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Everything but the Tree: Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Garlands, and Other Christmas Greenery

Want your home to feel extra festive and verdant this holiday season? Go green with these stunning arrangements.
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Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

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Whether it’s real or artificial, a Christmas tree injects instant holiday cheer into your home, but using greenery to decorate for the holidays needn’t end there. Decking the halls of your home with garlands, wreaths, mistletoe, and green centerpieces brings a festive atmosphere to every room.

With so many Christmas greenery options available, it can be difficult for shoppers to narrow down their options. Keep reading to explore top picks for our favorite wreaths, garlands, kissing balls, and more.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

1. Hanging Mistletoe

Mistletoe has long been considered a symbol of fertility, and since the 18th century it has been associated with Christmas. The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe supposedly started among servants around that time. This mistletoe-style swag from Etsy features dried boxwood, fresh white pine, and fresh cedar to create a fragrant aroma in your home this holiday season—and maybe even encourage a little romance.

Get the Hanging Mistletoe Farmhouse Decor at Boxwood Manor Farm on Etsy for $34.99.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

2. Fresh Eucalyptus and Pine Wreath

The tradition of hanging a wreath on your front door for Christmas goes hand in hand with the tradition of bringing a freshly cut evergreen tree into your home. In the 16th century, when Europeans brought their trees inside, they trimmed them into a uniform shape and used the discarded branches to create wreaths. This fresh wreath from Creekside Farms features natural eucalyptus, pine, and fir, as well as pinecones and white tallow berries. While it arrives fresh, it will also maintain its appearance after it has dried out, so it can last all season long.

Get the Woodland Tallow Berry Wreath at Creekside Farms for $99.95.

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3. Chair Swag

Make your dining room feel festive with this chair swag from Williams Sonoma. It’s made with realistic yet artificial evergreen branches and is pre-lit for added convenience, operating with batteries on an automatic timer. The swag features a crimson velvet bow that is weather-resistant, so it is appropriate for both indoor or outdoor use. The bow conceals a flexible, velvet-covered hook for no-fuss hanging.

Get the Classic Greenery Faux Chair Swag at Williams Sonoma for $54.95.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

4. Christmas Garland with Lights

This unique garland from Luditek will look just as good draped over a mantle as it will trailing down a banister. It features decorative pine cones and berries as well as sparse pine branches for a minimalistic effect. The garland is pre-lit, saving you from purchasing lights separately, and features eight different lighting modes to help you create the perfect holiday atmosphere in your space.

Get the Luditek 6.5-ft 20 LED Christmas Garland with Lights at Amazon for $15.99.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

5. Mailbox Swag

Show the entire neighborhood that you’re ready for the holiday season with a mailbox garland like this one from the National Tree Company. It’s made from artificial pine branches and is crafted to drape perfectly over a standalone mailbox. The needles are incredibly realistic, with more than 100 branch tips to create a lush, full effect. It’s pre-lit with white LED lights that are powered by two AA batteries.

Get the National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Mail Box Swag at Amazon for $34.99.

6. Table Centerpiece

Looking to add some fresh greenery to your holiday table? Consider the Woodland Berry Centerpiece from L.L. Bean. Featuring noble fir and western red cedar branches, as well as real pine cones, the arrangement is set on a foam block so that it can be watered to improve its longevity. The centerpiece includes a 6-inch LED candle that’s powered by three AA batteries, which must be purchased separately.

Get the Woodland Berry Centerpiece at L.L. Bean for $49.95.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

7. Pine Needles and Branches for Crafting

Get creative in your DIY decorating with this set of artificial pine sprigs from Alpurple. Each order includes 60 pieces, each measuring 2 by 4 inches and each featuring three branches. They can be used for crafting projects, filling out sparse wreaths or garlands, and creating wintery tableaus. Since they’re made from plastic, they work just as well outdoors as they do inside the home.

Get the Alpurple 60-piece Artificial Green Pine Needles Branches at Amazon for $14.99.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

8. Mistletoe Ornament

Kissing balls have a long history dating back to the Middle Ages. These spherical arrangements of greenery were supposed to bring good tidings to anyone who walked beneath them. Originally, a figurine of the baby Jesus was nestled into the greenery, though later an apple or potato was used instead. If you don’t want to make your own kissing ball this Christmas, consider an artificial version like this one from Ornativity. It features glittering leaves and festive red berries, as well as a white ribbon for easy hanging.

Get the Ornativity Mistletoe Glitter Hanging Ornament at Amazon for $9.99.

9. Yule Log Centerpiece

Upgrade your Christmas tablescape with the Yule Log Centerpiece from L.L. Bean. The natural white birch log features sustainably harvested fresh noble fir, western red cedar, and Oregon blue berried juniper. The natural, handcrafted piece measures approximately 12 inches long by 8 inches wide by 7 inches high, and looks just as good on a mantle as it does on a dining table.

Get the Yule Log Centerpiece at L.L. Bean for $54.95.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

10. Mantel Swag 

Is there anything more festive than a mantlepiece strung up with garlands for the holidays? This artificial garland from The Holiday Aisle is pre-lit with 50 white incandescent lights that provide a warm glow to the room. Its 72-inch length features trim with red berries, pine cones, and holly leaves, creating a dynamic look that closely resembles the real thing. Note: This garland is not battery-powered and requires access to an electrical outlet.

Get The Holiday Aisle Classical Mantel Pre-Lit Swag at Wayfair for $53.99.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

11. Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath

While natural wreaths are beautiful, they have to be thrown away at the end of the holiday season. Artificial wreaths, like this one from the National Tree Company, have become popular because they’re mess free and look beautiful year after year. This model is pre-lit with white lights and features frosted branches, pine cones, and bright red berries as a decorative accent.

Get the National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Wreath at Amazon for $31.43.

Our 12 Favorite Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Garlands

12. Dunhill Fir Pre-Lit Swag

Looking for a unique front door decoration that isn’t a standard wreath? Consider this pre-lit swag from Wayfair’s The Holiday Aisle, which features a star-shaped design and a white flocked finish. It includes 50 warm-toned LED lights with battery power. The wreath includes an automatic timer that can be programmed to turn on for 6 hours at a time.

Get The Holiday Aisle Dunhill Fir Pre-Lit Swag at Wayfair for $61.99.

Pricing information is accurate as of November 15, 2022.