5 Things to Do with… String Lights

String lights are always associated with the holidays, but what if you use ’em in April or September? Well, they look just as great, adding a bit of whimsy and fun wherever they’re strung. Now that every store on Main Street is offering string lights for at least 50% off,  it’s the perfect time for snagging several boxes to keep around all year long.



String Lights DIY - Paper Lanterns

Photo: witandwhistle.com

You can buy paper lantern string lights at any discount store, but they look like… paper lantern string lights you bought at a discount store. This DIY version may take a little more time, but the results are amazing and would make for a great project to do when you’re, like me today, stuck inside due to a snowstorm.



String Lights DIY - Lanterns

Photo: etsy.com

As temporary or permanent as you want it to be, this string lights solution from Etsy seller Treasure Again uses mason jars and wire collars for a dreamy effect out of doors.



String Lights DIY - Headboard

Photo: bhg.com

This DIY project from Better Homes and Gardens puts bunched-up string lights into a square frame built from inexpensive lumber. If you’re looking for something with a little less weight, string lights behind a sheer curtain work equally well.



String Lights DIY - Romantic Lantern

Photo: bobvila.com

This project from BobVila.com’s own Kristina combines string lights and a recycled wine bottle for some seriously subtle mood lighting.



String Lights DIY - Light Up Letters

Photo: apartmenttherapy.com

Because of their length, you can arrange string lights in whatever shape you please. The example above would work well in a kitchen…

String Lights DIY - Light Up Letters 2

Photo: curbly.com

… or you could whip up your own custom marquee-style letter light!


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