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How To: Move a Shed

Need to move a shed to a new location? Following this guide will make you look like a shed-moving pro. 
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how to move a shed


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If you don’t know how to move a shed, it might seem like an impossible task. But, with the right information and preparation, it’s entirely possible to relocate these structures. Whether you’re buying a shed and need to get it home or you simply want to move an existing shed to another location in the yard, this article will help.

Note: There are a few methods for moving a shed, each with varying degrees of effort and preparation. And it’s essential to assess the shed’s condition before attempting to move it. In cases of excessive structural rot or damage, it might be best to start new.

The following are some of the most common materials necessary to move a shed, but your chosen method and size of the shed will determine which and how much of each you’ll need.

Tools & Materials

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All sheds, including small sheds, can be heavy and cumbersome. It’s best not to attempt to move a shed without someone else to help, even if you’re using a tractor or a truck.

STEP 1: Choose your method for moving and gather the appropriate equipment. 

As mentioned, there are a few different ways to move a shed.

  • Shed manufacturers deliver them on flatbed trucks and move them around the yard with motorized dollies.
  • Rolling the shed across a series of pipes on wooden planks can make light work of larger sheds.
  • A truck or tractor can pull a chain bolted to a “shed sled” built from 6x6s and framing lumber.
  • A smaller shed can be moved by attaching long lengths of framing lumber to the sides to use as handles, and lifting it with a team of helpers.
how to move a shed

STEP 2: Prepare the location where you will move the shed. 

Before even budging the shed, it’s important to have its planned location prepped. This means laying a proper foundation. The foundation could be a poured concrete pad, concrete blocks, or a level gravel bed.

Clear the path that the shed will travel to make moving it as easy as possible. If you’ll need to turn the shed during the move, plan the best location to do so before you start moving it. Due to space limitations, you might need to make several small turns.

how to move a shed

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STEP 3: Prepare the shed for moving. 

The shed needs to be as light as possible, so empty everything from the interior before starting to move it. This means your lawn tools, bikes, workshop tools and benches, supplies, and anything else that might’ve piled up inside over the years.

Regardless of the moving method, a shed will tend to rack a bit during moving. To prevent windows from breaking, remove any glass panes beforehand. If the windows or doors are heavy, removing them also helps reduce the overall weight during the move. Any ramps or steps also should be removed, and if the shed’s frame is bolted or somehow attached to a foundation, detach it.

Fasten 2x4s to the framing on the inside of the shed in a diagonal direction for lateral strength. Add strength by attaching 2x4s in an X pattern to the shed floor, screwing into the floor joists underneath.

If you’re going to lift a smaller shed, you can simply screw 2×4 boards horizontally to the outside of the shed, about 2 feet up from the base of the shed. Be sure to pay attention to the stud locations inside the shed and screw into them. Ensure that each 2×4 board extends at least 2 feet out from the shed to provide a place to lift.

how to move a shed

STEP 4: Lift the shed and move it to its new location. 

If you’re using a shed sled or rollers, you’ll need to lift the shed with the floor jack to get the moving apparatus underneath it. If the floor jack doesn’t fit under the shed, dig into the soil underneath until it does. Use scrap wood as cribbing to stabilize the shed as you lift at each corner.

Once the shed is high enough, slide your chosen moving method underneath and carefully lower the shed back down. At this point, you can either hook a chain between the shed and the towing vehicle or start rolling the shed across the pipes and planks.

If you’re lifting the shed with attached boards, employ the help of three strong friends. Simply lift at the same time and move the shed to its intended location. Make sure everyone lifts with their legs and that it’s a coordinated effort to prevent injury and maintain friendships.

how to move a shed

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STEP 5: Secure it there. 

Once the shed is in place, you’ll need to secure it. Generally, this means removing whatever structure you built to lift and move it. You might need to raise the shed again, using a jack to access the pipes, planks, or sled. Be sure to use the scrap wood as cribbing to ensure the shed is stable during the process.

Afterward, place the windows and doors back in the shed and remove the braces. Reattach any steps and ramps as necessary, and refill your shed with your tools, supplies, and other contents you removed earlier. This also is the time to add landscaping or paint the shed to match your home.

With these steps, the mystery of how to move a shed should be a bit less perplexing. Whichever method you choose, be sure to work safely, keep the shed stable, and communicate clearly with your helpers. You’ll have the shed in its proper location in no time at all.