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06:52PM | 07/27/07
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I know...7 dogs, 3 of them male. It seems kind of hopeless. We've been pretty successful in the past, but last year, my husband brought home a great dane/pit pup that was going to be put down. He's great, but in addition to the 2 males we already had, it has taken a toll on my backyard lawn. My husband is really good at picking up the poop, and we both try to follow the males and water the lawn in order to water down the urine that tends to destroy green lawns. There is a product at the pet store that supposedly helps pet owners and their lawns. I was just wondering if anyone has ever used this product. It's an oral tablet that lowers the ph level in the urine. Has anyone had any success with this? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


06:29AM | 07/28/07
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First got to ask the obvious, have you considered creating a dog run area that has no grass and training the dogs to use this area for their regular potty activites? washed pea gravel works really well for a base for a dog training toilet area, easy to pick up the solids, wash down with water, and to sweeten/sanitize the area regularly with hydrated lime watered in. Then every few years you'll have to rotate out the gravel or screen wash it before putting it back in place. Get yourself a book on animal (dog) behavior - and consult your vet - training even OLDER dogs to "run" train is really not that difficult to do - then even when left to enjoy the entire yard - once trained they will go to the "run" area themselves to relieve themselves. Granted there may still be some perimeter marking taking place, but if you have your females spayed - it should be minimal. It also makes the job of collecting "land mines" MUCH easier for the owners.

The tablets usually are most effective for females, as their urine will burn a lawn way worse then male's will. Since you seemed to indicate that you have all males (?confused if you just have three males now, or more dogs, just three of them males, if you have more dogs then just three males - its the female urine that will burn your lawn and the tablets don't do too much to help but they can assist a bit).

Have you tried watering in HYDRATED LIME into your lawn? You can get this at any garden center (make SURE it says HYDRATED LIME). This will help to sweeten the soil for your lawn. You might want to plan on doing this (after you've restored your lawn) at least three times a year.


06:32AM | 07/28/07
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Also know that dogs don't digest very much of their food - and if you're feeding them cheap dry food - that filler ash and stuff in their "land mines" will wreak havoc with your lawn and soil. If you aren't collecting their deposits immediately - eventually the lawn area will end up getting coated with nasty layer that all the water in the world won't cure.

That's a lot of large dogs not to be kennel or dog run trained.

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