The Container Store’s Exclusive Marie Kondo Collection Is Here—Just in Time for Resolution Season

This is the ultimate collaboration to spark organizational joy! 

If you’re the type of person who finds before-and-after organization pictures soothing; spend your Saturdays joyously cleaning and organizing the home; and consider a relaxing TV show one where experts transform people’s home’s into aesthetically pleasing, well-organized abodes, you’re probably fans of both Marie Kondo and The Container Store.

Well, fans, you’ll be pleased to know that the ultimate partnership is underway. Marie Kondo has joined forces with The Container Store to launch a joyfully streamlined collection that consists of everything you need—from cotton rope baskets and rattan boxes, to ceramic spice jars and bamboo drawer organizers—to provide you with aesthetically pleasing storage and organization solutions.

“When I was looking to develop products, I wanted a sustainable line that would spark joy and deliver the versatility and expertise The Container Store is famous for,” said Marie Kondo. “I am so proud of what we have created together and thrilled that we were able to infuse aspects of my Japanese heritage into the collaboration.”

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Here’s a handful of our favorite pieces from The Container Store x KonMari collaboration:

Marie Kondo Ori Rattan Honey Natural Curved Bins


For any type of storage you plan to place on shelves or otherwise out in the open, rattan bins are the answer. Each of these Ori bins has been handwoven by traditional artisans using generations-old techniques. Available at The Container Store; $29.99-$39.99 each.

Marie Kondo Cloud White Ceramic Bulk Canisters


Keep your kitchen countertops or open shelves streamlined with gorgeous canisters. Made of natural ceramic clay and bamboo, they’re great for storing pantry staples you use often and want easy access to. Available at The Container Store; $19.99-$26.99 each.

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Marie Kondo Calm Desktop File


Give your home office the upgrade it deserves with Marie Kondo’s luxurious desktop file. Perfect for filing letter-sized hanging file folders, it’s made from heavyweight post-consumer recycled paperboard and features a leather handle. Available at The Container Store; $24.99 each.

Marie Kondo Hikidashi Bamboo Drawer Organizers


You never realize just how much space you have left in your dresser drawers until you give them the KonMari treatment. Go one step further by placing your brilliantly folded items in these beautiful bamboo boxes inspired by Marie’s signature Hikidashi Boxes. Available at The Container Store; $6.99-$19.99 each.

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Marie Kondo Shoji 2-Section Bamboo Hamper


Hampers are often overlooked opportunities for style. But Marie Kondo knows just how important it is to make some of the most-used items spark joy. It features latticework inspired by Japanese shoji screens, and a solid bamboo lid for keeping contents out of sight. Available at The Container Store; $19.99-$149.99 each.