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10:40PM | 04/17/04
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Devil--too funny LOL (Sir!)....Hahhahaa....hey,I said IF!!! IF you have cracks in your wall and IF you have a bowing/shifting wall...I`m stating that raising the grade,extending the downspouts 43 1/2 miles away isnt gonna do a thing for those problems,sorry,its just simply true. Cellar--30 ft long,6'deep and approx 18" wide..YES!!! My guys and I..easy,sometimes 2-2 1/2 hours depending on type of soil.And the outside drain tiles have N O T H I N G to do with why a basement walls leaks..period,contrary to what many believe,sorry.After all these years (jobs) I can remember maybe less than 5 jobs(outta many thousands) where there were a few broken/clogged tiles along the FOOTING on the outside,but ALL jobs had either vertical,step,horizontal cracks and-or openings around where gas/elec lines etc come through walls.I`m not saying to not try and keep water away from house,im just saying if(and usually is) ya have cracks/openings through bsmt walls then spend your time and money wisely and FIX the problem areas.Ive seen many folks who`ve tried these diverting measures and let another 6 months-1 year go by and sure enough they leak again BUT mostly I feel bad for them because some of them waited and hoped and in that time frame their wall(s) began to bow/shift that much more! They waited and hoped for something that wasnt possible,a myth,a belief that somehow by adding dirt or french drain etc would somehow take hyd. pressure off the wall and somehow seal the crack(s)...and now they are in worse shape structurally & financially. Homeb--I cant help what ive seen over and over for many years,and the truth is simply the truth,sorry if it doesnt fit into all folks thought process-yes,I agree with you that first all homeowners should define what their problem is..why they are leaking in the first place....THEN fix it accordingly.And yes,some homeowners WILL need an inside water diverting system and-or sump pump(s)..Ive stated that many times.


01:01PM | 04/18/04
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One thing that I have not seen mentioned in bowing & shifting foundation walls is how do you remedy a footing and or wall(s) that were poured on poorly compacted soil? These walls will shift & crack over a period of years. Those foundations MOVE until they settle into place. That may call for more than one treatment of crack sealer. Also if I'm in a foundation trench 6 or 7 feet down 30 feet long I'm going to replace and restone any drain thats there. I would feel more confident installing a new drain,the cost is small and I'm not called back because the old tile finally got choked up & died. When you put in the exterior tile where do you drain the water off to? that water has to flow by gravity to an end point.That is all(till next time) C.


03:15PM | 04/18/04
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what your talking about are 4" x approx 1 ft long crocks.."tiles"..that are butted up agaisnt each other along the footing.They are much stronger and last much longer than what is now on the market...plastic perforated tile. They withstand the weight of backfill and seem to last why would ya want plastic tile if there is not a thing wrong with what is already there,again..which are stronger & heavier than the plastic.Ill say again,if they are broken/brittle then they get replaced with the plastic tile.The tiles are pitched up at the corners of the bsmt walls,along the footing,at the elbows,then sloped towards the middle of the wall/footing into the T-tile or bleeder as its also referred.The T tile fits into approx a 4" hole that is through/in the footing which then leads under the bsmt floor.


07:45PM | 04/19/04
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Don't know what 'LicensedWaterproofer' or 'Cellarwater' are smoking, snorting, sticking up their noses or imagining in their most rigorous fantasies, but little if anything of what they have said to date has had any bearing in legitimate basement waterproofing technigues.

Go figure.

plumber Tom

08:55PM | 04/19/04
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Some of this makes no sense to me at all also, however C is a good guy and makes regular contributions to the boards and in my opinion he is an asset. Seems like licensed waterproofer just likes to ramble on, sorta like led Zeppelin. If he continues to 'ramble' then some of his posts may be deleted. Thanks for your understanding, plumber Tom/Moderator/


09:19PM | 04/19/04
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I cannot make heads nor tails of LicensedWaterproofer's ramblings and they have little if nothing to do with the training I have received from legitimate structural engineers, architects and code enforecement officials regarding legitimate basement waterproofing techniques..

Only response I have to 'Licensed Waterproofer' is that he either has no clue what he is talking about or is too chemically altered by booze or something else to make any sense whatsoever.


But his responses make absolutely NO sense whatsoever and never any one who knows what basement waterproofing and dewatering is all about...


05:42AM | 04/20/04
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