What To Do

When Your Home

Has No Closets

Wardrobes can take up a lot of real estate, however, so they are often best for larger rooms.

1. Go old school with traditional armoires.

Hooks are a fast and affordable method for hanging clothes and other items.

2. Use hooks everywhere.

If you have a spare room that has no clear purpose, don’t let it turn into a closed-door dumping ground of all the stuff you can’t fit elsewhere.

4. Repurpose a room.

Invest in dual-function furniture like couches, side tables, and ottomans that include extra storage space.

6. Find space in  unexpected places.

A portable closet can be a flexible, low-cost option for renters or homeowners who want a temporary closet space solution.

8. Get a portable closet.

Keep on top of overload and clutter by doing regular clothing and clutter purges, and say goodbye to things you don’t use.

10. Keep a lid on how  much you own.

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