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8 Tiny Backyard Buildings for Work or Play

You know that disheveled shack in the corner of the yard? It might just be one of your home’s major assets. These backyard buildings prove that an underutilized backyard shed is a work or play space simply waiting to be discovered. Get ready to shed your preconceived notions—because outbuildings are in.

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Repurposed Retreat


Tucked away along the fence line, this “backyard house” was cleverly constructed with salvaged building materials. Its clean lines and minimalist furnishings make for restful accommodations, while the sense of privacy makes it perfect for house guests, or homeowners, who needs to escape the world for a while.

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Reading Room


Transformed with some potted plants, shelves of books, and a daybed, this ordinary country shed is a dreamy backyard spot for whiling away a summer afternoon with a classic tome and a tall glass of lemonade.

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Play Palace


This blogger gave an old shed an extreme makeover to create the ultimate playhouse for her two young daughters. From pint-sized screen doors to a front porch that can turn into a curtained stage, the structure’s thoughtful details make it truly magical.

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Fit in a Box


When your gym is in your own backyard, you really don’t have any excuse not to stay in shape. This streamlined Modern Shed helps you meet fitness and organizational goals, allowing you to finally move that heavy exercise equipment out of the guest room or basement.

Think Tank


A home office offers convenience, but it also means bringing your work, well, home. This backyard-bound design from Kithaus might just change all that. Set apart form the house and furnished with a stylish desk and a bit of storage, it makes a bright, stimulating office space with room enough to welcome coworkers or clients.

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Fine Dining


You could use your lean-to shed to store rusty old tools—or you could outfit it with vintage furnishings, pretty tablecloths, lots of white paint, and a chandelier and turn it into a cottage chic dining nook instead. Storage shelves hold supplies for impromptu snacks alfresco.

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Musical Genius


For garage bands that want to go upscale, this covetable studio-in-a-shed features wiring to accommodate electric instruments and recording equipment, plus denim insulation for soundproofing. So go ahead and thrash that guitar late into the night—the neighbors (or the parents) won’t mind.

For Art’s Sake


Creativity often blossoms in small and simple spaces, such as this wood-frame shed devoted to the pursuit of painting. Ample natural light, white-washed walls, and a hard-wearing brick floor provide a no-fuss backdrop for artistic explorations.

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