The 15 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner on Sunday, June 20. Don’t know what to get Dad this year? Check out our guide of the best Father’s Day gifts for every kind of dad. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Father’s Day Gift Options


Dads are pillars of support, our biggest cheerleaders, and endless sources of bad jokes—but they’re also some of the hardest people to buy gifts for. You could buy him another tie (that he won’t wear), but thanks to online shopping, you have access to some of the best Father’s Day gifts right at your fingertips.

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 20, 2021, but sales will start around the end of May (although there are deals to take advantage of now!). Expect savings on tools, outdoor gear, and clothing for dads. The best deals will continue to be offered to online shoppers, as in-person shopping becomes less and less popular. Wondering what to get Dad this year? Whether Dad is a grill master or the ultimate DIYer, check out our comprehensive guide of the best Father’s Day gifts.

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The Best Father’s Day Gift Options


How to Choose the Best Father’s Day Gifts

Dads can be notoriously tough to shop for. While Father’s Day isn’t just about the gifts, you want to get Dad something special that shows him you care and put in some thought. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you find that perfect gift.

  • Do you have an inside joke or memory of a special time together? Give Dad something that will remind him of that for a sweet and treasured gift.
  • Are there any hobbies Dad has (or wants to have)? You can show him you’ve been paying attention when you get him that camping hammock or hiking boots. It’s even better if you can get a pair of items so you and Dad can take on activities together.
  • What does he need? Some dads are practical creatures and would love nothing better than getting something to help organize their workshop. Other dads might really need to take a break and relax, and a shiatsu foot massager could be right up their alley.

The Best Father’s Day Gifts of 2021

Want to wow Dad this Father’s Day? From the classic to the quirky, here’s our roundup of the best Father’s Day gifts.

Outdoor Gifts for Dads

Dad’s New Favorite Seat

The Best Father’s Day Gift Option: Best Choice Products Folding Wooden Adirondack Chair

If there’s nothing your dad loves more than lounging outside on the weekends, then this Adirondack chair is a must-buy. Sturdy yet space-saving, this chair can fold up to be stored when not in use. The spacious seat, high back, and wide armrests make this chair so comfortable that Dad will be napping almost as soon as he sits down. And the natural finish means that you can customize this chair with a stain or paint to make it one-of-a-kind. Starting at $135.00 at Amazon.

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Timeless Gift

The Best Father’s Day Gift Option: Outdoor Life Fixed Blade 6-inch Camp Knife

Nothing compares to a high-quality blade like this one from Outdoor Life for a gift that will last. Made with a premium stainless steel blade and a molded nylon handle and designed with an eye for craftsmanship, this knife is sure to be Dad’s favorite. Whether he’s hunting, hiking, or camping, your dad will know that he can depend on this blade to be sharp and durable. $48.99 at Amazon.

Convenient Cooler

The Best Father's Day Gifts Option: YETI Hopper Backflip Soft Sided Cooler/Backpack

Dad can carry a full day’s worth of food and drinks, but don’t let him lug around a heavy, unwieldy cooler. Instead, get him this YETI cooler/backpack. The superior insulation and rugged zipper ensure that whatever he puts inside will stay cold all day long. Plus, the outer shell is made from a high-density fabric that’s resistant to punctures and UV rays, so this product is sure to last for years, no matter how many hikes it goes on. $299.98 on Amazon.

Camping Favorite

The Best Father's Day Gifts Option: Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Whether Dad wants to sleep out under the stars or relax by the campfire, this hammock is a must-have for the camping fan. It’s compact and lightweight so it’ll fit in any backpack, and the setup is quick and easy. It comes in one- or two-person sizes and a multitude of colors, so there’s a perfect choice for any dad in your life. Plus, with the Wise Owl Outfitters brand and quality, you know this hammock will last a very long time. $29.95 on Amazon.

Grilling Gifts for Dads

Artisanal Flavor

The Best Father's Day Gifts Option: SAVEUR SELECTS All-natural Small-batch BBQ Sauces

These BBQ sauces will be your dad’s new favorites for adding to grilled chicken, beef, or pork. With unique flavor combinations and quality ingredients, these sauces taste better than restaurant quality and are free from ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, soy, and MSG. The bottles also look great, so they’ll be a hit with Mom, too. $22.99 at Amazon.

Grilling on-the-Go

The Best Father's Day Gifts Option: Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

If Dad loves to grill on the go, this Cuisinart tabletop grill is a must-have. Whether he’s camping or tailgating, this grill offers all the flavor and cooking quality of a traditional gas grill at a fraction of the size. Dad can serve up the best quality food from wherever he is, whether it’s burgers, hot dogs, chicken, or steaks. One reviewer says he’s never going back to his regular-size grill now that he has this one. $114.53 at Amazon.

Sharpest Cut

The Best Father's Day Gifts Option: SAVEUR SELECTS German Steel 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

Dad deserves the best, and these steak knives are a cut above the rest. These knives are forged from the finest German steel for superior durability and sharpness. From tender steaks to hearty chops, these knives will cut through anything with ease. Hand-sharpened blades and smooth, balanced handles turn every dinner into a gourmet experience that Dad—and the whole family—will love. $99.97 at Amazon.

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Tool Gifts for Dads

Dad’S Clutter Solution

The Best Father's Day Gifts Option: Bora Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Wall Mount

Give Dad a place to store all his lumber without it taking up the whole garage. This wall-mounted rack saves space and holds up to 600 pounds of materials like wood, PVC, sheet metal, and pipes, keeping it more organized. It’s that perfect gift that will truly transform your dad’s workshop. Plus, it’s easy to install, and the powder-coated metal will ensure that this rack lasts for years. $48.42 at Amazon.

Top-Rated Tool Kit

The Best Father's Day Gifts Option: Crescent 170 Piece General Purpose Tool Set

Give Dad the ultimate selection with this 170-piece tool set. No longer will he have to dig through tool boxes to find one flat-head screwdriver—everything he might need is right here. The foldable case means that Dad can take his tool kit on the go. Whether your dad is already a DIY aficionado or can barely screw in a light bulb, this tool kit is a must-have. $124.99 at Amazon.

Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

The Gadget He Wants

The Best Father’s Day Gift Option: Breville CS20001 Joule Sous VIde

This sleek sous vide tool from Breville is sure to take Dad’s kitchen game to the next level. This tool allows users to cook food to an exact temperature, ensuring the evenest cooking possible and no risk of overcooking. The device connects to an app that will guide the cooking for you. With the fastest heat time and its space-saving size, this tool is sure to be the new favorite appliance. $199.95 at Amazon.

For the Retired Dad

The Best Father’s Day Gift Option: truMedic Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Dad might not want to spend a day at the spa, but he’ll have no problem relaxing on the couch with his feet in this heated shiatsu foot massager. This machine targets acupressure points to relieve tired, sore feet. The far-infrared technology not only warms the feet but also provides deep healing relief. Whether your dad spends all day on his feet or just needs a little pampering, he’s sure to love this gift. $179.95 at Amazon.

Upgraded Kitchen Essential

The Best Father’s Day Gift Option: SAVEUR SELECTS Enameled Cast Iron Oval Roaster

This roaster is both functional and a statement item that will last a lifetime. Perfect for roasting, braising, boiling, or baking, this roaster can be used anywhere from a 500 degree Fahrenheit oven to a campfire. The enamel-coated cast iron means that heat is distributed evenly, and the temperature is retained for perfect cooking every time. This is sure to be a gift that will make Dad want to cook every night. $199.99 at Amazon.

Gifts for Dads Who Don’t Want Anything

Multipurpose Kitchen Tool

The Best Father’s Day Gift Option: Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot

Whether Dad’s on drink duty or making dinner for the whole family, this Ninja Foodi will be his new best friend in the kitchen. Its unique hot and cold functionality means that it can heat ingredients to deliver a piping-hot soup—and crush ice for perfect frozen margaritas. The automated functions make this one of the easiest blenders to use. Its one-touch cleaning function means cleanup is a breeze, too, so Dad will have plenty of time to make a second round of drinks. $129.99 at Amazon.

Secretly for Mom, Too

The Best Father’s Day Gift Option: Echo Dot Smart speaker with Alexa

Whether your dad is a total tech wizard or still uses a flip phone, this sleek smart speaker is sure to impress. It’s enabled with Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant who can give users the weather forecast, tell a joke, set alarms, and more. And don’t let its size fool you; this speaker is calibrated to deliver rich bass and full sound whether Dad’s playing his ’70s yacht rock or a history podcast. But be careful: Dad will want one in every room in the house. $49.99 at Amazon.

Unique and Quirky

The Best Father’s Day Gift Option: Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

For the foodies or the eco-friendly, this gift is sure to be a favorite. This kit makes growing mushrooms in your own house easy: All Dad will need is a window with indirect light. Mist the mushrooms twice a day, and within a week, Dad will have a crop ready for harvest. Each box can grow up to eight servings of organic, non-GMO mushrooms, perfect for adding into any dish. If your dad’s a fun guy, he’ll have a blast growing fungi! $19.93 on Amazon.

How to Get the Best Father’s Day Gift Deals

Deals for the best Father’s Day gifts will start popping up around the end of May, so keep your eyes open and search multiple retailers for the best sales, especially on any big-ticket items. Early shopping will ensure you get the best prices—and that your order arrives in time. There will likely be the biggest discounts on tools, clothing, and outdoor gear.

Browser applications like Honey will automatically input any available discount codes. Droplist, a Honey feature, will let you know when the price of an item you’ve been looking at drops. Stores like Kohl’s, Target, and Walmart all offer price matching, so if you find an item at a better price at a different store, a store will match that price. Walmart’s app even has a Savings Catcher that will basically do the price matching for you. If it’s available, try free in-store pickup rather than shipping directly to your home—you might be able to save on shipping costs, especially for larger items.

Prices listed here were accurate at the time of publication on 5/19/2021.