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05:46PM | 03/23/05
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Help! We are installing an antique front door on our new home and the door won't accomodate a standard 2 3/8 or 2 3/4 backset deadbolt lock. Can someone tell me where we can find a short backset deadbolt in a standard deadbolt design (not a mortisse lock)? Thanks!!


06:51PM | 06/01/06
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Hi, I was searching around on the internet and I stumbled across your question regarding the short backset. We also have this problem .. well our carpenter actually cut our new french doors too much and now the knobs and locks we bought for the new doors won't fit. We need something smaller than the normal 2 3/8" backset. Did you find something? Thanks!


01:16PM | 06/19/06
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Backsets under 2-3/8" are very uncommon, so the mass-producers stay away from such a small market. You'll need to visit your local "builders hardware" specialist and ask about Accurate Lock's 2" BS mortise lock (8500/8600) or their 336 series deadlock. If you don't need a keyed cylinder outside, then just install an Ives 150 or 151 mortise bolt, which has a 1-3/4" backset. Another option is to scour the internet or junkyards for Schlage's old "B" series 2" backset deadbolt, which is long since discontinued.


02:26PM | 07/06/07
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I have an older home, this website can help if you are looking for deadbolt locks or door knobs with a 2" backset


12:55PM | 07/14/07
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I have the same problem, with a lock I need to replace having a 2 1/8" backset.

thank you for your response to teh question posed!


07:38AM | 07/24/07
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hello i had the same problem with the short backset lock i found a locksmith in beverly ma 9789276400 that had them.


12:39PM | 06/07/13
Yes I had the same issue with our atrium doors with a 2 inch backset latch. We have a very large home with 10 sets of the atrium door sets. We are very pleased to find Harfordlocksmith.Com They had a replacement for the 2 inch backset locks. They worked great and very high quality too.
We highly recommend


01:33PM | 06/07/13
Hello Bob
Yes we had the same problem with our Atrium Doors. Our locks are a 2 inch backset which were broken. We could not find them anywhere! We almost have 4 sets of doors replaced which was thousands of dollors to replace! Instead we found and just for $200.00 dollars we took care of our problems! Thanks


03:25PM | 06/07/13
Hello Bob Vila!
Yes we also had an issue with these old 2 inch backset locks locks. Went to and they had a wide selection of replacements for the 2 inch backset locks!
And they offered free shipping too!
We were very pleased with the quailty of the locks they offered.
Sure beats replacing the complete atrium door system! which was more than $1,000 dollars!


11:06AM | 07/15/13
We just bought one from in Philadelphia - $28.40 each. We've been searching for these for a long time, and were really excited to find them!


09:21AM | 07/31/13 is so over price it is quite close to paying the $1000 for a new door. Looking on but cannot find one. Will have to call.


07:32PM | 10/16/13
Hello All! has a nice 2 inch backset knobset for $65.00 with free shipping. This lock is solid brass and we are very pleased with it! An easy do it yourself install too!


09:23PM | 11/11/13
Hi Bob.
This is a pic of one lock we purchased from Harford Locksmith.Com
We were very pleased with the high quality of the lockset. The levers weight a ton of brass. Very easy to install with one screwdriver. We purchased the oiled rubbed bronze low profile levers. Beautiful workmanship. The oil rubbed bronze is admazing.
We would highly recommend Harfordlocksmith.Com Oh! Hey offer FREE SHIPPING TOO!!!!!!! WOW!
Oil rubbed bronze low profile lever


06:24PM | 01/12/15
I've been trying for several weeks to order from Hartsford. But after going thru the entire ordering process. It stops and says contact customer service.
So I tried that and it said website was unavailable.

I've tried their phone number but get no answer.
I'm desperate to buy a 2''lockset from them.


10:58PM | 07/26/15
We have them at Brass Decor in Perth, Western Australia!


03:05PM | 03/24/18
I own a sunroom that was manufactured and installed by an unknown company. The door knob on the non-retractable storm door is 2 inches thick. The backset is much smaller than an ordinary backset of 2 3/8. The one I have is estimated to be 1.25in/32mm.

Does anyone know of any place out there that could help??

Thank you,


07:17PM | 11/12/18
Hi, try this page ... and do call them, they are very knowledgeable and helpful!
Lots of short backset and antique reproduction options.


08:13AM | 05/24/19
yes harfordlocksmith is great good prices good strong locks, he also sells hard to find ca 18 ca 19 and early locks and keys, along with key art


05:18PM | 08/07/19
2 inch backset locks are available at
We are very pleased with our purchase.


10:34PM | 08/26/19
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I have a short backset deadbolt on my french doors. It is a "National Lock," but I would like to replace it with a new one with a different finish. As with everyone else, I'm finding they are hard to find or on the expensive side.

Since I already have a functioning deadbolt, is it possible to find a replacement Deadbolt (latch and keyed side) and keep the existing backset? I went to the National site, but they do not manufacture a lock like this any longer. I tried to purchase another traditional deadbolt, utilizing the existing shorter backset with new hardware on the front and back of the door, but it would not thread through the existing backset (the oblong "bar" was too thick).

If anyone has an idea on how to replace the front/back of the lock and still utilize the existing short backset, that would be great!


09:03PM | 11/30/20
Please contact me if you know where I can find a replacement for a Schlage 2 inch backset for a bathroom privacy brass door set. Not particular if I can't find one to match.


09:04PM | 11/30/20
Please contact me if you know where I can find a replacement for a Schlage 2 inch backset for a bathroom privacy brass door set. Not particular if I can't find one to match at:


03:37PM | 06/02/21
locking for a deadbolt latch with a 1 3/8 inch backset.

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