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05:16PM | 10/22/09
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Hello, many company's have (glazing leak) problems. clear silicone work's well (cap-Beading) unless your windows are (soft) if their black with mildew but still solid, silicone cap beading work's well. if their soft, replace sash. Also look at frame parts.

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03:43PM | 11/29/09
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I have Vetter windows in a home that was built in 1998. I have already refinished them once about 5 years ago on the inside. They are now past the point of fixing. Do I have any recourse with this company? I have not contacted them yet. What should I do? Bob Villa said he is working on a claim against Vetter and wanted to hear from homeowners who had them but I can't figure how to reach him directly.


05:11PM | 11/29/09
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Let me know if you contact Bob Villa.I have vetter windows on a home built in 1994 and the windows are rotting away. This Fall I silcone caulked all windows and hope this will put a hault to the rotting windows. I have had to replace some of the upper sashes.


11:38AM | 04/12/13
Does anyone know an email address for the Vetter Consumer Service Division?

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11:30AM | 04/16/13
I would like to know, from those who've experienced rotting, if you tend to keep your curtains or shades drawn most of the time? I see so many gripes about rotting and condensation across so many window lines, that I find it hard to believe it's totally the window's fault. I had condensation on my Marvin wood/clad windows which was causing discoloration of the grilles, and have discovered that I think it was because I kept the blinds shut all the time. I thought I was being more energy conscious, but in doing so, it trapped air between the blind and window and encouraged condensation.


08:59PM | 07/10/13
I have a double hung upper window that has rotted on the bottom of the top frame. I don't know where to go to have this fixed. The windows have 6 frames inside and out. The outside frame also need to be repaired or replaced. Help !


07:20AM | 08/26/13
House build in 1999. Builder used vetter windows. Worst worst windows ever. Already replaced some others will have to be replaced but its expensive. Stay away from these windows warning do not buy ------------------------------------1111


04:54PM | 09/04/13
We built a home in 2000 with Vetter Windows. Have had leaking from the tops of some of the windows since day one, especially if there is wind and rain. They came out for awhile but then when they could not remedy the problem they just said that they were installed wrong by the builder and they could not do anything for us. We now have a couple of windows that have warped/rotted not sure which but they need to be replaced immediately. Very unhappy with these windows.


06:29PM | 09/11/13
customer service dept. /Vetter windows & doors
880 southview dr.
Mosinee Wi.54455

I found this online as an address to order parts for vetter window owners. I also found Peachtree doors & windows is their sister company handling their customer warranty requests.



12:22PM | 10/08/13
I had Vetter windows put in our new home in 1994. They have leaked air on the bottom, the bottom corners and the top since day one and have gotten progressively worse. They have also rot away. These are the worse windows are ever! Heating costs a small fortune due to such leaking. Please help!!!


11:54AM | 11/02/13
I have a home built in 1985 where the builder used Vetter windows. Have all the same issues with leaking and fogging between glass- I was told broken seals and the company that did glass replacement could not find out how to fix the non-opening (no crank) casement glass. Lots of wood rot too.


08:48AM | 12/16/13
Regarding rotting on the inside of the window frame - It is usually caused by condensation on the inside surface of the window. Read posts for all different brands and read technical literature and you'll discover this condensation is not the fault of the window construction, but other factors within the home.

Here are just a few:
--Homes are insulated very well nowadays which is a double-edged sword. Air tight homes retain moisture, which ends up causing condensation on windows.
--If you have blinds or curtains pulled, the air in the room won't circulate and condensation -- even ice -- will form. This will happen no matter what brand of windows you have.
--Showering and cooking while not running external exhaust fans can exacerbate the problem.
--Condensation can happen more frequently in bedrooms if you sleep with doors closed, since you exhale water vapor when you breathe.

Rotting on the outside of the frame can be due to other factors - seals, cracks in paint that lets moisture through, etc.

Andersen Windows has a really great video that helps explain condensation, why it happens, and how to prevent it

Here's the take-away from the video:
"(Interior) Condensation doesn't mean there's a problem with your windows. In fact, the presence of condensation could actually be a sign that your windows have good, tight seals. Everything that makes homes more energy efficient also locks moisture inside your house and increases the chances of condensation forming."


07:35PM | 01/06/14
We remodeled our home in 2001 and the builder put vetter windows in. After remodel was done we finished the remainder 5 windows with wellington. We keep our curtains open to prevent as much condensation buildup, but still have 95% worse than the other 5 and 1 of the wellington windows is in the kitchen and I still don't get as much condensations on that one. Have to keep plastic on sliding door in the winter time because there is such a bad air leak on the bottom that causes ice buildup really bad.


06:52PM | 07/07/14
Built house in 2004 and used Vetter windows. Since then I had to replace 7 panes as the seals failed causing major condensation and discoloration in the glass. I have contacted Peachtree recently since Vetter is no longer in business. These are horrible windows.


10:53AM | 07/18/14
Vetter Window and Doors service dept # 1-800-826-1615.
Hope this helps!


04:44PM | 08/29/14
I need the gear assembly for a Vetter casement window. Where can I find one.


10:30AM | 02/27/15
where can i find replacement sash for vetter window


08:04AM | 02/28/15
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To make sure you get the best idea you want for your window installation check this out


08:55AM | 07/06/15
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I'm looking for manufacturer's installation instructions for Vetter windows. Mine are upper and lower sash (sliding) but not double hung. Also would like to know how to remove the window sashes to repair sliders and counter balance springs. I have 39 of these in my house and they are a pain. They stick, upper sashes fall when opened making it difficult to close and lock and springs won't holt sashes in position. Fortunately I have no rotting problems...just mechanical. The web sites I've located so far don't show files for these particular windows. Any info would be appreciated.


10:25AM | 10/10/15
If anyone is replacing their vetter windows in the Minneapolis or around this area I would be interested in buying some replacement parts to keep mine going. We have casement (crank out) windows and I just need a couple small clips and plastic pieces that have busted. I also would like to replace but for now I just need to keep them from falling out. I can obviously get replacement parts but to be honest I am not sure exactly what I need so I was hoping to take all of the hardware so that when we remove the temporary fix we can get whatever the problem is addressed. You can reach me at Thank you, Jon


09:26PM | 10/20/15
Is sister company going to replace the rotted Windows that vetter Windows pawned off on builders.let me know if anyone can help us people who got ripped off by better windows. Thanks


09:42PM | 12/04/15
My window are rotted and shot. Vetter wood sliders installed in 1994. Please help. Is there a class action law suit or not? Is there anyone out there working together to hold Vetter accountable for this costly loss to homeowners.


12:31PM | 05/06/16
Just spoke to the folks at this number provided within the sting of comments (Vetter Window and Doors service dept # 1-800-826-1615.). Since Vetter went out of business in 2010, this service department has exhausted their warranty claims and has no parts.


12:51PM | 05/06/16
I'm the last post and here's what I've found additionally. Go to the web site HUGE catalog of parts, but not by brand name. I spoke wit ha customer service representative and very responsive and wanted to help immediately. I spoke with Angie. Hardware parts only, thus far.


07:28PM | 07/18/16
They are out of business as a few years ago.


05:51AM | 07/19/16
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The quality of the components is the big one along with the quality of service you get after the sale. We have been selling made to measure windows & doors for about 3 years. We gives 25 years warranty on some part of the windows and doors. for more info about..Visit


03:11PM | 07/26/16
I have Vetter crank out windows in our cabin. Teh bottoms are about rotted out. Need to replace the wopd framing abound the windows. Anybody know where I can get them rebuilt or must I buy new windows and replace siding, etc.?

The cabin is in Wisconsin in Douglas county (just south of Superior) so I need someplace around Duluth if not in Minneapolis (where I live).

Thanks for the "listening".

John Barnes


09:27AM | 07/08/20
I need about 10 replacement sash for my Vetter windows 5 upper and five lower for double hung type, glass measures 23 x 23 I need help to locate these- I am told these are out of warranty.thanks


09:06PM | 10/09/20
We have Vetter windows that we installed in the prowl of our lake home and they are starting to fogg inside as if the seal has been broken. What do you suggest for replacements?


04:52PM | 04/21/21
We have Vetter windows. We rent the condo and thought they just leaked a little air. But I guess the windows are warped and dont close. We have to fly in to check out. Any recourse?


11:13AM | 09/03/21
We built our home in 1995. We have double hung argon gas filled windows that are wooden & stained on the inside, but aluminum clad on the outside. Many of them are rotting at the bottom where the rubber seal attaches. The lumber yard who sold them is out of business!!! We are located in Catawissa PA


10:35AM | 11/23/21
All of you that have better windows they were sued for all of these problems like I have as well. But unfortunately 2016 was the last time you could file a claim.


10:35AM | 11/23/21
Vetter windows

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