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05:24PM | 09/05/04
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Cellulose vs. Foam spray

wich one is better?


04:58PM | 09/06/04
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Can you re-phrase the question in simple English so that anyone might understand what your problem might be?


11:57AM | 09/09/04
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Witch insulation is better, cellulose or the new foam spray?


09:45AM | 09/13/04
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I think it might help to know what the application is: Walls, ceiling, retrofitting, etc... Also, what part of the country are you in (ie: what are the local codes)? Lastly, are you referring to open-cell or closed-cell foam?


01:36PM | 09/19/04
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OK, first thank you for replying.

and now I'm asking in overall, for walls & roof.

I'm in new york.

I'm talking about open cell.

Thank you in advance.


04:29PM | 09/22/04
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I understood the Q!

Sprayed in place foam insulation is far better at providing insulation. it stops both convective, and conduction loss of heat.

Forgetting the convection for amoment, the R value alone is approximately twice tjhat of Blown in cells.

A fully installed foam insulation system will also include doing the ssills to control infiltration which feeds convective heat loss and drafts.

a closed cell foam functions better yet and does a better job aas a vapour barrier too.

The Q about what you meant mauynhave to do with cost vs value simnce foam is more expensive, but any customer I have ever had with the foam raves about all the benefits, one of which is sound proofing. a foam insulated hosue is far quieter than most.

Excellence is its own reward!


12:52PM | 09/23/04
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Thank you!

you answered evrything I asked


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