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09:55AM | 12/26/02
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Sirs, my basement walls were painted with latex paint. Some of the paint is spawling off and it is moist around the bare spots. Can I clean off the loose paint and repaint with something like UGL DryLock paint and have decent results in regard to moisture coming through the block walls? Thanx!


04:17PM | 12/28/02
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Water control comes first.
Grade soils away from house and maintain gutters/eaverstroughs. If that doesn't stop water penetration, more drastic and costly measures are required.
As long as water is migrating through the concrete basement wall, you will continue to have efflourescence ( leaching of mineral salts out of the concrete) driving the paint off the wall.

If it is fairly minor, you could treat the interior of the wall with Thoroseal mixture before painting to avoid digging up the whole yard.
It is also a possibility that you are having condensation instead of leakage. Does this happen priomarily above ground level where the masonry is exposed to colder outside air? If that is the case, the cold surface is encouraging precipitation. Insulating the wall is the answer for that.

Finally, once the moisture problem is taken care of, you can paint the wall but any paint - especially primer - should be an alkyd made for masonry. It will state so on the can lable. Be sure the wall is clean and dry.


02:40AM | 12/29/02
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Piffin, thanks for the response. The moisture I get is below grade but there is no water on the floor or running down the walls. Just a few moist spots that has made the old paint come off in some areas. I will try the products you mentioned and thanks again!

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