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Solved! The Perfect Closet Rod Height

Are you tired of your cluttered closet? Improve your storage capabilities by learning perfect height for mounting a closet rod.
The Perfect Closet Rod Height – Solved!

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Q: I need to organize my closet of chaos with a closet rod, but I don’t know how high to mount the rod for easy access that doesn’t require me to strain my back or use a step stool. What’s the perfect closet rod height?

A: The ideal closet rod height really depends on how you plan on organizing this key storage space. While you might opt for a single-rod system that has only one tier of hanging space and lay shoe racks across the floor, you could eke out more hanging room by installing a double-rod system with one upper and one lower rod mounted in parallel. No matter the system you choose, finding the proper height at which to install closet rods allows adults of average build to access clothing from a standing position—no back strains or step stools necessary.

For a single-rod system, mount the rod 66 inches above the floor.

This closet rod height enables long coats, skirts, pants, dresses, and suits to hang mid-air without folding or brushing against the closet floor. Ultimately, your garments will remain clean, wrinkle-free, and in less frequent need of ironing.

Adjust the standard closet rod height if installing a double-rod closet system.

For the average person whose wardrobe contains few lengthy garments, single-rod systems leave lots of unused square footage in the closet. Double-rod systems put this extra space to use with an additional rod mounted a few feet below the top rod. If installing a double-rod closet system, mount the top rod 81-¾ inches above the floor and the lower rod 40-½ inches above the floor. This arrangement allow you to easily hang everyday shirts, blouses, blazers, shorts, and folded pants on the lower bar, while reserving the top rod for less frequently-worn long coats and skirts. If installing a double-rod closet system for a small child, mount the lower rod 30 inches above the floor to put outfits within reach of little ones.

The Perfect Closet Rod Height – Solved!

Leave wiggle room between closet rods and shelves.

Say a shelf built into your closet obstructs the optimal rod placement position. If this is the case, mount the closet rod below the shelf, achieving a distance of at least two inches from the bottom of the shelf to the top of the rod. Without this clearance, the space between the shelf and rod will be too tight to maneuver hangers.

Opt for a closet rod depth of at least 12 inches.

Closet rod height isn’t the only aspect to consider for perfect placement. You also need to adhere to a precise closet rod depth, which is how far the rod is situated from the rear wall of the closet. If you don’t leave sufficient space between the rod and the rear wall, one side of all garments will wrinkle from being bunched up against it. You can avoid this clothing disaster by mounting the rod at least 12 inches from the rear wall of the closet. Keep in mind that the average closet has a depth of 24 inches.

Mark the closet rod measurements before mounting to ensure perfect placement.

First, position your tape measure horizontally, and measure 12 inches from the rear wall. This marks the ideal depth of the closet rod. Next, you’ll want measure 66 inches from the ground upward, which marks the ideal closet rod height. The intersection of these two measurements (12-inch depth and 66-inch height) indicates where you should install the rod.

Use the bottom of the rod as a guide when measuring height.

Plan to align the bottom of the closet rod with the 66-inch marking when mounting the rod—this means there should be a full 66 inches between the rod and the floor once you’ve installed it.

Drill walls and mount hardware.

When you’ve found and marked the optimal closet rod height, drill holes into the marked locations on the sidewalls (first ensuring the walls have studs in order to best support the full weight of your wardrobe). Then insert a heavy-duty wall anchor or other mounting hardware into each of the holes, and secure your rod holder to the anchors. Be sure to use a level to check your work. Once you’ve mounted the closet rod onto its holder, you’re well on your way to completing a total closet organization.