Jennifer Noonan


A confessed DIY junkie, Jennifer writes about home improvement, gardening, upcycling, and all things do-it-yourself. She lives in Delaware with her husband and daughters, where she is ardently teaching the next generation how to use power tools.

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JUNE 26, 2017 | MONDAY
How To: Get Rid of Snakes

They may be perceived as sneaky, slimy, and scary, but most snakes are not dangerous to humans. And, to their credit, they do an excellent job of keeping the population of rats and mice i...

How To: Get Rid of Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie—also commonly known as ground ivy—is an insidious weed that is both resilient and adaptable, making it very difficult to combat successfully. A member of the mint family,...

JUNE 20, 2017 | TUESDAY
The 10 Most Dangerous Plants for Your Pet

You may be surprised at the number of very common plants—both indoor and out—that are toxic to pets. Check out our list of landscaping stalwarts that can make your furry friends seriously...

8 Things to Know Before You Set Foot in a Plant Store

Buying plants is a lot of fun, but be sure to do your homework before you head out to the nursery. A little planning will give your new plants the best possible chance to thrive and put y...

How To: Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks are a fact of outdoor life throughout the United States. These blood-feeding arachnids become active every year after the first frost. But, while every creature has its place in the...

Dive Into These 12 Luxurious Pools

A pool is a perk many homeowners long for, and most imagine soaking up the sun while dipping their toes in the water. But indoor pools bring a whole new level of luxury to a home. Not onl...

JUNE 2, 2017 | FRIDAY
How To: Attract Hummingbirds

With iridescent wings that catch the light as they flit between flowers, hummingbirds have earned their nickname of “flying jewels. ” There are more than 300 species of these migratory wi...

13 Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know

Your car is an extension of your home, but how often do you treat it with the same TLC you give your house? Keep your wheels in good condition with these simple-but-genius car hacks that ...

MAY 25, 2017 | THURSDAY
16 New Reasons to Love Subway Tile

Subway tile made its debut in the beginning of the 20th century, in the train stations of the New York City subway system. Since then, it has become a design staple in both commercial and...

MAY 17, 2017 | WEDNESDAY
How To: Make and Use Your Own Deer Repellent

Deer are delightful romping through the forest but can wreak havoc in a garden, decimating vegetables, fruit trees, landscaping beds, even “deer-resistant” shrubs and pine and holly trees...