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11:47AM | 03/12/08
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I have been living in my house for 35 years and had water in the basement twice, both times during a Noreaster that dropped 12 to 15 in" of rain in 1 to 2 days. Otherwise my basement has been dry. Now all of a sudden I and a neighbor have problems with 2 to 3 in" rain storms and have water in the basement all the time because of what our town highway dept. did. They regraded our road and put up berms along the road bed on the downslope side (across) to prevent run off into peoples yards. The long asphalt road along its length slopes down towards my house and now, because of the berms, works as a perfect super drain draining enourmous quantities of water into my driveway and the front of mine and my neighbor's property with even minor rainfall. My neighbor is further down from me and there is a drain in the road right at his driveway. Even though the drain works, large lakes of water press in on the dirt in our front yards (which did not receive a berm) for the duration of the storm, which can last days, and that water has now artificially raised the water table even though our homes are on a slight hill. The water table is now high enough so that I get inches of water and my neighbor to his knees in the basement. Both of our homes were dry before this. It is extremely aggravating. I contacted the highway dept. and they will put berms at the front of our property and possibly another drain when the wheather gets warmer. However, I want to be safe and have been looking around for a basement waterproofing method.

I have learned that most popular measures, for example the B-Dry system, are very expensive ($10K for a half basement) and rely on diverting water. So I became interested in the claims made by Sani-Tred and specifically have been following the discussion in this forum with interest. My impression from my research is as follows.

First of all, my congratulations to Sani-Tred for the civility they showed in this discussion when they were being attacked in a nearly vulgar manner by waterproofing interests to whom they seem to represent a serious threat.

As a trained engineer/scientist I reviewed all the claims made by Sani-Tred on their web site and the testimonials given. I have found that they are apparently the only people capable of giving a scientifically correct answer about groundwater properties with regard to hydrostatic pressure and the behavior of groundwater around a home in general. If the material Sani-Tred advertises indeed works as they suggest then it is a foregone conclusion that hydrostatic pressure problems have been solved. That is, by virtue of a flexible, penetrating sealant that has the capability to seal micro and macro pores and even cracks, has memory effect for expansion/contraction and is chemically inert. They are the only site that correctly and honestly states facts about hydrostatic pressure and doesn't use that term to scare people. The pressure is clearly calculated to be minimal in a basement and a material with the properties as claimed by Sani-Tred would have no difficulty dealing with it. That's a done deal!

My own course of action will probably be to follow someone elses suggestion made on this forum, which is to order a small quantity and simply test it out on the most severe spots in my basement. If Sani-Tred's claims are correct I should see an immediate and significant improvement. Regardless, I will report back and, if results are positive, then proceed with a more extensive application. Actually, I love the fact that I can apply this material in stages at my disgression and time and fully under my own control and at much better cost. Much better than spending $10K right off the bat and not knowing what you might get.


I am a private individual, not influenced by Sani-Tred or anyone else in any fashion, just looking for some honest, competent, and correct answers to this problem. I found the answers provided by Sani-Tred in this forum to be far more convincing and competent then the ones offered by the typical waterproofing interests.


02:53AM | 03/13/08
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Simply buy Sant-tred and use it!

No interest here, all i`ve done is INFORM,period,INLIKE YOUR Sant-Tred FRIEND and others who hide,conceal,don`t want to talk about ALL FACTS.

IF if if, you are a trained scientist/engineer,which I HIGHLY DOUBT do to your own post! J krsitmas!

A SCIENTIST would want ALL the FACTS,every sinle sliver of evidence on everything before making any comment/decision.

Links from others all all here,all you gotta do is read em and try and understand them! You read them and come back and post if you see/read anything about Sant tred.....

And before i post em, i will suggest it is San tred and most INSIDE system co`s who are incompetent,negliegent and some are frauds,thats right, frauds.

If they don`t give the public,every homeowner ALL the Facts and, make FALSE CLAIMS about their system,their product and falsely accuse exterior contractors of what they do,the IMPORTANCE of Exterior waterproofing, it is them,you who are the crooks! Any time,any want COURT, a lawsuit,thats FINE with me,sooner the better,been waiting for YEARS!!!

VIDEO-- watch-listen... wise guy

Click Video list,top right then,scroll waaaay DOWN to 11.FOUNDATION,play SEGMENT 1...Foundation/design process

He says, if he were building slab,basement,crawls he would build it like a SUBMARINE...Keep all water OUT!!!!!! Keep all water out! Got that?

listen,read ALL those Mr Engineer?

Or you think you know something WE ALL don`t?

You, santred,inside co`s etc...i am TIRED of ALL your FALSE CLAIMS, start sunstantiating your crap will ya please, for ONCE!

Termites cause 5 billion dollasr of damage to homes every year, where do-can they enter? Does Santred or ANY Inside system Co go outside and repair/waterproof cracks? NO!! Never have! They don`t stop/prevent water,mold,efflorescence,insects,radon from entering and they do NOT lseen,relieve lateral soil pressure,roots etc,never have!

Says they enter where? huh?

i`ll post thousands of mold,radon links....stop the false claims!

It is some Inside Co`s and Santred who have many BBB customer COMPLAINTS just within last 36 months,shut da pie hole please.

FRAUD= deceit,trickery,sharp practice or breach of confidence perpetrated for PROFIT or to gain unfair,dishonest advantage....

Some who install Inside system and Santred actually state on their websites,and tell people, false claims,use deceit/trickery/sharp practice for SELF GAIN,use it DISHONESTLY and state bunch of crap including "Exterior waterproofing is very costly,is very disruptive" and so on.

Did YOU READ what other people,LINKS say about that? HUH?

What do those links/people say about exterior waterproofing,soil pressure etc? You tell me Mr scientist/engineer. And IF you are an engineer and do NOT understand this, it is YOU who alos is INCOMPETENT and NEGLIGENT! Thats a fact jack.

YOU telling us THEY are wrong,I am wrong???


03:23AM | 03/13/08
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you telling us these aren`t FACTS?

Is that what you are saying?

RADON GAS, How-where does it enter?

IF ANYTHING, Inside systems create more openings in basements,sure they do.Do they tell homeowners this? Do they tell homeowners radon can enter through cracks and even small little pores on exterior of hollow blocks? YES OR NO?

They drill holes in lower courses of blocks, on the inside.

They leave a GAP,space...OPEN along the cold joint,cove,floor-wall joint...they sure do!

And of course, they don`t repair/waterproof the exterior cracks and any other direct openings into these cracks, how would YOU repair these EXTERIOR cracks in hollow block wall,huh?

Can hardly wait for Mr engineers response.

There is ONLY ONE way to repair/waterproof these cracks.Radon,water,termites etc enter through these cracks and other exterior openings.

What other TRUTHS can`t ya handle?

MOLD.....experts say, you have to FIND the source and...ELIMINATE, eliminate water,NOT DIVERT IT,not allow it to continue to enter these kinds of cracks and divert it around perimeter w/an inside system.

Care less if you/others like me lolol. Joke! FACTS are all right there, you people just don`t wanna read/understand...thats incompetence,neligence....oh yes it is


What else, EFFLORESCENCE? Inside systems or Sani won`t help ya here

U S Army Corps of ENG`s STUDY

INJECTIONS? What else don`t YOU people want homeowners to thoroughly KNOW huh?

--Applications and LIMITATIONS.....

'Epoxy injections have been successfully used in repair of cracks in bridges,dams etc....

HOWEVER, unless the crack is dormant(or the CAUSE of the cracking is REMOVED,thereby making the crack dormant)it will probably RECUR,possibly somewhere else in the structure'

You understand this mr engineer?

Inside Co use injections, do they fully disclose all facts,possible occurrences to every single homeowner BEFORE selling em this stuff? NO!!!

Cracks RECUR,RE-leak after injections because of sevral possibilities, none of which inside salespeople/owners tell homeowners about!!! Lateral soil pressure,roots,porch footinhgs,slabs etc etc etc. Lateral soil pressure? See AMHERST,LRB,YODER,FAIRFAX,VILA links!!! Read,try `n understand the many CAUSES

Here, read MORE from JOHN McEWEN... fact, CALL HIM, don`t believe me,FINE! CALL HIM here is contact number on bottom


01:22PM | 03/13/08
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I definitely don't intend to keep this thread going for long on my part since I neither have the interest nor the time. But, in all fairness, I want to add some clarification.

As far as I know, the indoor perimeter water diversion system called B-Dry, which an acquaintance of mine installed, has worked for them. I looked at the installation, it looked neat, was done well, and they are pleased to have a dry basement even though they were in a bad spot. They do have moist air coming into the basement through grates, which are part of the installation. That is the point made by Sani-Tred, if you want to keep humidity out as much as possible then paint/polymer coatings will help. But so will probably a dehumidifier.

To me it is mostly an issue of cost and the ease with which I can verify Sani-Tred's claims by using a partial application. If Sani-Tred product does not work for me and if my town's actions are not forthcoming or are useless, then I will have to bite the bullet and have no other option but to install a system like B-Dry, which, similar to Sani-Tred, offers a lifetime warrantee.


01:20AM | 03/14/08
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YOU don`t have the interest or the time huh? lolol

ya sure had the time and interest to post, now all of a sudden ya don`t much care, suddenly don`t have the time eh?

And you said your an engineer and a scientist? HAhahhaa!!!

Right, and i`m Elmer Fudd. What a bunch of CRAP-o-la! an 8 yr old kid could figure you/your post and it`s intent out.


12:30PM | 03/14/08
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Video for ya....


11:14PM | 03/08/13
I used it after 2 years of cleaning up after spring thaws,worked excellent on cracks from my window to bottom of the wall not a drop chiseled a v in the crack dried the area with a heat gun applied as instructed,still not a drop after 4 years I don't work for sell represent sanitred in any way,and I am not a scientist and mine turned out just great.fix the wall yourself.maybee the crooked contractors slamming sanitred to get some of your cash will try to help by using the product instead of digging big holes around your house installing fancy drains where they are not needed.


02:41AM | 06/13/13
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THIS IS FASCINATING! I did a search of this product and all roads led here! I love the epic battle between licensed engineer/scientist and licensed waterproofer. I'm gonna have to pull the rip cord here and side with the engineer: not because his rhetoric is more vast, but, his recommendation is most practical." Order a small can and try it out on the most problematic areas".
What could be more proof positive than firsthand experience.

This is a problem in serious need of a solution. Why wouldn't you want to try a product that you could apply, without a license I might add, and save yourself the heartache and expense of throwing in the towel and just pump 15 yards concrete into your basement and be done with it.

I'm almost certain most of my clients would opt for a solution such as this. As opposed to waking up everyday for month being greeted by "licensed waterproofer", angrily back hoeing every inch of their landscaping.

Less vitriol, more common sense.

By the way, what does a can of this stuff cost anyway?

Licensed General Contractor (not that it really means anything authoritative, it's just something I need to make a living)
Oh yeah, I don't work for or own any part of Sani-shred. I have never even heard of their products until earlier today, nor used them. I'm not romantically involved with any of their employees, and I've never accepted an invitation for golf or fishing junkets hosted by them......even though l probably wouldn't turn that down. Unless I were required to do something ethically compromising, such as, plug a product a product i haven't used, in which case I'd probably only walk away with a t-shirt and color chart.
Which would suck because I like to fish. Especially if someone else pays for the trip.


12:26PM | 08/01/18
did you try it? can I just do a corner out to 8' on either side of the corner where water seeps about waist high?


01:03PM | 10/29/18
Proceed at your own risk. The directions are poorly written and the company does not have a satisfaction guarantee. I bought $400 of their product, my project came out poorly and all Sanitred offered was a 5% discount on MORE product. Also beware of temperature fluctuations. Even a few degrees can dramatically alter the result. This is not a product for homeowners or DIYers.

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