Bob Vila Radio: Home Improvement Planning

This is a great time of year to create an annual home improvement plan.




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Sit down and make a list of all those projects you keep saying you’d like to do “one of these days” and put them in priority order, with a rough idea of how much each one will cost and how long each will take.

Be realistic about what you can do yourself and what jobs will require a professional – then adjust your cost estimates accordingly. Apply those cost and time estimates to a 12-month calendar to figure out how many of those jobs might actually happen this year. After all, there are only so many hours in a weekend.

It’s also a good idea to draft a five-year plan, which helps keep you make smarter decisions along the way. For example, if you expect to finish the basement next year, be sure that waterproofing project gets done this year. Or if you need to replace the water heater this year but you’re planning an additional bathroom soon, consider getting a larger tank now so you don’t have to replace it again when you add that extra tub and shower.

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