DIY Plumbing Pipe Bed Frame

We love how That's My Letter, inspired by designs from popular retailers, created an industrial chic bed frame that's undeniably her own.

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DIY Pipe Fitting Bed

We combined wood boards with galvanized steel pipes to make this twin bed. It’s a match made in heaven, with a different type of build requiring very little tools except your hands to screw the pipes together. Inspired by both the Pottery Barn Owen Bed and RH Baby’s Industrial Steel Pipe Bed, we married the two designs for this DIY version.

Knock Off Decor Bed Frame

steel pipe $466
lumber $54

(2) – 1x8x8 pine boards
(1) – 1x8x6 pine board
(2) – 2x4x8 studs
(8) – 1x3x8 furring strips
2” wood screws
1 ½” wood screws

Galvanized Steel:
(2) – 1” pipe @ 75”l
(4) – 1” pipe @ 18”l
(5) – ¾” pipe @ 36”l
(14) – 1” nipple @ 8”l
(4) – 1” close nipple
(14) – 1” threaded tee
(4) – 1” 90 degree elbow
(4) – 1” x 1 ¼” coupling (feet)
(2) – 1” threaded coupling
(10) – 1” x ¾” bushing
– (20) – 1” split ring pipe hanger, cut to length and threaded at hardware store

measuring tape

(5) – 1×8 @ 37 ¾”l (wood slats)
(2) – 2×4 @ 74”l (platform supports)
(16) – 1×3 furring @ 41 ¼”l (mattress supports)

DIY Pipe Bed Front View

 No glue was used on any pipes or pipetowood connections.
– Hand tighten pipe connections until you are confident of pipe placement, this allows you to unscrew if necessary – that’s the beauty of working with pipe.

1. The most difficult portion will be connecting the siderails to the footboard and headboard since the pipe screws together in the same direction on both ends (if you’re screwing in one end essentially you are unscrewing the other end simultaneously). Follow the step by step instructions carefully.

DIY Pipe Bed Materials

2. Start with one footboard leg:

DIY Pipe Bed How To Steps

3. Then begin the other leg, foot portion only and connect the siderails.

DIY Pipe Bed How to Step 4

4. Do the same for the headboard except opposite, completed headboard leg attaches to siderail with footboard foot portion only leg.  Completed footboard leg attaches to siderail with headboard foot portion only.  This allows you to screw siderail completely into tees by swinging the foot portions around and around.

5. Then begin connecting the horizontal pipe support section using 1″ close nipple.

DIY Pipe Bed How to Step 5

6. Prepare the wood slats, I stained my boards using Minwax weathered oak.

Attach the split ring clamp hangers:

DIY Pipe Bed How to Step 7

7. Then place wood slat on footboard and screw in 1″ x 8″ nipple:

DIY Pipe Bed Footboard

8. Add next horizontal pipe and tee section:

DIY Pipe Bed How to Step 9

9. Screw clamp into position centering board between horizontal pipes:

DIY Pipe Bed How to Step 10

10. At the top screw two 18″ pieces together using 1″ coupling:

DIY Pipe Bed Headboard

11. Build the mattress support:

DIY Pipe Bed How to Step 12

12. Add mattress and bedding!

DIY Pipe Bed Finished

Thanks, That’s My Letter!