Bob Vila Radio: The One Place You Shouldn’t Mount Your TV

Hanging the TV above the fireplace is a hot spot in more ways than one. Before you go ahead mounting it, make sure you read about these safety considerations.

Homebuilders often install electrical and cable outlets over the fireplace mantle to allow homeowners to set up a flat-screen television at the focal point of the room. But, depending on your type of fireplace, it could very well be a mistake to hang your TV there.

TV Above Fireplace




For starters, heat rises, and that makes the area above the fireplace warmer than other walls in your home.

A good fireplace blower can direct the hot air toward the center of the room, and a mantle can help to deflect the heat that escapes upward. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Before you install, take a reading with a thermometer placed above your working fireplace; if the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, definitely install the TV elsewhere. Damage from heat could void your TV’s warranty.

Plus, watching a TV that’s mounted too high can feel as though you’re sitting in front row of a movie theater—painful over time unless you’re in a recliner or use a full-motion mount to angle the screen downward for viewing.

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