The Best Touchscreen Gloves for Men and Women

Operate your smartphone while protecting your fingers from the cold. Thanks to highly conductive materials, the best touchscreen gloves offer a solution to cold-weather woes.

By Andréana Lefton | Updated Nov 3, 2020 11:21 AM

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The Best Touchscreen Gloves Option


Even if you love the cold weather months, they are full of extra paraphernalia and added stressors. When temperatures plunge, you can’t hardly leave the house without layers of thermal gear—all making trips to the store, exercising outdoors, and working in your yard a little more tricky. Touchscreen gloves are designed to reduce annoyances and accidents large and small, leading to less cold-weather stress and more overall enjoyment.

Useful any time of the year your hands need protection, touchscreen gloves are an especially important investment in the colder months. While they look similar to ordinary gloves, the fingertips of touchscreen gloves are engineered to operate smartphones and tablets through the fabric. This eliminates the annoyance and potential danger of pulling off your gloves before answering the phone or operating an app. Check out below some of the best touchscreen gloves on the market that combine high-tech comfort and safety with style.

  1. BEST OVERALL: ViGrace Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves
  2. BEST RUNNING: New Balance Lightweight Touchscreen Running Gloves
  3. BEST LIGHTWEIGHT: Unigear Winter Waterproof Gloves for Men and Women
  5. BEST MEN’S LEATHER: ELMA Winter Leather Gloves for Men
  6. BEST WOMEN’S LEATHER: Warmen Women’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves
The Best Touchscreen Gloves Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Touchscreen Gloves

Why can’t your normal gloves operate the touchscreen of a smartphone or tablet? The answer lies in the microscopic electrodes covering the touchscreen’s surface. These electrodes require a conductive material to complete the circuit and perform the functions you expect when you press, tap, or scroll with your finger. Note that touchscreen gloves are intended for smartphones secured by passwords, not fingerprints. For the latter, you will still need to remove your gloves to unlock your phone. However, for the majority of smartphone users, this won’t pose a problem. So, look for the following qualities in top-notch touchscreen gloves.

Purpose and Material

Like most gloves, the basic purpose of touchscreen gloves is to keep your hands warm, but with the important addition of operating your smartphone or tablet as well. However, based on your lifestyle, climate, and activities, you’ll want to choose one of the three main varieties of touchscreen gloves.

  • Running: For individuals who brave below-freezing temperatures to go for a daily run or jog, look for touchscreen-sensitive running gloves to keep your digits free of numbness and frostbite. These well-insulated gloves are made of a high-density, polyester/spandex blend that wicks away moisture. Running gloves should fit very snugly, especially around the wrist so no wind can penetrate. Just be warned that not all running gloves are waterproof, although the best should be wind- and cold-resistant.
  • Lightweight/Fashion: For daily activities like walking, driving, and commuting in moderately chilly weather, lightweight touchscreen gloves are ideal. They can be made of leather or a polyester/spandex blend with a fleece or cashmere lining. You can wear these gloves with more fashionable attire, such as dressing up for outings.
  • Cold weather: As you can guess, cold-weather gloves are intended for being out and about in below-freezing temperatures. They are especially useful for snow shoveling, sightseeing, shopping, hiking, and work activities that take you outdoors. Typically, these touchscreen gloves are made of thick yarn, blended from man-made materials like acrylic and spandex. Cold weather gloves should be well lined and fit snugly over the wrist.

Conductivity and Warmth

Skin is a strong electrical conductor, which is why touchscreen smartphones are so effective. However, different materials can also complete an electric circuit with a light touch. Depending on their purpose, touchscreen gloves may be woven out of man-made materials, including polyester, acrylic, nylon, or spandex blends, or sewn from soft leather. In general, it is the fingertips of touchscreen gloves that are embedded with conductive materials, though some brands have pioneered gloves that can operate a smartphone from anywhere on their surface.

One drawback to certain highly-conductive touchscreen gloves is their lack of warmth, so the challenge is to find gloves that operate your smartphone without sacrificing heat and comfort. Depending on the brand, lightweight and cold-weather gloves may have one, two, or more conductive fingertips on each glove. The palms of these gloves are often embedded with silicone grippers so your phone doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Touchscreen running gloves have the added characteristics of being breathable and moisture-wicking, due to their dense blend of polyester and spandex material. However, they also need to allow for air circulation and evaporation of sweat. As a result, these gloves may not be completely waterproof, and your hands may grow wet if it rains or snows heavily. On the whole, however, touchscreen running gloves protect your skin from the elements and should keep your fingers warm and dry while also letting you easily operate your smartphone.

Style and Fit

Cold-weather and running gloves are often unisex and intended for both men and women, while leather and fashion gloves are usually gender-specific. If you’re looking for gloves that don’t scream, “I’m a touchscreen glove,” go for tailored leather or knit gloves that resemble wool. For running and exercise, choose high-tech gloves that are sleek and warm without added bulk.

Manufacturers often provide guidance about sizing, instructing men with larger hands to order one size up, for example. Knit and running gloves tend to come in sizes from XS through XL, though some are one size fits most. Leather and fashion gloves are usually sized from 5 to 11, which indicates the circumference of your palm in inches. For a proper fit, you want gloves to slide snugly over your wrist without being tight. There should be no extra room in the fingertips.

Our Top Picks

The following touchscreen gloves will make outdoor activities easier and tech-friendly. Our recommendations are based on warmth, comfort, and seamless functionality. They are also affordable and well made, providing years of utility and style if cared for properly.

Best Overall

The Best Touchscreen Gloves Option: ViGrace Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves 

High-tech and high-comfort, these gloves from ViGrace are made to last as well as being both suitable and stylish for men and women. Woven with 95 percent acrylic and 5 percent spandex, the liner is wool fleece for added warmth and comfort. Snug elastic cuffs seal out the cold, even in extreme temperatures. These gloves provide three touchscreen-sensitive fingertips (thumb, forefinger, and middle finger) for each hand to give you maximum maneuverability, including tapping, scrolling, expanding the screen, answering calls, texting, and more. Both palms feature a triangle-shaped silicone pad to improve your grip when holding your phone or driving. They are available in medium and large sizes, in various combinations of black and gray.

Best Running

The Best Touchscreen Gloves Option: New Balance Lightweight Touchscreen Running Gloves

Keep your digits toasty while you run. If you need to take a call or change your podcast, no problem. New Balance’s lightweight running gloves are sleek with an almost space-age look and feel. The material itself is engineered with antimicrobial properties to combat odors and dirt. The outer surface is made with 95 percent high-quality polyester and 5 percent spandex, and the liner features super-warm fleece. All five fingers of these innovative gloves are touchscreen sensitive, and the palms have built-in grippers, meaning both your smartphone and your stainless steel water bottle won’t slip from your grasp. Select these “one size fits most” gloves, and you can choose from neon green, coral, black, or gray. While these gloves aren’t waterproof, they are warm and wind-resistant, which should make them an ideal running companion.

Best Lightweight

The Best Touchscreen Gloves Option: Unigear Winter Waterproof Gloves for Men and Women

Lightweight and waterproof, these unisex, black touchscreen gloves from Unigear are treated with polyurethane to keep your hands dry in wet and snowy conditions. While the outer shell is built for anti-slip traction, the inner liner is soft and velvety with a seamless design for comfort and warmth. If you need to use your phone while outdoors, simply touch the screen with the thumb or index finger of either glove. While these gloves are excellent for cool weather, rain, and everyday tasks like driving and shopping, they aren’t designed for hardcore outdoor activities like long-distance running or hiking, especially on very cold and windy days. Available in sizes 5 through 11, men are recommended to choose a size up.

Best Cold Weather

The Best Touchscreen Gloves Option: TRENDOUX Winter Gloves

Offering three touchscreen-sensitive fingertips on each hand, TRENDOUX’s unisex gloves are warm without being bulky. In addition to being highly versatile, they are of high quality while remaining affordable. The material is a blend of 95 percent acrylic and 5 percent spandex, which is standard for gloves of this kind. In fact, the yarn offers such high conductivity that you can easily operate your smartphone or tablet in cold weather without removing these cozy gloves. They also feature a triangle of silicone embedded into each palm, preventing your smartphone from slipping and shattering. Lightly patterned and available in four colors, these gloves only come in medium and large, so pay attention to sizing.

Best Men's Leather

The Best Touchscreen Gloves Option: ELMA Winter Leather Gloves for Men

There’s nothing much cooler than leather accessories. These men’s gloves from Elma amp up the coolness factor and keep your hands warm, whether you’re driving, walking, or on a business trip. Hairsheep leather, the material with which these gloves are made, has often been coveted for its strength, elasticity, and smoothness. You have a choice of two lining types: cashmere or fleece. The pure cashmere lining is lightweight, extremely soft, and perfect for moderate temperatures, while the fleece is made of 100 percent polyester, which is durable, thicker, and better retains heat. They feature three integrated, touchscreen-sensitive fingertips on each hand, plus a slip-resistant grip. These pull-on style gloves are available in three rich colors—black, brown, and saddle—and five standard sizes.

Best Women's Leather

The Best Touchscreen Gloves Option: Warmen Women's Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Stylish and warm for women on the go, Warmen’s lambskin leather gloves are also surprisingly practical. With a choice of either polyester fleece or 100 percent cashmere lining, your hands will stay warm and connected, thanks to index- and middle-finger precision conductivity. With each glove even featuring button-detailing on the wrist for extra flair, these gloves are so well designed it’s nearly impossible to tell they are touchscreen. Available in five sizes and seven colors, you can select either cashmere or fleece for the lining. The manufacturer recommends professional cleaning only, due to the high quality of leather.

FAQs About Your New Touch Screen Gloves

On the whole, innovative touchscreen gloves will make your life easier and safer, reducing your distractions while walking, shopping, driving, and more. You now know the science behind touchscreen gloves and why they mostly work, but occasionally don’t. However, you might have some additional questions. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about touchscreen gloves and their answers below.

Q. How do touchscreen gloves work? 

By embedding conductive materials into the fabric, touchscreen gloves mimic the skin’s natural ability to conduct electricity and allow you to operate your smartphone without removing them.

Q. Can you wash touchscreen gloves? 

It depends on the material. You can wash some knit touchscreen gloves following the manufacturer’s instructions, while you should have leather touchscreen gloves professionally cleaned.

Q. Why do touch screen gloves stop working? 

If another material interferes with the conductive fingertips or not enough moisture is present on underlying skin, touchscreen gloves may not work properly.