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07:03PM | 02/16/09
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Hi everyone--- Just found this site this evening. I am deciding on a drain tile system and I learned of a "hydraway" system which is a flexible fabric covered channel which apparently never needs to be "rotted" out- as compared to PVC pipe. Also no need to have access caps on the floor. Anyone know anything about this system? Our local town inspector never heard of it. Also, someone told me that concrete may contain asbestos and when it is jack-hammered it can get in the air--is that true? thanks, sue


01:48AM | 02/17/09
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As for it being used in basements, all it, another name for an inside system that DIVERTS water,does not stop/prevent water from entering through exterior cracks etc in block basements walls etc.

These kinds interior water-diverting systems where they also put vinyl/fiberglass etc sheeting against the inside wall(s) HIDES/CONCEALS the actual CONDITION of the basement wall,hides any cracks....cracks that can widen or a wall that can bow inward.

It hides water/moisture that enters,hides mold,efflorescence that can grow on basement wall BEHIND the lousy sheeting.But it will give insects a nice place to hide.

Here.. Eyeball LEFT image, see sheeting against wall. If this is what you/others want then its all yours,step right up.

Let`s see what this guy says about WATERPROOFING, shall we?,0,6134261.story


..."Be prepared to weed through an array of proposals from waterproofing contractors--ALOT of them BOGUS...Done right,basement waterproofing is an EXTERIOR operation..."

How about this guy... In part says, homeowner was BS`d into an inside system,paid over $14,000,still leaks etc... Tom`s reply in part, "Unfortunately it sounds like you`ve been taken by a common SCAM perpetrated by SO-CALLED basement waterproofing experts.....advice is to SUE the contractor for not correcting the problem AND for FRAUD"

I most certainly agree. Most of these owners and salespeople of INSIDE SYSTEMS do NOT....first,correctly and honestly define/identify how/where the water is entering, they rather give homeowners a bunch of nonsense/false claims/lies, one example is they`ll tell HO something like this, "Oh Mr & Mrs Jones you have a hydrostatic pressure problem under the basement floor that only an inside system can solve"....junk like that.

ALL inside systems, including the one you asked about, also does NOT remove expanding-contracting SOIL off the outside of a basement wall which causes many cracks and susequent leaks and can also cause some walls to bow inward.Underground ROOTS can also cause cracks,leaks etc,so too can exterior concrete slabs or a porch footing.

U S Army Corps of Engineers, a few PIC`s

Pic 1. Lateral pressure CAUSING typical 45 degree stair-step crack in block basement wall. NOTE: The inside system/the sheeting against LOWER blocks etc. NONE of this fixed/resolved the problems!

Pic 2. Lateral pressure causing vertical mid-span crack in basement wall. NOTE: attempted epoxy or whatever was put in crack, it did NOT solve/fix the problems

Pic 3. Lateral pressure causing top of basement wall to bow inward 9 inches (pilasters FAILED to brace wall)

Misrepresenting the reason(s) water is entering a basement and/or there is a crack(s) in a wall or a wall bowing in for SELF GAIN is.... incompetent,negligent and in THIS business,often FRAUD. Many use false claims,lies to sell homeowners the only thing they do,inside systems.


01:38AM | 05/22/13
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05:56PM | 08/27/13
Certainly all that the poster has said about waterproofing is accurate. However, I can see a use for under floor drainage to divert ground water before it seeps up into the basement.

Granted this does nothing for water that is infiltrating through foundation cracks. But, it might be relief for water that is coming in from around the footings.

Aside from basement use...What about using the system as a normal exterior foundation drain?

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