The Great Debate on Mowing Wet Grass

Water and electricity  don’t mix.

Using an electric lawn mower on wet grass—especially with an extension cord—runs the risk of electric shock.

Cutting grass in the rain  poses a personal danger.

If you wear glasses or safety goggles, cutting grass in the rain could cause the eyewear to become fogged up or coated in water, further diminishing your ability to see clearly.

Sharp mower blades will make the job easier, though.

If they are less than scalpel-sharp, you might need to make two or three passes over the same patch of wet lawn to get even a fraction of the cut you’d get if the lawn were dry.

Mowing a wet lawn is an easy way to spread fungal disease.

The wet grass clippings that stick to the underside of the mower deck can grow mold, which can be spread to your lawn the next time you mow.

Mowing a wet lawn results  in extra cleanup.

You'll need to scrape the deck clean of those stuck-on blades of grass, brush off the tires, and wipe down the body of the mower.

Set the lawn mower deck high for the most even cut.

Change your mower deck to one of the higher settings to cut blades to 3 or 4 inches long and no shorter.

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