Aging In Place

Remodeling Tips

for Your Next Chapter

Easy access to and from the house is an important feature in any home.

1. Limit the Steps

Opt for drawers rather than base cabinets to make it easier to retrieve contents.

3. Make the Kitchen  More Convenient

Replace your toilet with a comfort-height model, which is a few inches higher than normal and is easier to sit down on and get up from.

5. Boost Bathroom Safety

Avoid small throw rugs since they pose trip hazards.

7. Ditch the Throw Rugs

Be sure they are covered in a slip-resistant material or carpet, and, if feasible, install a second banister so you can hold on from either side.

8. Optimize the Stairs

Make sure there’s a bedroom on the lower level—one that could become the primary bedroom in the future.

10. Create a First-Floor  Primary Bedroom

Sensors and timers can monitor house systems to alert homeowners and care providers to potential problems.

11. Add Home Automation

Many older people use wheelchairs and walkers, so make sure the width of each doorway and hallway can accommodate these devices.

14. Widen the Doorways  and Hallways

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