Bob Vila Radio: Extra Outlets

By Roseann Foley Henry | Updated Nov 6, 2014 12:14 PM

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These days it seems like there’s more to plug in than ever—televisions, computers, and the rechargers for cell phones, iPods, and other handheld devices. Rather than relying on unsightly and dangerous extension cords, you may want to consider adding some more electrical outlets.




Listen to BOB VILA ON EXTRA OUTLETS or read the text below:

Your local code will dictate how many outlets each room needs, but I can practically guarantee you that you need more. For example, local codes typically require outlets along each wall, no more than twelve feet apart. But if your one outlet on that wall will always have two lamps plugged into it, where will you plug in the vacuum cleaner?

An extra outlet will let you run the vacuum without having to unplug the lamps. Electronic devices also need power, and lots of it. Your tv may need electrical outlets not just for the set itself but also for a dvd player, cable box, and game system.

If the problem is an area with no power at all, an electrician can run a line to a new outlet. If you need more plugs in one area, the electrician can easily install a second outlet right next to an existing one, creating a quad outlet with room for four plugs.

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