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05:21PM | 03/27/04
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i am looking to but some replacement windows, i have heard that silverline were good. can anyone verify that. also if they are bad what is a good window for a good price. iu know anderson,pella and pretty good. what should i look for. low e II & argon filled? any help would be appreciated..

thank you


09:34PM | 03/27/04
First bit of advice I would give you is to have several window replacement companies come out, look at the job, show you their preferred windows, and bid the job. DO check their references, ins, etc.

Regarding which window and options to select, I can't tell you, but do your homework, which ever windows you chose, it will be an investment in your home, and you will have them for a long time.

That being said, I never like to provide a window without LowE2 and Argon gas, for the slight increase in initial cost, you will get a much better performing unit over the life of the window. You can try for info. on glass, they are a leading glass company with good info on glass options.

As far as Silverline goes, they would not make my top five list of windows I would put into my house.

I prefer vinyl for replacement windows, no maintenance, and a much better value for the money. If you are thinking of vinyl, look at the UltraMaxx from Alside (, or Great Lakes Window. I like Alside, but both make a good product.

Good Luck!


05:37AM | 03/28/04
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thank you for the help......

i looked as alside windows and they sound good. how is there prices.??

do you or any one else have any other good vinyl replacemnt windows with low e II & argon gas.

also i will be doing some or most of the work my self unless the company doewsnt charge a arm and a leg for installation....

thanks for any help


08:00AM | 03/28/04

Unfortunately, I am not aware of a good DIY replacement window, but I am sure most companies offer some type of LowE2/Argon glass option. Best bet is to check with local lumber yard, or ********** type store.


07:42PM | 04/16/07
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I registered to this forum JUST so I could tell you all how much these windows SUCK!!! My 32-year-old aluminum, government issued sliders were better than these Silverlines I have in my brand new home. These windows are so bad it's almost like they are not there. I can hear EVERYTHING that happens outside. On a windy day they leak air terribly such that it gets humid in the house in the summer and dry and cold in the winter. The seal basically doesn't. The glass does do a great job of keeping the heat down so I would recommend them if you live in Arizona, as long as there are no dogs within 5 miles because you WILL hear them bark. I can talk to my wife through the glass just like it isn't there. I can hear my neighbors talking inside their house with ours and their Silverlines all closed! Look at the seals. It's a flimsy little piece of fuzzy stuff. How can that possible block air? IT'S FUZZ!!! So in summary: loud, cold, and leaky. If that's what you want in a window, buy these.


10:19AM | 04/17/07
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Having installed thousands of Silverline windows I feel knowlegeable enough to comment. Silverline is a budget priced window and if installed properly will perform adequately. A couple of key issues a purchaser may want to keep in mind are first the 9500 is the only window to purchase from them. This series has double strength glass and an optional argon fill for the glass and a optional foam filling for the masterframe, both of which are necessary. Because the masterframe has large hollows the foam in the frame in this window makes a difference for comfort in the winter. The addtion of argon in the I.G. unit along with the foam makes it almost as quiet as my premium windows. I suspect the previous poster may have installation issues and probably the 8500 series or less. I'm the


11:01AM | 04/17/07
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Fascinating! I will have to check the series; I have pics from the sticker. Thanks!


03:05PM | 04/17/07
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OK, my windows are series 2900 (2901B) single-hung windows. How much better is the 9500 series? Mine appear to be pretty high up on the new construction scale. The only one higher is the 3900. My builder will only install the 2900 series so I guess I'm finding a new builder because I'm not going through this again. The only other option is to replace the master bedroom windows with the 9500 series windows after the new house is built, but that will probably cost around $2000 for 4 windows, I would guess.


07:18AM | 07/09/10
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I replied at the first Silverline reference to warn people not to buy Silverline. The poster limits his remarks to the 9500 series in the fine print. In my development 1/3 of all windows installed (not 9500) have leaking seals and are misting inside. They have a warrentee that is useless, misleading - fruadulent. When they respond they say they will replace the window but the labor is $450 for a small window. This makes the warrentee worthless as they know. My neighbor has five bad windows. Their warentee would cost thousands.

I also had a piece of ice form on my windowsill 8 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch think. This window had an energy efficient sticker - fraud? I have water dripping from many windows in cold weather.

Anderson who used to have a first tier name in windows bought Silverline but leaves this company to continue as is. The only good posts that are not plants are for the 9500 series or California-locality. If Anderson allows this to continue their name will be junk along with Silverline. I just got a replacement patio door for one with with bent door - cant interlock, blinds blow in the wind, after 4 years and 10 months. I think any favorable reviews here are plants.

Why would you buy even the 9500 series from a compnay that makes junk and makes their warrenty worthless by massive overcharge for "labor only".



05:14PM | 01/08/11
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Not sure about Silverline but Anderson is one of the best. My mother had anderson windows for over 20 years and just recently had them replaced but she never had problems with leaks or drafts like some windows have. I would buy Anderson in a heartbeat/.


10:32AM | 05/14/12
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Just because Anderson bought Silverline doesn't give them credibility and quality.

12 year update on the Silverline 2500 series. We built a new house in 2000 and asked the local window distributer for the windows he would use in his house. He stated that the Silverline windows were the best on the market and came with a lifetime warranty.

So, we placed the order for 28 new windows. These were ordered with all of the bells and whistles. Double hung, Low-E, Argon filled, and internal grates. When the windows shipped they were nothing more than replacement windows with nailing fins attached to the frame.

After the first 5 years most of the sashes were replaced for one reason or another. This biggest issue was they used a rubber seal between the panes of glass to keep the argon gas in failed under fluctuating heat and cold as we get here in New Jersey. When this seal fails the argon escapes and the glass quickly becomes visually streaky because the Low-E film sticks to the glass. The plastic clips that keep the windows in the track have become brittle and have been breaking.

By year 10 the majority of the sashes have failed and have been replaced under warranty. The main problem is that they will not replace the upper and lower sashes in pairs. They will only replace the unit that failed. When the new sash’s were delivered they never matches the original sash. Now we have issues with air gaps and upper sashes that don’t stay up when the windows are opened. Now every time we open a window the upper sash creeps down and the bugs are free to enter the house freely. Lower screen only, no full length screens were available for these windows. I’ve resorted to using white vinyl tape to keep the upper sash in place and keeping the air out.

I called customer service regarding this situation and I was told that since Anderson bought Silverline they had no ability to accurately match up the sash dimensions exactly. I requested that they replace the sashes in pairs and they said this is not covered in the warranty. At year 12, I give up! I’m looking to replace all of the windows in the house (again).

I guess the “lifetime” warranty really isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. I’d crumple it up and throw it out the window, but I can’t open the windows anymore! (Or see out of them either!!!)


02:18PM | 01/02/13
trust me, looking for the cheap way out is always an expensive mistake. not to mention a cheap looking window like silverline will detract from your home in a big way.


03:46PM | 03/11/13
I would recommend Simonton vinyl windows above any other. They are slightly more expensive but well worth it. Even their lower end products are better than most of what is on the market.


01:40AM | 04/02/13
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I would be suggesting you to get vinyl windows for the replacement. That will be the best choice for you. If you are not familiar with these type of windows you can have a look at them at [url=]GTA Windows and Doors[\url] for gaining more knowledge about them.


11:38AM | 04/16/13
raven469 -- I strongly advise against DIY window installation. There are just too many things that could go wrong, and then the window company gets unfairly blamed. It's worth the money to hire a window professional to do the installation. (Checking their references, of course).


04:15PM | 06/23/13
We are 48 years in business and we reccomend the silverline 9500 series........why? this part of the world they sell more windows than anyone you can be assured of better service...Mr Silver sold his company to andersen....andersen has always quickly honored its warrantees....over the last 40 years we have seen approx.60% of all vynal window manufacturers go belly up Nationwide......soooo be careful...JimR.@Windowmaster inc


08:21AM | 10/15/13
So, I'm thinking about my house that got built by MI homes in Indianapolis. I complained that I didn't want Silverline windows in my home, but that is all they put in. I now have problems with streaks on the inside and 2 months have past since I complained to Silverline who said they would have a distributor contact me. So I am thinking, I'm screwed?
Sounds like a class action lawsuit is at hand.


09:48AM | 11/04/13
I am sitting here in my den,at my laptop, feeling the cold air coming through my Silverline windows that are 6 years old. I had my house custom built in 2007 and agreed to have the silverline windows installed. Hey, made by Andersen, should be great. Wrong, they are the worst I have ever encountered and I am 64 years old and have owned several homes. Silverline reps give no satisfaction and always have excuses for the quality of the windows. I will save my money and have decent replacent windows put in when I can.

Milmar 3427

10:03AM | 11/04/13
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Terrible windows. It just starting getting cold here in northern Kentucky, and I can feel the cold air coming in around my Silverline windows. I have one good window in my house, which after many complaints to Silverline reps, I replaced with one from Champion. I could not afford to have the whole house done, my home was only 4 years old. You don't expect to have a new home built and then have to replace windows right away. These windows have been terrible from day one. They sweat, and let in cold air around sides. Do not waste your money on them!


05:16PM | 11/12/13
I need to replace 28 double-hung windows in my 30 year old home and had a few contractors out for pricing. It appears the Champion windows offer a great product and lifetime warrantee however they are 30% more than other windows offered. Anyone know about Champion windows and are they worth the additional dollars?


09:32AM | 01/07/14
Stay away from Silverline Windows they leak air and their warranty is useless. They will give you the glass for free ,but you have to pay for shipping it to your home and labor to install it. The windows in my home are 5 years old and I have replaced about half the glass due to the Low-E breaking down. I will be replacing them when I can afford it. With the recent cold spell I have Ice on the inside of the glass and you can see the blinds move from the wind. Stay away from Silverline!!!!!!!!


11:51AM | 01/14/14
I purchased replacement windows sold by Home depot and made by Silverline 14 years ago. Two years later while cleaning the windows, I noticed lines and streaks between the glass. I paid over $9000.00 for these supposedly top of the line Optima windows. When I first contacted Home Depot they tried to blame it on the cleaning product that I was using (windex). After getting a major run around, I found out that Home Depot was getting inundated with calls about these inferior windows. At first they came out and replaced the windows at no charge with windows from the same company (not triple paned like the original windows) free of charge. I just called about four more windows and was told that they would replace them, but I was going to be charged for the installation. I am furious. Not only do I have to take down and put back up window treatments every time this happens, but now I have to pay. If there isn't a class action about these windows, there should be.


09:20PM | 01/29/14
Sounds exactly like my Gorell windows! New house, windows manufactured in October 2009, triple pane, low-e, supposedly fantastic windows. All the double hungs leak air, and now five of my windows have huge streaks down them due to the low-e coating failing. Gorell had a "lifetime warranty," which I guess meant the life of the company, which was a little over two years after we bought them. Gorell got bought out by Soft-Lite, but sneakily they did not inherit the liability. So we're totally out of luck.

Our installer will order us new glass from Soft-Lite, charging us cost, and install them for free, but do we want the same glass that failed after only four years? I think not.

So we're left with replacing the glass with some other company, or replacing the entire windows. It sucks!


02:44PM | 05/15/14


01:50PM | 05/30/14
My house was built in 2010, we also put in sliverline windows and have complained from the get go. The service man came out three times and stuck foam in the track of the windows. I have called the company a hundred times already. Now I have not only windows that leak air, but they are starting to crack and I have a piece of paper that says lifetime ha ha waranty. I have even filed a claim which was another joke. Is there anything a person can do about this??


12:59AM | 06/27/14
I wish I had read some of these before I spent $15000 on replacement windows from Silver Line. 12 of the 20 windows that we had installed in 2006 are now defective with what looks like sawdust stuck to the inside of the double panes. Can't clean them. In order to use our 'warranty' we have to pay $150 PER window to have them replaced. I could understand that if we broke them, but this is a problem from the factory and we documented it as far back as 2012. I wish I could afford to lose $15,000 but I can't. I also wish companies stood behind their products. We're sad in Plano, TX.


11:08AM | 02/21/15
What I cannot figure out is how top home builders are fooled into believing these Silver Line windows are acceptable quality for custom builds. I called Silver Line and the rep said these are for low income houses. First of all that was a rude comment--it's ok to rip off low income clients? Anyway I have no proof of his comments. He also asked if I was going to use my experience for my future business with Andersen. Absolutely. My problems are 1st not going with Pella (would have cost $1500 more for upgrade--yikes that's cheap) and assuming that Silver Line was an Andersen product. Andersen won't even etch their name on these. Mine house is so cold. I have to put foam rubber in holes be sash to keep breeze down. Now the dormer window which is a stationary window is leaking! That could have been a disaster. Perhaps that would have been better if it had ruined the flooring, etc. I am so into a class action suit if one gets started! Idk how Andersen affords the upkeep on these crappy windows.


11:27AM | 02/21/15
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pics to go with previous post
Img 0377


11:29AM | 02/21/15
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leaking dormer window :(
Img 0436


08:26AM | 03/12/16
I have single hung Silverline in our custom home built in 2005. I called Silverline 3/11/2106 giving them reason for replacing, product I.D. code and my contact info. They are shipping lower sashes and fixed upper panes to a local dealer (84 Lumber in my case) for me to pick up. They had a large list of dealers from which to choose in my area. I have 3ftx5ft and 6ftx5ft windows that have their own unique codes so make sure you give the right code to them which is on a label on the side of the sash; a code example is 15178132.1.1 I was looking for info on how I can replace the fixed upper pane myself and ended up on this site, lol. Best wishes to all with problems. The customer service I called was 844-332-8288


04:59PM | 04/13/16
Hello, I am looking for INE 86 aluminum window replacement parts such as black plastic hinge for left side of window, silver stick/sash to help window go up/down & white clips for bottom part of window. Does anyone know where I can purchase these parts? Thank you in advance!
20160413 122233


05:01PM | 04/13/16
Hello, I am looking for INE 86 aluminum window replacement parts such as black plastic hinge for left side of window, silver stick/sash to help window go up/down & white clips for bottom part of window. Does anyone know where I can purchase these parts? Thank you in advance!
20160413 092301


05:02PM | 04/13/16
Hello, I am looking for INE 86 aluminum window replacement parts such as black plastic hinge for left side of window, silver stick/sash to help window go up/down & white clips for bottom part of window. Does anyone know where I can purchase these parts? Thank you in advance!
20160413 094133


01:00PM | 05/18/16
I recently purchased a 2009 Wayne Built Home that have Silverline windows installed through the entire house. I was relatively satisfied with these windows until I had window seal problems with three different windows in the house after 5 years of service. The seal between the pains failed causing mildew and window fogging that could not be cleaned. I figured this would not be a problem since the windows came with a life time warranty, but I was wrong. After dealing with three rude customer service reps, I found out I had to pay for each of the replacement window pains cause technically I wasn’t the original owner. I bought the home from a developer, not a home owner, so I struggled to understand why I couldn’t get the replacement windows for free.

Moral of the story, be caution purchasing or buying a home with silverline windows. I promise you will become disappointed due to the quality of the windows for the price you pay. Also I would like to prevent anyone from having to deal with the same head ache that I went through with their customer service department. They will sell you that they are lifetime warranty, but from what I learned, they do not stand behinde their word.


11:28AM | 06/10/16
Hi, I need to replace some windows because the wood frame between my interior and storm windows is rotting. I am looking at Anderson 400 series, recommended by the contractor and Silverline. I understand the cost for the Anderson's is nearly triple. Is it worth the difference? I am looking at double hung windows.


02:35PM | 06/14/16
Silverlines are bad. stay away. stay away from vinyl windows in general. most vinyl windows will fail within 10 years. Fiberglass windows are much better and stable. I like Beechworth and Marvin Infinity. Worth the extra cost.


08:10PM | 07/19/16
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I built my home in 2002 and used Silverline 2900 series windows with a built in jay channel. Not only do you feel wind blowing through them, but they leak. They were taped and flashed properly. However, with vinyl siding on the home, the jay channel carries the water behind the siding causing the sheathing to rot under them. I have reached out to Silverline and no response. The windows with a transom at the top also leak. I work with several home builders in Hampton Roads. They all had leaking issues with this window. Most have gone to MGM windows to avoid further warranty issues.


11:32AM | 10/14/16
I built a new custom home with Silverline windows about 7 years ago and I have had no problems at all. No leaks, they all open and close great still. They all look great still. Electric bill is low etc. I even have some of the windows that are like 10' tall double wide with arched tops.

One thing I did do though....I bought single hung windows. I think they are stronger and less troublesome than double hung. They are also cheaper. Tilting in the top pain is not really worth the extra cost to me and I like the sturdyness of the single hung. You cant tilt in arched tops anyway, so you still have to clean them from the outside every few years.

I did follow the installation guides, sealing instructions etc, for everything on my house to the T. This was new construction.

I have all different sizes and configurations. No issues for about 7 years so far.

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03:16PM | 04/21/17
I have a small window company and have been selling Silverline Windows since 2010. I have sold and (or) installed over 20,000 units. Fact: I have only had 5 customer service work orders initiated since I started. A double mulled unit with a screw that came too far into the sill from underneath, 2 seal failures, a huge picture window that was leaking, (they had to re-glaze) and a twin casement where the center support was slightly out of square (they replaced the entire unit). None of this cost the customer a penny, and I have customer service everytime I need anything. I have not had a single customer complain about air leaking, cracking or anything other than what I described. When I hear REAL people talking about window problems its usually from manufacturers that have gone out of business and their warrantee is null. I only see Silverline getting better as Andersen continues to make improvements as they integrate. I wouldn't sell anything else. Andersen stands by what they make and I don't see them going anywhere. Ever.
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10:54AM | 06/14/18
My house was built in 2008, December. Now the counterbalances that hold the window up are breaking. Do you have a replacement for these parts?

Beverly Hyde
66 Thomas Bee Dr
Bluffton, SC 29909


01:01PM | 10/05/18
they are cheap windows but free replacement for the purchaser for as long as the original owner is in the house.


01:53PM | 11/15/18
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I don't know all that much about Silverline, but I have heard good things. I went with a smaller company called conservation construction of dallas. They were very polite and cost affordable. I am not endorsing this company simply stating who I used. My windows are filled with two types of glass, but with all companies and the ubiquitous lifetime warranties out there anything that goes wrong should be taken care of by the company promptly. If you are having a problem and not getting help I would be worried about that company, even if it is home depot.


10:37AM | 05/21/19
I got a quotes from several places, but i ended up going with replacement windows from conservation construction of dallas. I gave it real thought before I bought because windows are a real investment.


02:16PM | 07/29/19
You know the expression you get what you pay for? Well, that’s what you get when you buy silver line. Spend a little more, it goes along way And well worth it at the end.
Rich B


10:33AM | 01/21/20
Just bought a brand new house that has silverline windows. Builder did not give us any other option for windows and we are stuck with these. They leak from the channel where the sash moves up/down. Some windows don't sit tight in the frame. Its a nightmare. I have over 50 windows in the house, I can't even think of replacing these windows. Just stay away from silverline and if you are building a house, don't go with a builder that is installing silverline windows if he doesn't change to a different brand.


10:13AM | 05/18/20
I see a lot of posts stating SilverLine windows are: a cheap alternative, budget priced, low end. I sure wish I’d read that Before purchasing. I spent $24K on 12 - 9500 series SilverLine by Andersen windows. (Not MY definition of cheap, budget or low end). One problem after another! In my circumstance it was the company(s) I had to deal with and the FOUR incompetent installation crews I had to put up with.


12:28PM | 09/11/20
Interesting and interesting information can be found on this topic here profile worth to see it. deck builders near me


12:51AM | 09/19/20
I am a high end builder in Boston. My attention to detail and quality is second to none! I will install any window the client is willing to pay for and back it up. Silver line is just as good as anything else if it’s installed properly. I have had silverline in my own house. I go up and beyond manufacturing specs for insulation on install and had no problems for 12 years. Now that being said I have a window in the shower not by choice but I live in the city, that got foggy after 10 years and I replaced the glass for 60 bucks and it’s like new. I have steam heat any window will sweat ! Just wipe it 2 times a year. I love them and love the cost !


05:38PM | 10/26/20
I want to get a window replaced


02:30PM | 03/16/21
Stay away from silver line windows. I worked there for 7 years. These windows are bad. No quality control. Bad windows are passed as good. If you need a vinyl window try simonton windows. I put these in my house and work very well.


04:56PM | 08/27/21
They will likely be going out of business soon. Anderson sold them and they have the rudest most unhelpful people to try to talk to when you call the warranty line. You can’t even speak without them cutting you off and it takes almost 6 months to even get what you order. Buyer beware. I have 48 of these windows and I am will not buy one more. If they have to be replaced I will go with another brand because of the customer service.


03:32PM | 08/30/21
How can I contact Silverline since they are no longer under Andersen?


09:22AM | 08/31/21
Silverline is owned by Ply Gem [2017] the largest manufacture of vinyl windows in the US. Like stated if properly installed they are great windows. We just sold a townhouse that had them and was 17 years old and where still in great shape, no leaks, no fogging. Our new patio home has them and we like them a lot, now air leaks in the dead of winter, work smoothly and seal tightly, our builder was a quality guy who did things right.

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