Top Tips for Designing Your Garage Around Your Vehicle

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By Michael Franco | Updated Oct 26, 2014 5:41 PM

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This post is sponsored by Ram Trucks. Do you have a garage in need of an overhaul? Enter here for your chance at being one of three lucky winners.

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A man’s truck can be like a best friend—always ready for an adventure or to lend a hand hauling stuff from the lumber yard or home improvement store. If you had your best friend staying with you, you wouldn’t put him in a cold and musty garage, now would you? So why would you subject your truck to similar conditions? Here are a few tips to creating a garage that will treat your truck in the style it deserves. But for the ultimate pampering, ENTER HERE for your chance to be one of three lucky winners in the $25,000 RAM CAVES Renovation Contest.

The most important consideration when contemplating the climate of your garage is the humidity. High humidity can cause rust, metal’s worst enemy. Most car aficionados suggest keeping the humidity in a garage around the 50 percent level. If your garage tends to be damp, you’ll want to install a dehumidifier that can dry it up. The company Humidex offers a garage control unit that not only keeps humidity at bay, it also helps keep the air free from your truck’s carbon monoxide emissions as well as paint and solvent fumes.

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Although trucks are generally not affected by temperature swings, if you garage the vehicle for long periods of time in a space that is subject to extreme temperature variations, you might want to think about stabilizing the temperature to keep the seals, seats, dashboards and other components from expanding and contracting excessively. In the summer months, an easy-to-install ClimateRight unit can keep things cool, while in the cold days of winter a wall-mounted, gas-fired, forced-hot-air garage heater can make the garage truly toasty. Beyond keeping your truck comfy, when the garage is properly climate controlled, you can feel free to visit it no matter what the weather outside and gaze lovingly at your glass and steel sweetheart!

Car paint is pretty impervious to indoor lighting, so you don’t have to worry about fading your truck’s paint job by using incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. More important is to make sure there are no large windows or skylights that will beam the car with paint-fading UV light. If your garage does have windows, you can still take advantage of the light while cutting out the harmful rays by installing a UV-filtering window film on the glass, like 3M’s Sun Control Window Films.

Protecting your truck from harmful light is one thing—bathing it in flattering light is something else. To make sure your truck always looks showroom new, use flourescent lights that have a color-rendition index (or CRI) above 75. To go truly deluxe, order a custom-made garage light from VAULT, who reproduces the same illumination used by Ferrari and Maserati dealers.

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Unless you have an enormous garage and can section off an area for washing your truck, this task is best done outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your truck looking its best inside your garage. Install a simple utility sink in the space and have a collection of sponges and brushes on hand to remove any tree sap or bird droppings that land on your truck during its time outdoors. Boar’s hair brushes—just like the ones used for shaving, only larger—are a good choice for quick wipe-offs as they hold a lot of water and capture a lot of dirt.

You can also install a wall-mounted vacuum, like the Hoover Garage Utility Vac, to suck out crumbs from that fast food lunch or sand from your latest beach adventure. If that’s too involved, an always-plugged-in, easily accessible shop vac should do the trick.

Your truck keeps you safe during the day, so you should return the favor when it’s tucked in at night. At the very least, make sure your garage has a smoke detector installed that can alert you to fire. To truly make sure your truck will be well-looked-after, you can arrange to have a professional sprinkler system installed; just make sure you roll up the windows at night!

If you have a home security alarm system installed, be sure to place door and window sensors on any access points to the garage. If you don’t have a whole-house system, you can install a stand-alone motion-sensor (like the GE Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm) that will sound a siren if an unwanted visitor enters your garage.

This post is sponsored by Ram Trucks. Do you have a garage in need of an overhaul? Enter here for your chance at being one of three lucky winners.

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