05:21PM | 03/27/04
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i am looking to but some replacement windows, i have heard that silverline were good. can anyone verify that. also if they are bad what is a good window for a good price. iu know anderson,pella and pretty good. what should i look for. low e II & argon filled? any help would be appreciated..

thank you


09:34PM | 03/27/04
First bit of advice I would give you is to have several window replacement companies come out, look at the job, show you their preferred windows, and bid the job. DO check their references, ins, etc.

Regarding which window and options to select, I can't tell you, but do your homework, which ever windows you chose, it will be an investment in your home, and you will have them for a long time.

That being said, I never like to provide a window without LowE2 and Argon gas, for the slight increase in initial cost, you will get a much better performing unit over the life of the window. You can try for info. on glass, they are a leading glass company with good info on glass options.

As far as Silverline goes, they would not make my top five list of windows I would put into my house.

I prefer vinyl for replacement windows, no maintenance, and a much better value for the money. If you are thinking of vinyl, look at the UltraMaxx from Alside (, or Great Lakes Window. I like Alside, but both make a good product.

Good Luck!


05:37AM | 03/28/04
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thank you for the help......

i looked as alside windows and they sound good. how is there prices.??

do you or any one else have any other good vinyl replacemnt windows with low e II & argon gas.

also i will be doing some or most of the work my self unless the company doewsnt charge a arm and a leg for installation....

thanks for any help


08:00AM | 03/28/04

Unfortunately, I am not aware of a good DIY replacement window, but I am sure most companies offer some type of LowE2/Argon glass option. Best bet is to check with local lumber yard, or ********** type store.


07:42PM | 04/16/07
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I registered to this forum JUST so I could tell you all how much these windows SUCK!!! My 32-year-old aluminum, government issued sliders were better than these Silverlines I have in my brand new home. These windows are so bad it's almost like they are not there. I can hear EVERYTHING that happens outside. On a windy day they leak air terribly such that it gets humid in the house in the summer and dry and cold in the winter. The seal basically doesn't. The glass does do a great job of keeping the heat down so I would recommend them if you live in Arizona, as long as there are no dogs within 5 miles because you WILL hear them bark. I can talk to my wife through the glass just like it isn't there. I can hear my neighbors talking inside their house with ours and their Silverlines all closed! Look at the seals. It's a flimsy little piece of fuzzy stuff. How can that possible block air? IT'S FUZZ!!! So in summary: loud, cold, and leaky. If that's what you want in a window, buy these.


10:19AM | 04/17/07
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Having installed thousands of Silverline windows I feel knowlegeable enough to comment. Silverline is a budget priced window and if installed properly will perform adequately. A couple of key issues a purchaser may want to keep in mind are first the 9500 is the only window to purchase from them. This series has double strength glass and an optional argon fill for the glass and a optional foam filling for the masterframe, both of which are necessary. Because the masterframe has large hollows the foam in the frame in this window makes a difference for comfort in the winter. The addtion of argon in the I.G. unit along with the foam makes it almost as quiet as my premium windows. I suspect the previous poster may have installation issues and probably the 8500 series or less. I'm the [email protected]


11:01AM | 04/17/07
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Fascinating! I will have to check the series; I have pics from the sticker. Thanks!


03:05PM | 04/17/07
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OK, my windows are series 2900 (2901B) single-hung windows. How much better is the 9500 series? Mine appear to be pretty high up on the new construction scale. The only one higher is the 3900. My builder will only install the 2900 series so I guess I'm finding a new builder because I'm not going through this again. The only other option is to replace the master bedroom windows with the 9500 series windows after the new house is built, but that will probably cost around $2000 for 4 windows, I would guess.


07:18AM | 07/09/10
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I replied at the first Silverline reference to warn people not to buy Silverline. The poster limits his remarks to the 9500 series in the fine print. In my development 1/3 of all windows installed (not 9500) have leaking seals and are misting inside. They have a warrentee that is useless, misleading - fruadulent. When they respond they say they will replace the window but the labor is $450 for a small window. This makes the warrentee worthless as they know. My neighbor has five bad windows. Their warentee would cost thousands.

I also had a piece of ice form on my windowsill 8 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch think. This window had an energy efficient sticker - fraud? I have water dripping from many windows in cold weather.

Anderson who used to have a first tier name in windows bought Silverline but leaves this company to continue as is. The only good posts that are not plants are for the 9500 series or California-locality. If Anderson allows this to continue their name will be junk along with Silverline. I just got a replacement patio door for one with with bent door - cant interlock, blinds blow in the wind, after 4 years and 10 months. I think any favorable reviews here are plants.

Why would you buy even the 9500 series from a compnay that makes junk and makes their warrenty worthless by massive overcharge for "labor only".



05:14PM | 01/08/11
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Not sure about Silverline but Anderson is one of the best. My mother had anderson windows for over 20 years and just recently had them replaced but she never had problems with leaks or drafts like some windows have. I would buy Anderson in a heartbeat/.
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