Step Up Your Home’s Comfort with These Simple DIY Projects

Add more comfort at home this weekend with one—or all—of these easy do-it-yourself projects.

By Michael Franco | Updated Nov 9, 2013 8:28 PM

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Home Comfort


While it might be true that a home’s primary purpose is to keep us safe from the elements, equally desirable is that it keep us comfortable. From sinking into the perfect sofa at the end of a long day, to resting in a heavenly bed at night, to sitting in an inspiring sun-drenched spot enjoying breakfast—every square inch of our home should relax, restore and refresh us. Aside from choosing comfy furniture, there are several DIY projects you can do to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible.

When you think of being comfortable, your eyes might not be the first things that come to mind. But poor or harsh lighting in your home can lead to eyestrain, headaches and general discomfort. Do a room-by-room “lighting audit” of your home to ensure that you have gentle but strong illumination where you need it most.

Lamps on sofa end tables provide a diffuse glow to the room while offering bright enough light to read by. A multi-light fixture above the bathroom sink with full-spectrum light bulbs can help with daily tasks like shaving or applying makeup. Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen keeps the overall glare down, but focusses the light where you need it the most. Small LED reading lights can be mounted above each side of the bed for just the right spot of light that won’t keep your sleeping companion awake. Motion-sensor night lights, front porch lights and garden lights provide safety and peace of mind and let you move around your home more comfortably.

Home Comfort - VTech Audio Video Doorbell

VTech's 2-Handset Audio Video Doorbell

When you’re snuggled on your super-comfy sofa, in your super-comfy clothes, watching your favorite TV show at night, the last thing you want to do is get up and answer the doorbell (especially if your super-comfy clothes aren’t really fit for visitors). Enter the VTech IS7100 Series Audio/Video Doorbell Phone. When the bell rings, just pick up one of your cordless handsets and a picture of the person at the door will be displayed on the 1.8-inch full-color LCD screen. Still don’t feel like getting up? Push a button and you can have a one-way video of the visitor at the door while talking to them (and don’t worry if it’s dark out, the doorbell camera has night vision!).

Remember the IS7100 is also phone, so you can stay put even if you get a call. And if answering the bothersome at the time, your callers can leave a message on the built-in answering machine.

You might not feel that having a messy countertop contributes to discomfort, but get it all organized, and you’ll naturally feel better every time you walk in the room. Consider hanging shelves to put smaller items like coffee grinders, toaster ovens and blenders still within reach, but off of the valuable counter space. Retrofit your cabinets with pull out bins, baskets and divided racks in both the kitchen and bathroom to keep even your hidden clutter organized. In the bathroom, use suction cup holders on the shower walls to get shampoos and messy soaps off the edges of the tub and think about using the over-door and over-toilet areas for extra storage. In the bedrooms and living room, use storage ottomans that provide comfy seating while hiding items away inside. The more you can put away, the less you’ll have nagging for your attention and the more you’ll be able to relax.

ceiling fan


Ceiling fans offer one of the best ways to control your climate without having to resort to power-consuming air conditioners. If you already have overhead light fixtures, swapping them for a ceiling fan is a simple DIY project you can do in a few hours. Not only can ceiling fans cool a room on warm days, but they can be used in the winter on reverse to recirculate warm air back into the room for improved comfort.


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