The Best Money Clips for Everyday Carry

Streamlining your pockets has never been easier. These money clips will help you hold it all together.

By Tom Scalisi | Updated Oct 29, 2020 1:12 PM

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Best Money Clip Options


Carrying around a big, bulky wallet can be a hassle. It can take up valuable real estate in your pocket, stand out to a would-be thief, or just be generally uncomfortable. Luckily, there’s another option.

If you’re looking to streamline your pocket’s contents, a money clip can help. Whether it’s a stand-alone stainless steel clip or a minimalist wallet with an attached clip, the best money clip can help rid your pocket of unneeded bulk. By securely holding a folded stack of cash, and possibly some cards, a money clip can let you do away with your heavy billfold and enjoy the benefits of minimalism. Ahead, get shopping tips and recommendations for some of the best choices.

  1. BEST OVERALL: The Ridge Slim Minimalist Wallet with Money Clip
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Nite Ize Financial Tool, Multi Tool Money Clip
  3. BEST MAGNETIC: Vine Branch Genuine Leather Magnetic Money Clip
  4. BEST LEATHER: Timberland Men’s Minimalist Front Pocket Money Clip
  5. BEST STAINLESS STEEL: Lever Gear Toolcard Pro with Money Clip
  6. BEST CARBON FIBER: CL CARBONLIFE Carbon fiber wallet Money Clip
  7. BEST TITANIUM: The Ridge Slim Minimalist Titanium Metal Wallet
Best Money Clip Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Money Clip

There are a few things worth considering when shopping for the best money clip. Not all money clips are equal in function and value. Also, some materials might appeal to you more than others. The following considerations are important to keep in mind while looking for the best money clip.


There are several types of money clips, and many come in different materials. It’s a good idea to understand what’s out there before you start shopping.

In your search, you’ll find money clips made from stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, and leather. Metal and stainless steel clips are rigid in design, using tension to hold your cash in place. Most leather money clips have magnets in the ends to squeeze your cash in place.

Minimalist-style front pocket wallets often have money clips attached to them, and they can be an attractive option. These wallets are often leather, but you can find them in titanium and carbon fiber as well. They will hold not only your folded cash but also your credit cards and ID.


When it comes to organizing your cash, your money clip’s size is often a factor. If you prefer to keep your pockets as empty as possible, a metal money clip will work best. These clips are small and usually thinner than other clips. If you purchase one in titanium or carbon fiber, it’ll also be extremely light.

If you don’t mind a little more bulk (still far less than a leather billfold), a front pocket wallet with an attached clip might be worth a look. These wallets organize almost everything your larger billfold can hold but in a neat little package.


The intended capacity for your money clip will also have some bearing on choosing the right one.

Stand-alone money clips can hold lots of cash, which is their intended job. However, if you start slipping credit cards and IDs between the cash, you’ll start stretching out your clip, minimizing its effectiveness. These clips are best for cash and a card or two at most.

Overstuffing a leather magnetic money clip will affect how securely it holds your cash. Too many bills will cause the magnets to separate, weakening their pull.

If you need a little more capacity out of your money clip, a front pocket wallet is the way to go. It’ll hold your cash in the attached clip but also organize your cards securely, allowing you to bring the essentials with you.


Whether a money clip fits your personal style will come down to its aesthetic. While a money clip does spend most of its time in your pocket, you don’t want it to embarrass you when you go to pay for dinner.

By far, the easiest material to match with your everyday style is stainless steel. But if you prefer a more rugged look, a leather magnetic clip or front pocket wallet can fit the bill.

If you’re into a more tactical, everyday-carry style, you’ll enjoy the look of a titanium or carbon fiber clip, which are all about lightweight durability.

RFID Blocking

If you live in a highly populated area or do a lot of traveling, purchasing a money clip with radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking technology might be a good idea.

Some thieves use portable RFID scanners to steal your credit card information. These scanners can make quick, one-time purchases or store your information for a later day. This is a common tactic in tourist areas and busy cities with a lot of foot traffic.

Many front pocket wallets have RFID-blocking technology, which is usually a layer of electromagnetic shielding fabric. This layer blocks scanners from reading your cards’ identification. Also, the simple act of keeping your wallet in your front pocket will deter ne’er-do-wells from even trying.


Depending on the money clip, you’ll often find additional features or accessories that come with it. These accessories can include key chains and pocket knives.

There’s also been a recent trend in which money clips and wallets can serve additional purposes. You might find a money clip with a built-in screwdriver or wrench. Bottle openers are also common.

Beyond built-in features, some front pocket wallet/money clip combos have additional accessories that you can purchase to customize your setup. In some cases you can swap from a money clip to a cash strap.

Our Top Picks

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for the best money clip, you’re ready to navigate your way through the top products. Below are the best money clips in their respective categories. Here you’ll be able to find something to work for your needs and style.

Best Overall

Best Money Clip Options: The Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket

Whether you’re into the tactical aesthetic or just want a high-quality, lightweight wallet and money clip, this wallet is worth a look. This minimalist wallet has two aluminum shells with RFID layers for sandwiching your cards (and their information) in place, held together with strong elastic straps.

The Ridge will hold up to 12 credit cards between its shells as well as several folded bills under its stiff money clip. It measures no longer or taller than a credit card and weighs only 2 ounces.

The Ridge is also customizable. You can swap out the money clip for a cash strap if desired, and the elastic straps can be replaced if they wear out.

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Money Clip Options: Nite Ize Financial Tool, Multi Tool Money Clip

When you need a bit of extra functionality in an affordable money clip, the Nite Ize Financial Tool might hit the mark. This stainless steel money clip has several built-in features, making it useful for more than just holding your cash. It has a bottle opener, two rulers, and 10 built-in wrenches in both metric and standard sizes.

Aside from the built-in tools, the Nite Ize will also keep your cash and cards organized. Built from one piece of stainless steel, it has a section for credit cards and a separate clip for your cash.

Best Magnetic

Best Money Clip Options: Genuine Leather Magnetic Money Clip

If you’re looking for a simple approach to your everyday money clip, the Genuine Leather Magnetic Money Clip by Vine Branch is worth taking a look at. This clip features two strong magnets that will hold several layers of cash in place. It measures 1.75 inches wide by 3.125 inches long, providing plenty of surface area for holding on to your cash.

Vine Branch uses top-grain leather for the strap, which gives it an attractive look, soft touch, and durability. The light brown stitching adds a bit of rugged styling as well. It also has a felt lining to prevent the leather from absorbing dirt and grime from your cash while also providing a sure grip.

Best Leather

Best Money Clip Options: Timberland Men's Minimalist Front Pocket

Timberland’s Minimalist Front Pocket Slim Money Clip is worth checking out if you’re looking for a front pocket option that doesn’t sacrifice storage. It has four credit card pockets, an ID window, and an attached money clip, allowing you to store all your essentials in your front pocket. Timberland makes this wallet from genuine Italian leather, so it looks great and will age nicely.

This wallet measures 4 inches by 2.75 inches, so it’s not much larger than a credit card. The wallet folds open to reveal the ID pocket as well as an extra credit card pocket. The built-in money clip is leather-wrapped and provides plenty of cash-holding capacity.

Best Stainless Steel

Best Money Clip Options: Lever Gear Toolcard Pro with Money Clip

It’s hard to say whether the Lever Gear is a tool with a money clip or vice versa. This money clip features stainless steel construction and measures no larger than a credit card. The money clip pops on and off when needed to allow you to access the tool’s built-in features.

The Lever Gear features 40 different tools, including several wrenches in metric and standard sizes, two rulers, a protractor function, a cord cutter, and a bottle opener. It also has Phillips and slotted screwdrivers as well as a pry bar. It complies with TSA carry-on rules as well, so you don’t have to worry about swapping over to another clip before taking a trip.

Best Carbon Fiber

Best Money Clip Options: Carbon fiber wallet Money Clip

If you’re looking for a simple money clip that’s also strong and lightweight, the Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip by CL CARBONLIFE should be on your radar. Its simple design makes it a good choice for everyday carry or for people with a more minimalistic style.

CL CARBONLIFE uses real carbon fiber when making these clips, so they’re strong and lightweight, tipping the scale at just 7 grams. The clip measures just over 2.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, fitting nicely over a stack of folded bills.

The CL CARBONLIFE comes in several colors and finishes, including black matte, black glossy, blue, gold, and silver.

Best Titanium

Best Money Clip Options: The Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID

The Ridge Slim Titanium Metal Wallet is a lightweight minimalist wallet with a bit of flair. It has two titanium shells that sandwich your credit cards in place as well as a strong money clip to hold your cash securely. It matches a credit card in width and length, meaning it takes up very little space in your pocket.

The Ridge holds up to 12 cards, but it can easily hold just one or two with plenty of security. It also features RFID-blocking technology to keep your information safe.

The elastic straps are replaceable, and you can swap out the money clip for a cash strap if you wish.

FAQs About Money Clips

If you’re ready to swap out of your bulky wallet into something more streamlined, you might have some questions. Below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about the best money clips.

Q. How do money clips work?

Money clips slide over folded bills, using tension to squeeze the bills together to hold them in place. Magnetic money clips also slide over folded bills, but the magnets squeeze the bills instead.

Q. Why should you use a money clip?

A money clip allows you to remove your cash from your billfold, making your wallet lighter and thinner. It also allows you to keep your cash in your front pocket, where it’s more secure.

Q. Are money clips safe? 

A money clip allows you to keep your cash in your front pocket instead of your back pocket, where it’s more susceptible to theft. This makes money clips very safe.

Q. Can money clips hold cards? 

You can keep cards in your money clip, but probably not many. If you have to hold several cards, you’ll be happier with a front pocket wallet with a money clip attached.