The Best Wine Racks to Add Storage and Style

From minimalist designs to stylish display options, these recommendations for the best wine rack are ready to hold your drink collection.

By Jenn Ryan | Updated Dec 3, 2020 5:49 PM

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The Best Wine Rack Option


An array of bottles of wine can take up a lot of space in the pantry or on countertops. If you’re a wine lover or enjoy entertaining and wondering what to do with your wine collection, a wine rack may be an ideal fit. The best wine rack is a storage-savvy solution that beautifully displays your favorite varietals. See several recommendations for wine rack options that meet unique needs within the home.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Sorbus Rustic Foldable Countertop Wine Rack
  3. BEST COUNTERTOP WINE RACK: Soduku Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack
  4. BEST WALL-MOUNTED RACK: Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Towel Rack
  5. BEST UNDERCABINET RACK: Wallniture Piccola Under Cabinet Wine/Glasses Holder
  6. BEST WINE SHELVING: Homfa Bamboo Wine Rack
  7. BEST WINE TABLE: O&K Furniture Industrial Wine Rack Table
  8. BEST WINE CART: Haotian Bar Serving Cart
  9. MOST CREATIVE: Goplus 17″ Wood Globe Wine Bar Stand
  10. BEST FOR LARGE COLLECTIONS: Smartxchoices 96 Bottle Stackable Modular Wine Rack
The Best Wine Rack Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Wine Rack

When shopping for the best wine rack for the home, consider a number of different factors, including: size, storage capacity, location in the home, materials, style, and ease of assembly and installation.

Size and Storage Capacity

Those who often purchase oversized or different styles of wine bottles may need a specialty rack. Consider how many bottles you plan to store at any one time. Not everyone needs a large wine rack, but choosing one that’s too small defeats the purpose of having one in the first place. Wine racks typically can store as few as four bottles to as many as 100.


  • Mounted wine racks keep the wine rack off the floor and take up less space.
  • Undercabinet mounted wine racks save space and keep countertops clear while displaying the wine and making it easy to access.
  • Unmounted wine racks may stand on countertops or shelves
  • Freestanding wine racks can sit almost anywhere.
  • Mobile cart-style racks can move from the dining room, kitchen, to the living room, or wherever needed.


Wine rack materials depend on style and portability. For a wine rack on wheels, remember that even if it’s fabricated from a lighter weight material, such as aluminum or plastic, the wine bottles will weigh it down.

However, for a wine rack that stays in one place, a heavier material might work best. When choosing a mounted wine rack, be sure it’s mounted securely, preferably on wall studs.

Style and Room Decor

Glass and metal frames add a clean, industrial look and complement modern decor, while wooden racks can add texture and character for a traditional or rustic feel. Some people choose a combination of materials, such as glass, metal, and wood, to complement both rustic and modern living spaces.

Alternatively, stain or paint an unfinished wood wine rack to match the kitchen, dining room, or foyer.

Installation and Assembly

Some wine racks come pre-assembled and ready to go. Larger wine racks, however, usually require some assembly.

For a mounted wine rack, be sure the hanging hardware is included with the product or that you have it on hand. For a wine rack that’s easy to assemble and install, a smaller, unmounted wine rack may be the best bet.

Our Top Picks

The best wine racks are based on price, construction, style, and storage abilities. From modern to rustic decor, these wine racks can accommodate four bottles to 96 bottles. When looking for the best wine rack, consider this selection.

Best Overall

The Best Wine Rack Option: Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top

This Mango Steam steel and glass wine rack, which holds up to 32 standard-size bottles of wine (750 ml), also has a glass top to make it more functional. This wine rack requires assembly. The steps are fairly simple, and no additional tools or hardware are required other than an Allen wrench, which is enclosed.

Not only does this wine rack feature a black-coated finish that blends with different types of decor, but it also stores more than 30 bottles of wine―in addition to what it holds up on its functional top. It’s even small enough to fit under some cabinets, helping to maximize storage without sacrificing space.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Wine Rack Option: Sorbus Rustic Foldable Countertop Wine Rack

This Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack is an excellent pick for those who only want to store a few bottles of wine. It attractively stores six bottles of wine on a table, countertop, shelf, or bar, and it easily folds to consume less space.

The wine rack is two-tiered and can fit large bottles of wine. It requires no assembly, an added bonus. Lightweight and small, this discreet wine rack comes in a choice of grey, white wood, or black wood.

Best Countertop Wine Rack

The Best Wine Rack Option: Soduku Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack

This Soduku Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack adds a bit of rustic charm along with the modern feel of black metal. Capable of holding six standard-size wine bottles on the countertop, this wine rack requires no assembly. While price, design, and function make this the best wine rack for countertops, it can also go on the floor, a shelf, or a bar.

This attractive wine rack is versatile and complements many decor styles.

Best Wall-Mounted Rack

The Best Wine Rack Option: Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Towel Rack

The Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Towel Rack features a minimalistic design that complements most spaces. It takes up no counter or floor space, but it still displays the wine and makes it easy to access.

This wine rack holds six standard-size wine or champagne bottles. Requiring minimal assembly, this wall-mounted wine rack makes an elegant home addition.

Best Undercabinet Rack

The Best Wine Rack Option: Wallniture Piccola Under Cabinet Wine & Glasses Holder

For those looking for a wine rack to install under a cabinet, this Wallniture Wine & Glasses Holder stores four standard-size bottles of wine and glasses underneath a cabinet for maximum space-saving and ease of use. Available in chrome or black metal, this wine rack works well in a living space, kitchen, or dry bar.

This wine rack is rust-proof, affordable, and easy to install. It stores wine and glasses while saving space, and it complements modern or industrial decor.

Best Wine Shelving

The Best Wine Rack Option: Homfa Bamboo Wine Rack

This freestanding Homfa Bamboo Wine Rack holds 16 standard-size bottles of wine and up to nine glasses with additional shelving and a top for function and space-saving.

Available in a dark or natural wood finish, this wine rack is made of bamboo for the eco-conscious consumer. The shelf can hold books, wine openers, stemless wine glasses, and more.

It’s easy to install and versatile enough to suit all kinds of spaces.

Best Wine Table

The Best Wine Rack Option: O&K Furniture Industrial Wine Rack Table

For something a bit larger than just a rack to store wine, this O&K Furniture Industrial Wine Rack is a table and rack all in one. Freestanding and made of metal and wood, this wine table offers shelving for storage and can hold seven standard-size bottles of wine and 16 wine glasses (eight on each side, depending on the size of the glasses).

While it requires assembly, it has lots of extra storage to store additional bottles of wine or other spirits.

Best Wine Cart

The Best Wine Rack Option: Haotian Bar Serving Cart

Haotian’s Bar Serving Cart easily transports wine because it’s on wheels. This wood and metal trolley-style wine rack is easy to move from room to room, making it ideal for entertaining. It holds four standard-size wine bottles and six hanging wine glasses. The top of the trolley is removable to become a tray.

This wine trolley is easy to move and install. The metal and wood construction makes it work with both modern and rustic decor. It features a brake for extra safety.

Most Creative

The Best Wine Rack Option: Goplus 17" Wood Globe Wine Bar Stand

This Goplus Wood Globe Wine Bar is also a conversation starter. It can hold seven standard-size bottles of wine, with three in the top portion of the globe and four on the shelf below. Perfect as a mini-bar setup, this wine rack is a creative addition to both traditional and modern rooms.

This Goplus wine rack saves space while still providing creative wine storage. While it requires assembly, it’s easy to install. This wine rack, made of wood and plastic, it’s on wheels, making it easy to move (barriers in the top and bottom prevent the wine bottles from falling over).

Best for Large Collections

The Best Wine Rack Option: Smartxchoices 96 Bottle Stackable Modular Wine Rack

Wine connoisseurs who want to store more than a few bottles of wine will find this large Modular Wine Rack from Smartxchoices holds almost 100 bottles to store an entire wine collection. The wine rack is made of unfinished pine wood and holds standard-size wine bottles.

Paint or stain the wine rack in a color to complement your decor. These wine racks are easy to assemble and make storing a large collection easy and affordable. Use numerous racks in a wine cellar or stack them for even more storage.

FAQs About Wine Racks

From the best way to store wine to where to place the wine rack, you may have a few more questions. Read these FAQs to make the most of your new wine rack.

Q. What’s the best position to store my wine bottles?

Storing wine bottles horizontally is the best position, especially if they have corks. Corks can dry out, causing the wine to leak and even spoil.

Q. How do I decorate a wine rack?

Decorate a wine rack with art, photos, flowers, or extra storage baskets.

Q. Where should I put my wine rack?

Place the wine rack in a space where it won’t be in the way. For freestanding wine racks, this is usually against a wall or another piece of furniture. For unmounted racks, a shelf or out-of-the-way counter space works well.

Q. Can I place an unfinished bottle of wine on the rack?

To avoid the risk of leaking and oxidizing (which can spoil the wine), store an unfinished bottle of wine in the fridge.