driving their car than the average person can cause some serious mental gridlock. Their car is their haven, and selecting items they’ll find useful isn’t always as straightforward as a ride down the interstate.

Don’t spin those tires in frustration! Our guide to the best affordable gifts for folks who spent lots of time in their car has arrived, so fill ’er up!

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Nite Ize Flashlight Keychain

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Anyone who spends enough time in their car knows that they’re eventually going to drop something and have a hard time finding it. Give the gift of light this year with a keychain flashlight. Although it’s extremely compact, this model from Nite Ize offers enough illumination for changing a tire, searching under a seat, or even walking from the car to the house on a dark night.

Get the Nite Ize flashlight keychain at Amazon for $19.99.

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Arifayz Dash Cam

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In today’s litigious society, it’s better to cover your “bumper” than be left at risk, and this mini dash cam from Arifayz may be just the ticket. It attaches to the windshield of the vehicle and reports back to a smartphone app, giving users access to their camera and its footage whenever they need it. It even has night vision and a 24-hour parking lot mode that will keep an eye out for trouble and bad drivers.

Get the Arifayz mini dash cam with night vision at Amazon for $59.99.

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Supin Car Seat Gap Filler

Amazon Stocking Stuffers for people who like cars seat gap filler.jpg

Is there anything more frustrating than dropping a cell phone or parking lot ticket between the seats? Help eliminate this everyday annoyance by filling that cavernous black hole with a seat gap filler. This model from Supin, which is sold in a two-pack, loops around the seat belt buckle to sit securely in place, ensuring that nothing can slip between the seats. A built-in cup holder on the end lets you take along a coffee or soda for the ride. Just keep in mind that, at a little more than 17 inches in length, these might really require some stuffing to fit into that stocking.

Get the Supin seat gap filler two-pack at Amazon for $22.80.

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WeatherTech Coffee Cup Holder

Amazon stocking stuffers for people who love cars coffee cup holder.jpg

Let’s face this truth together: Sometimes, that long ride calls for more coffee than a standard cup holder can handle. In those situations, there may be no more useful stocking stuffer than WeatherTech’s CupCoffee. This coffee cup adapter fits into a standard cup holder but allows the user to bring an oversize mug along for the ride. And here’s the kicker: It has a slot for a mug handle!

Get the WeatherTech CupCoffee at Amazon for $32.95.

iOttie Universal Phone Mount

Amazon stocking stuffers for people who love cars universal phone mount.jpg

Everyone knows how unsafe it is to use a phone while driving, and the importance of having a quality phone mount isn’t something new. Still, stuffing a phone mount in that stocking (sure, it might take a good shove) is a practical way to say, “I care about your safety.” This universal phone mount from iOttie features a suction-cup arm that attaches to the windshield or dashboard, and the arm telescopes for perfect positioning.

Get the iOttie universal phone mount at Amazon for $24.95.

Colorado Saddlery Detailing Stone

Amazon stocking stuffers for people who love cars detailing stone.jpg

Does that beloved driver have a beloved furry companion? If that’s the case, there’s a good chance that the amount of hair on their carpets and upholstery is making for some messy and uncomfortable drives. Make it easier to collect Fido’s fur with a detailing stone like this option from Colorado Saddlery. The pores on the rock grasp hair and pull it from the fabric, making it easier to gather the clumps together and pick them up. It’s one of our favorite vehicle hacks.

Get the Colorado Saddlery grooming stone at Amazon for $13.50.

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ColorCoral Universal Dust Cleaning Putty

Amazon stocking stuffers for people who love cars dust cleaning putty.jpg

Even the most meticulous car owners have a hard time getting the dust, dirt, and grime out of certain places in a vehicle. Armed with a detailing gel, these neat freaks will be able to squeeze this gooey substance into cup holders, air vents, and other nooks and crannies, then remove the goo with all the gunk in tow. Even better, with ColorCoral’s two-pack of cleaning gels, they’ll be able to keep one in the car and one in the office, where it’s useful for cleaning keyboards too.

Get the ColorCoral universal dust cleaner 2-pack at Amazon for $15.99.

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Spigan Carabiner Key Ring Clip

Amazon stocking stuffers for people who love cars carabiner key ring.jpg

Whether it’s used to clip keys onto a belt loop or a work bag, a keychain carabiner is practically indispensable. This carabiner key ring from Spigen features a heavy-duty metal clip with a nylon strap and metal ring, ensuring that it’s durable enough for the long haul. But, with its classy matte finish, it’s not bright and gaudy like some carabiners. It even has a built-in bottle opener so your favorite driver can relax with a cold one at the end of the journey.

Get the Spigen carabiner key ring clip at Amazon for $17.99.

Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Car Emergency Tool

Amazon stocking stuffers for people who love cars emergency tool.jpg

While we try to stay safe, accidents do happen, and being prepared for them can mean the difference between life and death. This glow-in-the dark escape tool from Swiss Safe includes a seat belt cutter, a glass breaker, and a hammer to facilitate a quick exit from a bad situation. What says happy holidays quite like that?

Get the Swiss Safe 5-in-1 car safety tool at Amazon for $10.99.

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Dodowin Magnetic Pickup Tool

Amazon stocking stuffersf for people who like cars magnetic pick up tool.jpg

There are lots of annoying little places where items can hide in a car. Whether it’s a set of keys under the seat, sunglasses on the floorboard, or a lug nut that rolled under the car during a roadside repair, these items can be tough to get to safely. Your favorite car nut may not have thought of it before, but a magnetic pickup tool can help. This model from Dodowin features a telescoping and bending design with built-in flashlights for maximum usefulness. And, it fits in a glove box!

Get the Dodowin magnetic pickup tool at Amazon for $29.79.

Chemical Guys Microfiber Towel

Amazon stocking stuffers for people who love cars microfiber towels.jpg

A great microfiber towel may end up being a car aficionado’s favorite stocking stuffer this year. It’s handy for cleaning the interior of the car, polishing the windows, drying the exterior after a wash, or simply wiping off hands after a bit of vehicle maintenance. This towel from Chemical Guys features a waffle weave design for extra absorbency and folds small enough to fit in a glove box. And unlike paper towels, these can be thrown in the wash over and over again.

Get the Chemical Guys waffle weave microfiber towel at Amazon for $8.99.

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