This Air Fryer Deserves Space on Your Countertop

I tested the Cosori Dual Blaze for 3 weeks. Whether for a whole chicken, a pound of meatballs, or other family-size fare, this large air fryer cooks food quickly and evenly.
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Cosori Large Air Fryer Review

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Drawn by the ability to cook indulgent snacks and meals with less oil, many home cooks are intrigued by the cooking possibilities with an air fryer. The only thing that can make any air fryer even better? Large capacity. In hands-on tests of nine large air fryers, the Cosori Dual Blaze 6.8 Quart Air Fryer topped the list.

Even among venerable kitchen brands such as KitchenAid and Cuisinart, Cosori air fryers stand out, earning tens of thousands of glowing reviews. Cosori is a part of the VeSync group of brands, which specializes in small home appliances, such as air purifiers, Bluetooth speakers, and air fryers. Cosori’s line of air fryers ranges from as small as 4 quarts up to 26 quarts for a toaster oven-air fryer combo. The Dual Blaze, with its 6.8-quart capacity, is the brand’s largest basket-style air fryer.

I tested the Cosori Dual Blaze for 3 weeks in my kitchen, air frying everything from Brussels sprouts and broccoli to french fries and chicken wings. Its ample capacity, streamlined design, ease of use, moderate price point, and excellent cooking capabilities landed this air fryer at the top of’s best large air fryers lineup.

Cosori Dual Blaze 6.8 Quart Smart Air Fryer: At a Glance

Rating: 9.5/10

Cosori Large Air Fryer Review
Photo: Beth Cranston


  • Intuitive design with clearly labeled buttons that are easy to understand and use
  • No separate accessory required for baking, as pan can be used without crisper plate
  • Nonstick basket and tray clean easily either in the dishwasher or by hand
  • Syncs to app that offers additional recipes and alerts users when cooking is done


  • Large pan takes up nearly 1/4 of the dishwasher
  • Cooks food very quickly, so some foods may become overdone if not monitored

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What is the Cosori Dual Blaze?

The Cosori Dual Blaze is a basket-style air fryer with a 6.8-quart capacity. It has six presets, which are preprogrammed cooking temps and times, for chicken, steak, seafood, veggies, fries, and frozen snacks. It also has six cooking functions: air-fry, reheat, roast, keep warm, bake, and broil. Users can customize the settings to recipes and foods that they cook most often.

Cosori touts the Dual Blaze’s patented 360 ThermoIQ technology, which redistributes heat during the cooking process, as the highlight of this air fryer. It also boasts two powerful heating elements above and below the air fryer basket.

In my testing, the Cosori cooked most foods faster than the eight other models, while also cooking them evenly. Foods that came out of the Cosori also garnered great color and texture. While I couldn’t see inside to ensure that the 360 ThermoIQ was adequately circulating air around the poultry, frozen snacks, and veggies that I cooked, I couldn’t argue with the delicious outcomes. The technology seemed to be doing its job well.

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Photo: Beth Cranston

How easy is this Cosori air fryer to use?

I found the Cosori easy to use almost straight out of the box. After washing the basket and crisper plate and heating the air fryer for 10 minutes to remove any residue leftover from manufacturing, I was ready to get cooking. The simple control panel made getting started a snap: There are up and down arrows for temp and time and a play/pause button similar to those on audio/video equipment. Plus, all the buttons for food presets and cooking methods are indicated with words, which I really appreciated—no food icons to decipher. This may sound like a small plus, but during my testing, I saw a lot of peculiar-looking food symbols.

To cook, I simply set the time and temp for my foods (or used a food preset, if applicable) and hit the Play button. I pressed Pause during cooking so I could open the basket and see how my food was coming along. Then I closed the basket, pressed Play again, and let the food finish cooking. Easy peasy!

I also downloaded the VeSync app, which connects to the air fryer (as well as other VeSync products, including air purifiers and smart plugs). The app sent alerts to my phone when food was done, which I found helpful when multitasking, though I could also hear the machine’s beep when food was done. A searchable library of recipes customized for this air fryer is also on the app, and I deemed it nearly effortless to navigate thanks to its intuitive organization.

When I was done cooking, cleanup proved to be a breeze. Both the basket and crisper plate are dishwasher-safe, but they do take up a good amount of room. Still, I found this attribute particularly useful when some oily residue built up over the course of cooking. Though I prefer to hand-wash most metal cookware to ensure longevity, the dishwasher did a better job removing the residue than I could.

Cosori Large Air Fryer Review
Photo: Beth Cranston

Does the Cosori Dual Blaze make good food?

In short, yes, the Dual Blaze makes great food. Using the Cosori, and other large air fryers in our lineup, I made french fries, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, chicken breasts, and a whole chicken. I was so impressed with the results that I also used it to reheat wings and pizza, cook homemade meatballs, and heat up other frozen snacks that I regularly have in my personal stockpile. And 5 dozen meatballs for a party? This Cosori cooked them all in three batches in just 30 minutes.

For testing, I started off with the basics: frozen french fries and frozen chicken nuggets, using the Frozen preset for each. Both came out crisp and tender, and they cooked much faster in this Cosori than in other models.

I cooked about 1.5 pounds of chicken wings in just 20 minutes, the fastest of all the air fryers tested. The skin was crispy and golden brown, but I probably could have taken them out a minute or so sooner for juicier meat and still gotten the same results on the skin. All in all, however, they were delicious. A whole chicken cooked beautifully as well in just 48 minutes.

The greater challenge for most air fryers, however, seems to be low-fat foods, such as vegetables and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Not all of the large air fryers in testing fared well with these foods. However, with a touch of oil, the Cosori produced nicely textured broccoli and Brussels sprouts. It cooked a half-pound of chicken breasts in just 15 minutes, creating tender, juicy meat that was evenly cooked throughout. I kept a closer eye on these, knowing that this air fryer cooks very quickly.

Is the Cosori air fryer worth the money?

In’s lineup of Best Large Air Fryers, products ranged from about $100 to $400. At its list price of $149.99, the Cosori is a reasonable price for its capacity, performance, and minimal maintenance.

For home cooks with busy schedules, this fast-cooking air fryer can also save a lot of time—and time is money, as the saying goes! There’s no preheating to wait for, and the two burners concentrated in this small appliance cook a variety of foods quickly and evenly. Plus, maintenance is minimal. The basket and crisper plate are dishwasher-safe, and the inside and outside of the air fryer can be cleaned with a slightly moist cloth to remove any buildup.

Cosori Large Air Fryer Review
Photo: Beth Cranston

Is the Cosori Dual Blaze right for your kitchen?

For cooks who need to quickly make several servings of a dish, the Cosori is a great option. It easily handled four servings of french fries and chicken nuggets as well as a whole chicken. Though it is a large-capacity air fryer, it can’t cook all components of a meal at once. I also wouldn’t recommend filling the basket completely, as it cooked foods less evenly the more I put in it—a common issue in most if not all cooking gadgets.

If you like the idea of an air fryer but are concerned about cluttering your countertop with another small appliance, the Cosori’s unobtrusive style, matte finish, and relatively compact design can fit into most kitchens. It could easily tuck into an unused corner of a countertop or fit into a cabinet. Compared to the 19-pound Philips or the 25-pound Ninja air fryer, the 13.7-pound Cosori felt quite light, so most folks should be able to move it into a cabinet for storage, freeing up countertop space.

Style, capacity, and performance—the Cosori Dual Blaze has a lot going for it.

Where to Buy the Cosori Dual Blaze

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