The Best Outdoor Dining Sets of 2021

The right outdoor seating can transform your patio or backyard into a functional living space. Dine alfresco or relax outdoors with these comfortable and beautiful outdoor dining sets. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Outdoor Dining Set Option


An outdoor dining set provides a lovely spot for relaxing outside and can serve as the perfect backdrop for summer barbecues, morning coffee on the patio, or balmy outdoor dinner parties. A comfortable and stylish pick upgrades an outdoor space and turns it into a cozy oasis for relaxing and entertaining.

Since many outdoor dining sets can be costly, it’s important to find a pick that suits your needs and decor style as well as being comfortable, sturdy, and simple to maintain. Read on for the features to look for in an outdoor seating set, and peruse some of the best sets to complement your outdoor space.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Wisteria Lane Outdoor 5-Piece Wicker Patio Set
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Alpine Corporation MSY100A-BL Patio Seating
  3. BEST METAL: PHI VILLA 5 Piece Patio Dining Set
  4. BEST WICKER: Best Choice Products 5-Piece Wicker Dining Set
  5. BEST BISTRO SET: Best Choice Products 3-Piece Patio Bistro Set
  6. BEST BAR HEIGHT: Best Choice Products 5-Piece Wicker Bar Table Set
  7. BEST FOR A CROWD: Wisteria Lane Patio Furniture Set
The Outdoor Dining Set Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Dining Set

Outdoor dining sets are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and styles. With so many options, shopping for a new set can be overwhelming, but with a few factors in mind, you can find the perfect outdoor seating. To find the best outdoor dining set for your outdoor space, consider the set’s size, design, material, comfort, and additional convenient features.

Outdoor Space

The size and shape of the outdoor space is one of the first factors to consider when choosing a new outdoor dining set. Most dining sets include a circular, square, or rectangular table. Choose a shape and appropriate size that best fits the outdoor space without overwhelming the area. Also, make sure to allow enough area for guests to move around the table, pull out a chair, and seat themselves.

Consider the surface of the area where the dining set will be placed. Most table and patio chair designs will work well on a flat patio or porch, but be mindful of any grooves in decking that can catch on thin chair legs. For slightly uneven surfaces like a grassy lawn, a thicker table and chair legs with wide feet are usually a better pick. If the seating area gets a lot of direct sunlight, a center table hole for adding a patio umbrella may be ideal.


When it comes to choosing a dining set material, durability, maintenance, and style are the main features to consider. Outdoor dining sets come in a wide array of materials made to withstand the outdoors. Common materials include wood, synthetic resin materials, glass, plastic, aluminum, and steel.

Beyond the look of the material, consider how well it will withstand weather conditions in the area. For example, extreme sun and heat can make wood splinter, very cold temperatures can make plastic crack, and salty air conditions can affect many metals. These climate factors can impact the furniture’s longevity and maintenance requirements.

The materials of any cushions or other fabric elements also are important. Look for weatherproof fabric materials like vinyl, polyester, or fade-resistant fabrics like Sunbrella that are designed for weather conditions. Although these materials are tough, consider bringing cushions indoors when not in use to prevent mildewing or aging from the sun.


An outdoor dining set can be a stylish centerpiece in a patio or backyard. When choosing an outdoor dining set, consider the aesthetics of the outdoor space and the dining set’s intended use. Dining sets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, all of which contribute to their style.

For a more casual atmosphere, a circular table works well for small gatherings. For dinner parties or more formal events, a long rectangular table offers a more traditional dining look and room for more seating. Smaller tables provide an intimate setting, while larger tables are excellent for hosting a group of friends.

Color and material also contribute to design, and the right pick will come down to personal preference. Consider sleek materials like metal and glass for a more modern look, while natural materials like wood, wicker, and teak can lend a more rustic and warm aesthetic.


Whether choosing a small bistro set for relaxing outdoors or a long dining table for entertaining guests, comfort is a top priority. With a comfortable dining set, the outdoors can be enjoyed for hours on end.

An ergonomic seat, soft cushions, and sling chair designs can turn a simple chair into a cozy lounger. Ergonomic dining chairs have supportive seats, backs, and armrests to make them more comfortable than their stiffer counterparts.

Sling chairs use lightweight fabrics to create a comfortable hammock-like sling to sit on. Cushions are the quickest way to turn a hard chair into a cushy seat, and are made from a range of water-resistant or quick-drying materials to make them suitable for outdoor use.


In addition to weather, spills, and stains, outdoor dining sets can fall victim to dirt and mildew throughout the seasons, so look for a pick that is easy to clean. All outdoor furniture will need an occasional wipe- or hose-down, at a minimum.

Water-resistant materials are a top pick since they are durable, simple to clean, and tend to resist spills and dirt. Covering or bringing in the dining set during bad weather or the off season will keep the furniture clean and extend its lifespan.

Some materials, like some woods, rattan, and metal, may need additional maintenance if you notice rust or the protective varnish wearing off. Follow the manufacturer’s care guidelines to restore the look of these pieces.

Weight and Additional Features

Dining sets can range in weight from lightweight plastic options to heftier wooden builds. For those in windy areas, consider a heavier dining set so the chairs won’t go skidding away with a big gust of wind. For those who prefer to rearrange their space for events and activities, a lighter dining set will be easier to move around.

Stackable chairs and foldable tables can make the furniture easier to store or tuck to the side when not in use. For even more convenience, consider a multipurpose design, like modular sofa seating or tables and ottomans with hidden storage. For entertaining, some outdoor dining tables have extendable or fold-up leaves to add extra space for guests.

Our Top Picks

Dining alfresco is one of life’s simple pleasures, and the right dining set can make the experience even more pleasant. The best outdoor dining sets are comfortable, durable, and stylish to provide outdoor seating season after season. Keep reading to explore some of the best outdoor dining sets for upgrading your outdoor living space.

Best Overall

The Outdoor Dining Set Option: Wisteria Lane Outdoor 5-Piece Wicker Patio Set

Lounge in style with this pretty wicker patio set from Wisteria Lane. The five-piece set includes four wicker chairs, four seat cushions, and a table with a tempered glass top. The removable glass top gives the set an upscale look and makes it easier to clean crumbs and spills from the tabletop.

A strong galvanized steel frame helps this patio set withstand seasonal wear and tear. Over top of the frame is an easy-to-clean, all-weather wicker. The wicker is handwoven from synthetic polyethylene rattan to provide a stylish and weather-resistant finish. Each comfortable chair has a wide seat, curved back, full armrest, and included cushions. The cushions feature a zippered, machine-washable cover for simple cleaning.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Outdoor Dining Set Option: Alpine Corporation MSY100A-BL Patio Seating

Add a pop of color to a patio, poolside, or garden with this bright blue bistro set from Alpine Corporation. With a round table and two folding chairs, this set can add affordable and compact seating to any outdoor space. Made for small spaces, each piece in this set is lightweight and foldable to make it easy to move around or put in storage.

The durable steel set is made to stand out; the metal is painted a vibrant blue and has pretty floral cut-out details. The paint has a shiny finish, which can be wiped down for simple maintenance.

Best Metal

The Outdoor Dining Set Option: PHI VILLA 5 Piece Patio Dining Set

With an ergonomic design and 360-degree rocking swivel chairs, this outdoor dining set from Phi Villa prioritizes seating comfort. The set includes four chairs and a square table made from black powder-coated steel. The steel framing and tabletop offer a sleek, contemporary look and all-weather durability.

For added comfort, the chairs feature a breathable Textilene (a polyester-based fabric) and Olefin sling backrest and seat, which is quick-drying, UV resistant, and supportive. The chairs have a high back, curved armrests, a sturdy round base, and a gentle rocking feature for comfortable support. The 360-degree swivel design makes it easy to get in and out of the seat, even with a full table.

Best Wicker

The Outdoor Dining Set Option: Best Choice Products 5-Piece Wicker Dining Set

The Best Choice Products’ 5-Piece Wicker Dining Set brings the classic wicker look to patios and backyards. Instead of natural wicker, which can fare poorly in the elements, this set uses durable resin wicker that is smooth, weatherproof, and easy to clean.

The set includes four wide chairs and a large, square glass tabletop to comfortably seat four people. Each chair includes a cream-colored and weather-resistant cushion with a removable, machine-washable cover. With wicker wrapping the tabletop, legs, and seat, this dining set brings a modern but cozy look to an outdoor space, while also being easier to maintain than traditional wood wicker.

Best Bistro Set

The Outdoor Dining Set Option: Best Choice Products 3-Piece Patio Bistro Set

If a table for two is needed for morning coffee dates and intimate backyard dinners, consider this pretty patio set from Best Choice Products. The three-piece set includes a round bistro table and two chairs. Made of solid cast aluminum, they have a rust- and weather-resistant finish to last several seasons.

The compact set can fit a range of tight outdoor spots, like apartment balconies and small porches. Both the table and chairs have a decorative tulip floral design and a brushed bronze antique finish to add a bit of charm to any outdoor space. This compact bistro set is an affordable and functional accent piece for a garden or patio oasis.

Best Bar Height

The Outdoor Dining Set Option: Best Choice Products 5-Piece Wicker Bar Table Set

This wicker bar table set from Best Choice Products is the ideal pick for poolside parties and after-dinner drinks. The bar-height set includes a tall table and four bar stools. Each piece has a sturdy steel frame and features all-weather wicker for a classic, smooth finish. The bar stools feature nonslip feet, and a sturdy footrest makes each seat comfortable and safe.

For easier cleanup, the table features a metal tabletop instead of wicker. The slatted metal tabletop resembles wood, but it’s easier to clean in the case of stains and spills. To make this dining set an even better party piece, the middle of the table features a built-in bottle opener and a hidden storage compartment.

Best for a Crowd

The Outdoor Dining Set Option: Wisteria Lane Patio Furniture Set

The Wisteria Lane Outdoor Conversation Set is ideal for an outdoor party centerpiece. This seven-piece patio set includes two single love seats, one corner love seat, one dining table, three ottomans, and various plush cushions. Create a seating configuration or push the love seats together to form a long sectional couch, ideal for hosting a group. Depending on the configuration (and how cozy it needs to be) this set can comfortably seat anywhere from six to eight people.

The set features a sturdy galvanized steel frame covered in all-weather polyethylene wicker. A slatted tabletop is easy to clean and gives guests a sturdy spot to place drinks and food. The ottoman and couches have thick, durable beige cushions for long-term comfort.

FAQs About Outdoor Dining Sets

A new outdoor dining set can turn an unused patio or backyard into a lovely space for relaxing and entertaining. Finding the right set is important to ensure a suitable fit and adequate seating space. Keep reading for answers to some frequently asked questions about choosing and setting up a new outdoor dining set.

Q. What size patio dining set should I get?

Consider the size of the outdoor space and the number of guests you hope to seat. Choose a dining set that won’t overcrowd your outdoor space but has adequate seating spaces.

Q. What outdoor dining set shape is best for my patio?

Choose the dining set shape according to your intended use and your preferred aesthetic. Round tables are ideal for casual seating and informal gatherings, while larger square or rectangular tables are usually chosen for dinner parties and formal sit-down events.

Q. What are the right cushions for patio dining sets?

Cushion style, color, and thickness will come down to personal preference, but make sure to look for a sturdy material that can handle the outdoors.

Q. How do I set an outdoor dining table?

For outdoor dining, consider using heavier plates and glasses that won’t blow away in the wind. Simpler decorations with nature-inspired elements and colors can be a pretty pick.

Final Thoughts

An outdoor dining set provides a lovely spot for relaxing outside and can serve as the perfect backdrop for summer barbecues, morning coffee on the patio, or balmy outdoor dinner parties. A comfortable and stylish pick upgrades an outdoor space and turns it into a cozy oasis for relaxing and entertaining.

Since many outdoor dining sets can be costly, it’s important to find a pick that suits your needs and decor style as well as being comfortable, sturdy, and simple to maintain.