The Best Storage Sheds for the Backyard

For stowing garden tools, bikes, and power tools, or for simply concealing trash receptacles, storage sheds play a vital role in keeping yards looking neat and tidy. Check out our favorites! and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Storage Shed Options


Whether you need a spot to store a few terra-cotta planters or an overflow place for your ever-growing collection of DIY tools, a storage shed is a wonderful, time-honored solution. Yes, there’s a reason these outdoor structures are fixtures of backyards across the country! When garage space is at a premium, a durable (even attractive) shed can provide storage for, and protection to, any number of outdoor items.

If you need a bit more storage space—but not enough to start thinking about building a shed that would sit on its own foundation (and require a permit)—keep reading. These options offer a great combination of security, durability, convenience, and ease of assembly.

The Best Storage Shed Option: Suncast All-Weather Storage Shed


BEST OVERALL: Suncast All-Weather Storage Shed

The gable-style roof and double doors with transom windows give the Suncast storage shed an appealing cottage look that suits many backyards. It’s more than just good-looking, though: Manufactured from heavy duty, weather-resistant polyethylene, the Suncast All-Weather Storage Shed will safely protect your belongings for years. It comes with a reinforced floor that’s sturdy enough to hold heavy items, and it features two roof skylights that let in natural light for those times you’re searching for something inside. The Suncast shed measures 5 feet and 9½ inches wide, 2 feet and 4¾ inches deep, and it at tops out at 7 feet and 6¼ inches in height—no need to stoop when you’re in the shed! The Suncast shed is designed for placement along the side or the back of a house or a garage, and its interior height makes it a good choice for storing rakes, surfboards, and ladders.

The Best Storage Shed Option: Duramax SideMate Storage Shed


BEST FOR HEAVY DUTY: Duramax SideMate Storage Shed

For storing larger items, such as multiple bicycles, mowers, and sports equipment, consider the Duramax SideMate Storage Shed. If this unit looks like a bit of a lean-to, that’s because it can be: It’s designed to either cozy up along the back or side of a garage or stand on its own. A single walk-though door can be assembled to fit on either end of the shed, depending on where you position the structure, and its roof slopes to allow water to run off. Unlike many polyethylene storage sheds, the Duramax SideMate features a metal structure for increased support and stability. The door handle can be locked with a padlock (not included) and shelving (not included) can be mounted to the steel-reinforced structure inside the shed. The SideMate measures a spacious 4-feet-by-8-feet and stands 73 inches high at its uppermost point, providing plenty of room to store multiple items and, best of all, tall items.

The Best Storage Shed Option: Goplus Wooden Storage Shed


BEST FOR LIGHT DUTY: Goplus Wooden Storage Shed

The beauty and natural weather-resistance of fir, quality construction, and a sloped asphalt roof all make the Goplus Wooden Storage Shed the perfect locker-type unit for storing and protecting hand tools and garden supplies. The smooth-sanded wood is soft to the touch, and the shed’s louver-style double doors offer ventilation while keeping rain and snow out. Plus, the 34″-wide, 19″-deep, and 63″-high unit looks great situated on a patio or beside the garage. The Goplus shed comes with two adjusting shelves that can be used to store smaller items or removed completely to fit taller items such as rakes, shovels, and ladders. Secure your belongings behind the Goplus shed’s wooden slide lock.

The Best Storage Shed Option: KINYING Garden Storage Shed



The KINYING Garden Shed offers ample room for concealing garbage cans or stashing things such as firewood, tools, or gardening supplies. Indeed, the shed is 50 inches wide, 29.1 inches deep, and 41 inches high, making it spacious enough to hold two 35-gallon trash cans or two shelves of equipment (easy to configure, but not included). Then, access your belongings through one of two ways: flip the top open or enter through a set of double front doors, which use a double-locking system. The heavy duty polyethylene contains UV protectant to resist fading, and the shed comes with a corrugated lid to direct water to run off.