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10:57AM | 02/20/14
I have slightly bowed poured concrete basement walls with one 1/4 inch crack in the laundry room (unfinished) My problem is that I can find a lot of outfits who repair walls but none who can give me unbiased advice as to whether this really needs a $13,000 repair or not. Perhaps a home inspector? Any thoughts?

Duane, Moderator

10:40PM | 02/20/14
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Thanks for your question,
I would recommend you hire a structural engineer to give their expert opinion and a plan to repair the wall properly, he/she will also give their advice on wether it needs to repaired or not.

Duane, expert moderator


05:55AM | 02/21/14
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So you have 'ONE' slightly bowed poured wall, correct?

Unbiased opinion here, Fairfax county VA, scroll down to, Basement Wall Damage.....Cause, Resolution.......

Resolution- In part they say, "Depending on the EXTENT of damage, foundation walls MAY need to be replaced while OTHERS can be 'repaired'. To prevent FUTURE damage, the clay MUST be removed and replaced with sandy, gravelly soil......and waterproofed on the outside"

Way too many outfits do not care or do not understand/incompetent on this as everything they do and try and mislead homeowners to do is from the INSIDE, the interior basement drainage companies, yes sir.

Interior drainage systems and sumps and wall anchors etc do NOT remove, reduce, relieve ANY exterior lateral soil pressure against basement walls, nope.

And they do not remove any possible underground tree roots or porch-footings, concrete slabs etc that also can cause a wall to bow inward, crack, leak.

If you only have ONE wall that is slightly bowed in then that $13,000 bid is waaay too high!

And again, the ONLY means of reducing the weight acting upon a basement wall is from the outside, not inside.
Example, homeowner HERE/PHOTOS has 2 poured walls that are bowing in, cracks and leaks. Homeowner hired an INTERIOR system company and yet again, it did nothing to reduce the weight--pressure of the clay soil acting upon the wall and again, continues to leak
See diagonal cracks?

And here, on driveside wall (same house), still leaks

The money spent on the interior system crap SHOULD have been spent on exterior waterproofing, all gravel backfill. But as usual, the interior company failed to provide the facts to the homeowner and just wanted to sell them the one thing they do, crooked, incompetent interior businesses.
Here's another, poured walls, interior system company installed their crap when what the homeowner/wall needed was EXTERIOR waterproofing which would have removed/reduced the clay soil and TREE ROOTS and concrete slabs that were (still are!) causing the wall to crack, leak etc


06:08AM | 02/21/14
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36 years in biz, no complaints, no lawsuits versus many interior system companies who, just within the last 36 months have at least 20, 30++ customer complaints. Am willing to help, inform if you/others wish. You could call me, email etc, I don't want anything, just to provide honest facts.

you/others could go to Hm inspector website, i post there pretty often with MANY photos and other links from unbiased others, its......
structural forum/thread ...see 'something else to chew om' John Bubber, yep.

Have seen way too many homeowners get lied-to, mislead, their problems and actual-solution misrepresented

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