Genius! Grow a Garden on a Curtain Rod

Want a garden, but don't have anywhere to put it? Find out how one apartment dweller made her own window oasis on the cheap!


“My mom once said she could only keep so many things alive at once,” writes Jill Kurtz, photographer, architect, and DIY blogger. “Thankfully, she chose her children over her plants!” When the time came to start her own garden, Jill knew she wanted to keep it simple. Limited space was a challenge, though, and so was the lack of a balcony or backyard. But the news wasn’t all bad: Her rental had 10-foot windows, so there was plenty of sunlight.

With a small budget and one very tall window to work with, Jill trekked to IKEA to make her own vertical garden. She decided on three different products: the ORE shower curtain rod, the FINTORP cutlery caddy, and stainless steel GRUNDTAL hooks. After spray-painting everything to match, she adjusted the tension rod to size and mounted it nearly 1 foot above the bottom of the window sash. Then, she repurposed the silverware caddies to hold seedlings and attached them to the rod with the hooks. The window fits four across comfortably, and she can continue to grow the garden higher by adding more rows, with the help of a stepladder and a few extra rods.

Jill planted herbs in her window garden, but you can choose whatever you like. Mount a single rod low on the frame or stack up several of them—just get started before the sun goes down!