Bob Vila Radio: Whole House To-Do List

If you look around the house and see nothing but projects that need to get done, it could be time to make a whole house to-do list. Use these guidelines to create a list of home improvement projects, big and small, and get your house in shape for the spring.

When you look around your house, are you overwhelmed at the number of things that need to be repaired, replaced, or reorganized? If so, it’s time to make a whole-house to-do list—a laundry list of nagging household projects, both big and small.


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Whole House To Do List


First, grab a pad of paper, a pencil, and a spouse or friend with a critical eye. Go from room to room, writing down anything that requires attention. Ignore everyday tasks like cleaning; focus instead on repairs and improvements like the drippy faucet and the dinged enamel on the stove; broken light fixtures; rooms in need of additional outlets; walls that need painting; windows that need caulking; the hall closet that needs purging. Consider the big picture. If you think you’ll be moving within the next few years, your list should include cosmetic fixes like interior painting. If you’d like to stay in the house as you age, include the installation of amenities like grab bars, shower seats, and lever door handles.

Now organize the list by complexity, from weekend DIY projects through large-scale renovations. Assign time estimates and priorities to the smaller tasks, and devise a long-term plan for tackling the bigger projects. Keep your list handy so the next time you have a spare hour or two, you’ll know exactly what you can do with it!

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